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Goodbye, Samantha! And goodbye forever! (From 'Armenian genocide' to Ilqar Mammadov)



A new hawk is flying in the American political sky -- Permanent Representative to the UN Samantha Power. Just as reprehensible as Jen Psaki, and as malignant as Marie Harf. Power could have well been in the role of caustic and sarcastic speaker of the American elite, because it was she that made a scandalous personality assessment of Hillary Clinton in 2008, when that representative of a powerful American clan sought at full speed to move into the Oval Office. Columnist of the legendary Time magazine Samantha Power, moored in the electoral headquarters of young Senator Obama, made an impermissible replica in the address of the main favorite of the Democratic Party, dominant in the era of uncorrupted liberalism -- Hillary Clinton. Samantha Power called the former first lady a 'monster.' Imaginary democratism and cyclical liberalism that prevails in American summit, cracked: Power had to apologize to the 'monster' and leave the peaceful haven of the far-reaching senator.


Democracy did not survive this test too. Not because Power violated the far-reaching plans of the far-reaching senator, who was counting on the courage of the great Clinton clan. And not because over the years we bore witness to the ruthlessness of Clinton, who applauded the scene of execution of the fallen ruler in an African country. Nobody doubted the validity of Power's assessment. The question is: Obama's staff leadership forced the journalist to apologize to honorable Clinton and resign from the headquarters of the far-reaching senator. Such an ugly democracy.

Although years earlier, that very same Power wrote one of the most controversial books of the century. An ex-reporter for the former Yugoslavia countries suddenly bent to scroll through the white pages of history unfamiliar to her -- the events of a century ago, the history of the so-called 'Armenian genocide' in the Ottoman Empire. In a very superficial and amateurish work on genocide, strongly criticized by the US intellectual and scientific circles in the person of leftist Zeen, neoconservatives Herman and Nevis, a second-rate reporter Power urged the governments of the world, especially America, in the face of historical responsibility to recognize one of the failed speculations and myths of the past century -- the 'Armenian genocide.' And this mediocre from a literary point of view book was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Yes, once the literary passions were running around titan Hemingway, asking in the republican Valencia 'For Whom the Bell Tolls?' Now is the time of fat and grey...

Samantha Power, with her fictional transcript fitted well: one of the priorities of the new US presidential candidate was the old subject of the suffering genocide. Yes, later on she did write something about the executor of the Yugoslav ruler Slobodan Milosevic, which would form the basis of Barker's documentary about mythological hero of another fictional American history of decolonization of the enslaved East. Yes, the image of diplomat Holbrooke, released from the pen of Power, will bring her a lot of glory...

Perhaps, in a halo of this flashy glory the future US ambassador to the UN, author of genocidal hysteria Ms. Power’s car cortege will not notice in the streets of decolonized and suffering Cameroon a boy from a poverty-stricken family.

Power's motorcade left under its wheels the needy Cameroonian boy. Power was adamant, and contrary to the unwritten rules of the American elite and the ethics of Western diplomat, did not resign: she just apologized for the unacceptable mistake. Just think, some Cameroon! It will not help earn electoral dividends and votes!

Power continued to destroy the great powers in the UN Security Council, which encroached on the imperative of world domination of her country. What is for her the life of one Cameroonian boy? Samantha was inspired by more humane goals -- the recognition of the 'Armenian Genocide'...

And towards the end of the rule of the African-American democracy, Samantha, as if disavowing the October theses of new President Trump, who promised to put an end to harmful habits of permanent intervention in the affairs of all countries, forgetting about the problems of the world -- the battle for Mosul, bloody meat grinder in Syria, a new confrontation with Iran, the terrorist attacks in Turkey and a host of burning issues in international politics, for some reason, remembered Azerbaijan, and a certain political prisoner, Ilqar Mammadov.

A few days ago, right after the agreement on the division of zones of influence in Syria and the likelihood of Assad's ousting before the elections, the tragic terrorist attacks in Turkey, new threats to Euro-disintegration tendencies in light of tense elections in France, Samantha makes a special video message to Azerbaijan, demanding the immediate release of Ilqar Mammadov.

The most paradoxical is that more than half of Azerbaijan doesn't have a proper idea of the personality of Ilqar Mammadov. Imagine, a world power's special representative in the United Nations during the critical deterioration of the international situation and the impending apocalypse in the Middle East, suddenly remembers about the fate of a prisoner beyond the Caucasus Mountains.

Samantha, of course, is not a monster, and not even a Clinton, but she does not realize that in the White House is not Obama but Trump. Yesterday Trump appointed to one of the highest posts in the American hierarchy his son-in-law. And the head of the CIA called Trump a threat to US national security. And a lot of things, strange and catastrophic, are happening 200 meters from the office of Samantha in New York... In the face of all this impending disaster, did Power microscopically observe an inflamed appendix in another part of the world?

Samantha Powers during the other pre-Syria world once met with convicted girls from the legendary band Pussy Riot. She told them about liberalism and insisted that she was ready to sing for freedom before the 'Matrosskaya Tishina' prison. And now, before the end, she decided to sing here in Baku in the village of Kurdakhani.

Pussy Riot is not now in the trend. For some reason I remembered the words of a song of the other legendary Russian group 'Nautilus Pompilius':

When all the songs, I don't know, cease,

In the tart air will yell my last paper boat.

Goodbye, America, oh-oh-oh, goodbye forever!

After 20 years, it remains for me to add to these immortal words: Goodbye, Samantha, and farewell forever!

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