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Trump opened eyes to Ali Karimli and Libyan tribes (End of history)



Father of the American philosophy, who had predicted the end of history for the last man, Francis Fukuyama has met the beginning of the presidency of a billionaire from Manhattan with thoughts about the new world of post-facts. The master explains Trump's coming to power by the natural result of capturing the information power by the 'world evil.'

According to Fukuyama, the culprit was the product of the liberal civilisation, the Internet and the absolute freedom of information, these tools invented for the overthrow of the anti-liberal civilisation. They say that the West was destroyed by technologies designed to defeat authoritarianism. As a result, these same technologies have destroyed the idea of Western democracy.

Leafing through the pages of American history one becomes an unwitting witness to repeated triumph of odd political absurdity. Why did Fukuyama put in the dock His Majesty the Internet with its phenomenal social phenomenon, social networks (by the way, the theorist of liberalism does not reject one of the callings of social networks, a revolutionary organisation of the masses)?

After the great Democrat Woodrow Wilson (the man, who at a meeting with Ali Mardan bey Topchubashov at Versailles was surprised by independence of Azerbaijan), who marked the American claim to world domination, didn't come to power three Republicans, who inscribed in the pages of history with ordinary ink their names covered with shame? Was it possible that at the beginning of the twentieth century, America was ruined by the World Wide Web of information captured by ideological opponents? If Obama leaves behind a country with the dollar that regained its former glory, the revived economy and the all-threatening victorious American militarism, Woodrow Wilson too was ending his presidency leaving to the three Republican presidents the legacy of stable economy and Versailles platform to consolidate the role of America's global hegemony.

But Wilson was replaced by Warren Harding, who went down in history with his addiction to poker, alcohol and prostitutes. Then came another Republican, Calvin Coolidge. And he went down in history because of his affiliation to the fascist Ku Klux Klan and notorious Lynch courts. Coolidge was gone, and after him was elected another Republican, Herbert Hoover. From the first days of his reign began a market crash and the Great Depression... In fact the laws of history, historical materialism and dialectical development of history has not been cancelled. Does genius Fukuyama really see the reason for the victory of new mediocre Hoover in Russia's revanchist aspirations, hacking sabotage and Internet bio-field deformation?

Why did Trump win? Well, because he was talking about American business problems, high prices, corruption, cultural expansion, about the everyday life of the American people! At the same time his opponent was arguing about the unacceptability of Assad, announcing Putin a new global pariah, calling to oust Erdogan... Americans are tired of the wars imposed on them, annoying Messiah and the crusades, they don't want to save the world, deliver Somoza from trouble (only to regret it a decade later), or tighten the noose around the neck of the overthrown Saddam (only to regret it a decade later). The world can be encircles with the World network, but it is not possible to drive the world under the undivided total world domination of one country. All tyrannies, and of course, world imperialism, recognised the powerlessness before Newton's third law. The truth is simple and old as the hills.

Why did businessman Trump win? For the same reason that pacifist Obama once won receiving in advance the Nobel Peace Prize. Rome is tired of war! America is mired in the unleashed by the old America senseless Punic wars, customising the world under the theory of 'the end of history and the last man.' Trump won because urged Americans to return from distant Azerbaijan, North Africa, Southeast Asia back to Washington, to bring back, as he every time reiterates, his country's former greatness.

Yes, the old America has failed in the distant Azerbaijan too, because in our country it has chosen as its ally not progress and development, but revolution. I strongly wondered, why was America identified in our country with the word familiar from the Bolshevik literature: revolution!

Since when did revolution predetermine the victory of liberalism? And why did they link forcible change of formation and, in general, violence itself to liberal values, turning it into the main means to achieve liberal freedom? For liberalism presupposes the reformation of a society, rather than violence and blood!

Former America acted as patron of the Azerbaijani national bolshevism, strongly stimulating the growth and nurturing of struggle against political legitimacy. Former America chose as an ally not political aristocracy, soaked to the bone in Westernism, but plebeian riffraff and marginals picked up from the street. They were forming in Azerbaijan national-orangism represented by Ali Karimli, Gezal Bayramli, Fuad Qahramanli and other political riffraff, picked up from the backyard of collapsed bearded maidan civilisation rejected by the society.

After all, how could they have funded and supported such a knowingly disadvantageous politician as Ali Karimli and his ilk, opening the way for violence and a large blood in yet another country? Ali Karimli is the politician, who first betrayed his leader, ex-KGB agent Abulfaz Aliyev, and then betrayed by all his entourage. This is the only politician of his kind in the former Soviet Union, whose supporters in full passed to the opposite camp. This is the only politician of his kind, who initially played up to the authorities, and then was reborn as a rabid opponent of the same authorities. This is the only politician of his kind, who was initially building opposition with the government's money, and then fought against the same government with the money from grant donors. This is the only politician of his kind, who under the banner of liberalism entered into an alliance with clerical radicals. Who did extend the range of Shiite resistance in volcano-like Nardaran, while professing his love for the West...

Who and why did stake on this politician, pouring hundreds of thousands, if not millions for his development? What were the CIA analysts thinking? That's how they were leading the driven one, yet another embodiment of blasphemy in yet another eastern country.

No, the old America has not yet gone from the established rails. The system is still working on a given target. Here is a recent example. Karimli's revolutionary leaflet 'Azadliq' newspaper has again been recently allocated 175 thousand dollars. How deceived were the new masterminds of national-orangism! The mouthpiece of orangism, editor of the 'Azadliq' newspaper Qanimat Zahid simply, in a vulgar manner peculiar to himself, appropriated the party's money. Karimli was outraged.

The party leader sends a group of marginalised comrades headed by a supervisor named Rahim Hajiyev to the revolutionary emigration on the shores of the Seine, where Zahid broadcasts from, to understand, what were the party money spent on? How much this reminds the vulgar unscrupulousness in contacts and finance of the revolutionary Libyan tribes, yet another ally of Washington, which in the morning recant Fukuyama's thesis, and at night organise massacres with riders from ISIL!

A few years ago it was estimated that the old America, in particular, and the West, in general, contributed to the flowering of national-liberalism in Baku much more financial resources than to the three revolutions in the country-cradle of the liberal-orangism. That's Azerbaijani political barbarism, in the spirit of the Libyan tribes and the barbarians after Qaddafi's death. They shed their blood for the money of the old America...

This is Trump's moment of truth. That's why Trump won in the old America. He opened the eyes of his voters, showing where and how were spent the money of the workaholic taxpayers. On the conquest of the world? Mirage! On the barbarian tribes, who were first inspired confession in the communist and proletarian brotherhood, and now in the belief in the victory of liberalism with the help of the Internet and social networks. Yes, after all, Ali Karimli was an exemplary and persistent head of Azerbaijani university Komsomol. Just as the many generations of Libyan tribes, who grew up on the Green Book of Qaddafi.

Unenlightened liberalism with feudal thinking. Here is the post-fact that encountered Fukuyama's theory, which lost the last man at the end of history...

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