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European intelligence center uncovered secret conspiracy against Azerbaijan (Thunder in Brussels)



On March 6, the well-known European organization 'European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center,' operating in Brussels since May 2002, has unveiled a sensational investigation that sheds light on the many years of painstaking systematic and largely resonant efforts of an extensive network of European lobbyists and World backstage in the fight against the government of Azerbaijan. The report of the Europeans brings to the surface a sensational treacherous multi-way combination of European political technologists, who established close and functional cooperation with leading Western Armenian lobbying institutions.

But first a little about the authors of the report, well-known in the world investigative journalists, widely recognized by the Western political establishment. Their reputation and professionalism are indisputable. One of the authors of the report is the 59-year-old Claude Moniquet - a former French intelligence officer, who in particular worked for the Directorate General for Foreign Intelligence, and worked under the roof of an investigative journalism. Claude specializes in combating terrorism, espionage, interethnic conflicts, organized crime. He is the author of several books and investigations, in particular on the 9/11 attacks in New York, which caused great resonance in the West. Since 2002, Moniquet has been the head of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center.

Claude Moniquet

The second co-author of the report, Genovefa Etienne has been an investigative journalist for over 20 years and is the author of several books.

The third author is a 57-year-old sociologist, a well-known expert on the Middle East, William Racimora.

Thus, it was this respectable and professional group of authors that carried out an extensive investigation, which formed the basis of the aforementioned unprecedented report 'The Armenian Connection: How a secret caucus of MPs and NGOs, since 2012, created a network within the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to hide violations of international law.' 

The full version of the report is available at this link:


The European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center (ESISC) is an independent, financially transparent, non-governmental organization working in the context of strengthening transatlantic integration, supporting democracy, fighting terrorism and other contemporary threats to the Western civilization.

What conclusions did the investigators come to in their report? At the institute of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) there has been identified an a lobby group of European parliamentarians and their accomplices, which made the winning of dominant positions and roles in the agenda for assessing the situation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe the cornerstone of its policy and interests. Azerbaijan is, undoubtedly, in the field of view of this group. Against this state, an adequate instrument of political pressure has been worked out - an ethno-confessional conflict, into which Azerbaijan has become involved. The secret group, manipulating the consequences of the Karabakh conflict and post-factum annexation of Azerbaijani lands, operates with illegal claims of Armenia as a political pressure on official Baku.

Uncovered network

As a result of the investigation, the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center established that a single anti-Azerbaijani (and essentially pro-Armenian) lobbying network was formed in 2012 when a new personality 'Mr. X' arrived at the institution (PACE) in a high level position (the Center reserved the right to reveal his name when publishing the second part of this report).

The brain center of the anti-Azerbaijani group in the Council of Europe is the well-known non-governmental organization 'European Stability Foundation' (ESI). It was this center that in 2012 made a scandalous report 'Caviar Diplomacy' designed to discredit official Baku and the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE. The report accused the Azerbaijani delegation of bribing European parliamentarians.

The headquarters of this organization is in Berlin, however, as established by the ESISC, the authors of 'Caviar Diplomacy' are patronized by the American billionaire, George Soros, one of the main sponsors and inspirers of the 'color revolutions.' As you know, Soros and his institutions occupy an important place in the concept of implementing the theory of 'color revolutions,' laying the foundation for the prosperity of the third sector (i.e. 'The Fifth Column'!) - the so-called secret fairway of revolutions. The report also revealed new, hitherto unknown aspects of Soros' activities, in particular his partnership and ties with the institutions of the Armenian diaspora in the United States. The report tells about Soros's cooperation with the head of the Armenian General Benevolent Union, Berg Setrakian. Soros is a regular at the meetings of Setrakian and his Union in New York. The American billionaire listen with rapt attention to the Armenian philanthropist about the need to strengthen worldwide support for the separatist 'Artsakh.'

Soros listens to Berg Setrakian

But let's return to the brain center of the lobbying network - the Berlin NGO and, in particular, to its head Gerald Knaus. Of course, among the agents of influence and sources of information, or rather, the customers of the project of the main ideological instrument of Soros - Gerald Knaus is the imaginary conscience of the Azerbaijani revolutionary case Khadija Ismayilova. Knaus also cooperated actively with another representative of the 'fifth column' - the well-known grant eater Anar Mammadli, who was caught in the so-called civil corruption.

That very same Knaus

But the main 'liaison' of Knaus, whom he trusted as himself, was a notorious in Azerbaijan, but unsuccessful rapporteur on political prisoners, a German deputy, and later Germany's ombudsman, Christophe Strässer. This rapporteur has long mimicked under the pressure of criticism from Azerbaijan, exposing himself as a brave globalist champion of the value of individual freedom. The liberal in the cassock of a social democrat revealed the goal of his mission during the theatrical performance in Yerevan under the banner '100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.' Strässer was the only representative of official Berlin, who appeared in the center of Yerevan, sympathizing with the authoritarian Sargsyan in connection with the innocently murdered in the forgotten world of the Ottoman Empire. In Yerevan, he did not even remember the Armenian political prisoners hidden by Sargsyan in the Armenian dungeons. For Strässer it was all just a manifestation of an unfortunate crime, the political context was out of place there, it was present only on the other side of the front - in the hostile Baku.

Strässer and Schwabe

Another interesting detail: all the hearings conducted by Strässer to Knaus's accompaniment were staged and paid for by the same billionaire Soros. Episodically, there was appearing Bill Browder, co-founder and CEO of the Hermitage Capital Management investment fund, one of the initiators of the notorious 'Magnitsky case' and the preparation of this precedent for special countries, including Azerbaijan.

Here appeared Bill Browder too

We go further along the giant poisonous web of lobbyists woven with skillful fingers of the old hotbed of a new world evil.

In a unison with Strässer, the vociferous voice of another avid critic of Azerbaijan, PACE and Bundestag deputy Frank Schwabe, sounds. After all, it was Schwabe who actively sought recognition of the 'Armenian genocide' in the Bundestag, and it is this deputy who is often referred to by the think-tank of Gerald Knaus.

And Knaus, criticizing the government of Azerbaijan and accusing it of corruption bribery of European parliamentarians, likes very much to refer to the incendiary speeches of another European deputy - Dutchman Pieter Omtzigt.

The new anti-Azerbaijani treatise by Knaus 'European swamp' ('Caviar Diplomacy 2') is replete with anti-Azerbaijani rhetoric performed by Omtzigt.

And now let's pay attention to who is Omtzigt - zealous critic of the Azerbaijani government? ESISC has established that Omtzigt, who consistently promoted the recognition of the 'Armenian genocide' in the Netherlands, got into the parliament of the orange country only with the support of the Armenian diaspora.

Only the Armenian flag flies behind Omtzigt

Omtzigt and the Armenian flag again

The frantic efforts of Omtzigt in the name of legalizing the occupation of the Azerbaijani lands were not in vain. Meanwhile, this Dutch deputy is bound by inseparable ties not only to the Armenian diaspora, but also to Armenia itself. The European parliamentarian is a regular at all the get-togethers of the diaspora from Amsterdam to Almeloda, a frequent guest at the office of the Armenian National Committee, at all parties dedicated to the memory of the 'victims of genocide'... He annually visits Yerevan and bows his head before the memory of Armenian soldiers killed in the battles with the Azerbaijani people. How else, since Omtzigt is a member of the 'European Friends of Armenia,' and advocating the recognition of the separatist 'NKR,' initiating in the parliament hearings on Karabakh, openly lobbies the interests of the Federation of Armenian Organizations in the Netherlands, holds all events related to Armenia.

Omtzigt ... and of course, the banner of Armenia

Is Omtzigt's activity limited only to lobbying the interests of the world's Armenians, Armenia and Karabakh? Far from that, this deputy also acts as the main critic of human rights violations in Azerbaijan, arrests of racketeer journalists (and agents of the disbanded Ministry of National Security, who are presented as truth-seekers), and violations of the emancipated freedoms of Khadija Ismayilova. He paints a strange picture, in which Azerbaijan is all darkness, and Armenia is a radiant light.

All this, supported by appropriate factual material and photodocumentalism, puts the last points above the i's.

For example, the authors of the report reveal the frantic treachery and cunning of the Italian journalist Milena Gabanelli, the author of the scandalous 'Report' program on the Italian TV channel RAI 3, where, allegedly was revealed the corruption commonality of some PACE deputies with Azerbaijan. What did the European Center for Strategic Intelligence reveal? It turns out that Gabanelli's program formed the basis of the second anti-Azerbaijani report of Knaus' think tank 'Caviar Diplomacy 2.' Pay attention to who is speaking in the 'Report.' That's right, Strässer, well-known to us. And immediately after him, a deputy of the Armenian parliament, Samuel Farmanyan.

Strässer speaks

...and then immediately Farmanyan

Now the next question: who did finance Knaus' second report? Soros! And here the Brussels investigators reveal another important detail: during the Karabakh war, Millena Gabanelli repeatedly returned to the origins of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in her work, accusing Azerbaijan of suppressing the right of the Armenian people to self-determination.

As for the two other zealous critics of official Baku - PACE deputies René Rouquet and François Rochebloine, no such investigation was required a priori regarding these parliamentarians. After all, they openly express their pro-Armenian outlook. Rouquet is chairman of the France-Karabakh friendship group, and Rochebloine is the head of the parliamentary friendship group of France and Armenia. No comments, as they say, in this case. These deputies with diligence worthy of better application head the 'honorable row' of Azerbaijan's outspoken enemies, and have recently been quartered in the center of Karabakh, where they are conducting their propaganda campaign from.

Rouquet and Rochebloine in the trenches with the Armenian soldiers

Investigators and analysts of the European Center come to a rather disappointing for Azerbaijan conclusion: the consolidated goal of the Armenian strategy, expressed in the aspirations of the lobbying network - destabilizing the internal political situation in Azerbaijan, is clearly visible. To stir up the political protest, ignite the flames of civil confrontation, turn the country all the way up and dazzle one big barricade in order to distract the attention of both the society and the authorities from the main national agenda - the de-occupation of the annexed territories.

And now, after the publication of the first report, the expert community is in perplexity and in anticipation of the second part of the sensational details about the united front of the struggle against official Baku. The new facts will undoubtedly dispute the authority and influence of the Council of Europe as an organization designed to expand the space of democratic values, and also the expediency of Azerbaijan's participation in the imaginary, retrograde and atavistic institutions of this Council, which in recent years has represented a senseless, idle superstructure in the emerging new world order.

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