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Tragedy of Mehman Huseynov (Golden snuffbox)



On the eve, the antediluvian Shuvelan prison hosted a young photographer, Mehman Huseynov. Immediately, all the Western human rights organizations and media community unanimously declared that the photographer was imprisoned on fake charges. So, a photographer or a blogger? Who is he, Mehman Huseynov? To this point we shall return. Let's for now focus on the angry accusing statements of western human rights activists.

Mehman Huseynov

They perceive Mehman Huseynov's arrest as a new manifestation of the fight against critical voices in our Caucasian country, and demanded his immediate release. Their statements are filled with flashy and formulaic clichés. Let's assume that Mehman Huseynov's arrest is a new mistake of the neo-authoritarian regime.

But at the same time Mehman's arrest remained in the shadow of another blatant and unprecedented repressive act.

Two days before Mehman Huseynov's arrest, was arrested the wife of the presidential race favorite in France, Francois Fillon. Poor Penelope was arrested on a completely ridiculous and far-fetched pretext in the framework of the sham employment case. The neutralization of undesirable candidates in election campaigns in France has become a glorious tradition. Until now, the history of the absurd sex scandal with the former head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is an ironic byword. Of course, it was the most primitive trap, because one just had to look at the 'passion' of the president candidate - an unsightly maid in a hotel, to take to heart the political cunning sabotage. We will not go into other frauds in the cradle of European democracy, and in the light of the arrest of Fillon spouse will ask ourselves a seditious question - why were western human rights activists silent? Is the arrest of a young photographer called blogger, Mehman Huseynov more important than the detention of Fillon's wife? In the case of Mehman, even French activists from the 'Reporters without Borders' intervened. However, they remained indifferent to the velvet elimination of the presidential race favorite.

Penelope Fillon

Now imagine that the election race is not in Paris, but in Baku. And not Fillon's spouse, but, let's say, daughter of Jamil Hasanli is detained. As during the last presidential elections in Azerbaijan.

Remember the reaction of European truth seekers? Remember European Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks' reaction?

If Azerbaijan is in focus, the primacy of the liberal theory of human rights certainly dominates. They make it all quite unclear. And if you want to neutralize a presidential candidate in France, it is only a matter of employment or reputational costs, at worst image loss. No more!

More recently, US President Donald Trump, who in the process of political evolution has evolved from a pariah into a national favorite - just think, he receives standing ovation from the congressmen, who until yesterday did not even believe in the victory of the candidate from their own party - has openly declared that he hates New York Times - conscience of the American nation, which criticizes the head of state. And the White House did not allow to a meeting with the president media outlets and television stations critical of Trump.

Paradoxically, just the night before the State Department issued a traditional report on human rights around the world, where there was a place for Azerbaijan too. So, the US administration condemns the authorities of Azerbaijan for biased attitude towards the opposition newspaper 'Azadlig.' The question is: why is Trump entitled to dislike the main US edition, but Ilham Aliyev has no right, to put it mildly, to dislike the yellow press?

On the other hand, what right of criticism can they speak about in the West, if a few weeks ago, on the day of Trump's inauguration two television journalists were detained - Alexander Rubinstein and Evan Engel. These journalists, just as Mehman Huseynov, were recording on camera the crackdown on demonstrators. But they were detained in the heart of Washington, in fact they were accused of involvement in the riots. They faced up to 10 years in prison!

Alexander Rubinstein

Another recent example. How will the western and local human rights activists explain the arrest on January 25 in Florida airport of the son of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali - Muhammad Ali Jr., along with his mother? Migration Service found fault with the color of the skin of the great American's son and questioned him for two hours! US law enforcement agencies interrogated Muhammad Ali Jr. and his mother about their religion. And all this happens in the most democratic country of the world!

And what about the scandalous affair of Udo? After all, the German intelligence services literally forced the German journalist to sign a concocted in the offices of the BND article on Libya. He openly admitted that the failure to meet demands of intelligence agencies was tantamount to suicide. I'm not talking about the famous photo blogger Taro T. from Hamburg, with whom I have met personally. He is still hiding from the police. German police is unhappy with his blog, in which he brutally mocks police for dispersing rallies of the left.

Taro T.

According to the logic of Western human rights activists and European commissioner an epic picture develops: among all these crows, including hundreds of gulenist journalists crushed in the dungeons of neighboring Turkey, only one in the form of a white crow Mehman Huseynov deserves special attention, encouragement and hubbub.

Now back to the main issue, voiced in the preamble - who is this Mehman? A photographer or a blogger? And why was he imprisoned?

Uneducated boy, hippy-like, an exemplary representative of generation G, brought up by his own brother - photographer Emin Huseynov on 'Planet Facebook,' without clear guidelines in life...

Mehman didn't study in school, didn't graduate from a university, didn't read books, was growing up in the corridors of the reporters institute with a tablet in hands. Mehman's elder brother explained that life was politics, bread was struggle, government was evil, and opposition was good. Perhaps, if Mehman was raised up and grew up in normal conditions, he would be able to realize his potential. Perhaps he would have become a talented art photographer, and would hit us with his works of art. And maybe a painter or a sculptor. But he was born in opposition institute of Emin Huseynov, grew up there, heard in his boyhood revolutionary speeches (after all, for about 10 years this institute hosted the opposition gatherings)... And, say, Ali Karimli was for him like D'Artagnian was for any other teenager, who had normal childhood. He didn't read Dumas, and he didn't know who D'Artagnan was. For him Ali Karimli has become a personification of the medieval Gascon. Khadija Ismailova he perceived as Natasha Rostova. And Isa Gambar as Josef Stalin with the handicraft snuffbox. Believe me, he didn't even read the 'Golden snuffbox.' Otherwise, he would have seen himself there: orphan Janka son of a forester.

Man's life has been broken, his fate mangled. No, not by the authorities, which were left with nothing to do but to isolate from the society the young man, who imagined himself the conscience of the nation. Our Havel is Mehman! Sounds like a joke... His life was broken by his relatives, in particular, his brother Emin Huseynov, who settled the teenager, who would go to school, in the opposition get-together. This was the only university of his life.

And then he turned into a remote control of a detonator in the hands of his cult pseudo-heros - D'Artagnan, Natasha and Pinocchio. Mehman was thrown into the breach... Such teenagers are thrown into the breach without compunction. He was not first, he was not last. Immoral, vile, humiliating!

Generation G with its fairy-tale heroes

And now with shameless persistence, instead of saving the fate of this young man, reflecting on the tragedy of the boy, who missed all of the lessons and didn’t go to the university, they mold from him an image of a new Nemat Panahov of 2018.

Wake up, turn around and look at the world today. Yes, of course, there were times when unenlightened Neymat in Azerbaijan or mechanic Lech in Poland on the crest of the wave of the popular protest or love rose to the top of the political Olympus. Those days are gone, and I will not say that forever. History is a complex multi-level spiral. And these days will surely return. But today, wife of the French presidential candidate is arrested, New York Times is pointed to the door, and secret services are persecuting Western journalists - those who used to cause impeachment of powerful presidents.

But in these times a pitiful bunch of people want to live by the laws of a past age. But that century has irretrievably gone. Believe me, look around and believe again.

And we need to save Mehman and liberate him from prison. And he should be again brought up, instilled with a love of science, history, mathematics and literature. After all, we should instill in him a love of languages, and especially of his own. He must be locked up not a prison cell, but in a university auditorium! Do not cripple the blinded boy, because he didn't know what he was doing...

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