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"Today we'll have fun..." (Karimli's son in elite London bar)



At the same time, when the leader of the Azerbaijani Mamluks-political recruits, Ali Karimli, calls on the huts for war with the palaces, in the old part of the world the same oppositionist Karimli, whom we remember for his duet with the special envoy of Bako Sahakyan in the US Congress, calls the palaces for war with huts.

Look at this photo - in the famous London bar, with its exotic drinks and rarities, I, thanks to a friend from the United States, or rather, at the invitation of her pretty rich father, who came to visit his daughter, had occasion to visit. The English call it the American bar.

It is unlikely that even the children of Azerbaijani oligarchs will find the strength to drop into the hotel "Savoy" with its bar. They are not among the fans to throw dust in the eyes. Probably because the money is not pouring down from heaven even for them... But the son of the leader of the Azerbaijani opposition, calling to the conscience of the authorities and almost the same in every line of his pathetic appeals, anathematizing the same authorities, allegedly accused of corruption and embezzlement, was remembered by visitors to the elite London bar with its unpretentious cocktails, unusual dishes and astonishing prices, and certainly not by helpful waiters, but by an ugly scene with a lean and inconspicuous British student. A student of the University of Bristol, Turkel Karimli enjoys himself so in the days when his father Ali Karimli writes about the suffering of the inhabitants of the huts at the height of the economic crisis.

Let's leave aside the opacity of the incomes of the leader of the opposition. The unemployed Karimli has not been able to show the sources of his income, which enables him to provide his son with not only studying in an expensive British university, but also a luxurious, carefree, carelessly vulgar life in expensive London.

Turkel Karimli was sitting with a girl in a couple of tables from us. His loudly resounding in English exclamation - "What are you staring at?!" - made us pay attention to them. In front of him, smiling obsequiously, half-bent stood the waiter.

"Did I give you too small a tip, or what?" - again in English cried out Turkel. "So, take another!" and a fan of 50 pound banknotes with images of Her Majesty the Queen of England flew into the waiter's face.

"This guy is probably from Kuwait," they noticed at a nearby table.

"He's from Russia," somebody objected.

"He's not from Russia, but from Azerbaijan. From Baku…"

"So, he is the son of oil tycoons," the American grins.

"According to him," I nodded toward Turkel, "his father has nothing to do with the oil business."

The American, with bewilderment, jerks his eyebrows and directly asks:

"Where did the "loot" come from?"

"He is a politician. The most influential opposition leader..."

"A-ah!" laughing, the father of my classmate understands. "So this guy throws our money around..."

Then we laughed too. I remind the American of the recent scandal in Washington - after all, a group of Republican senators turned to Trump with a demand to stop the old man Soros, who is squandering money of American taxpayers in countries of another world for the color revolution cause. Grants and money from Soros and his Open Society Institute in Baku, received by the opposition, could have helped to make as much as three Ukrainian revolutions. From the beginning of 2000s until the closure of Soros' shop, Karimli and the civil sector received tens of millions of dollars. Where did the money go? On the revolution? Excuse me... for a capricious life of people like Karimli. And the landscape of civil society has turned not into a desert, but into ruins.

"But repressions prevented them from fulfilling Soros' cause," the American says cautiously.

"And is it true that there were no repression or political criminal in Ukraine?"

"The question is not rhetorical and not idle," the American quietly agrees.

They don't have any principles, ideals, or sincere motives to change the country. Some impulses and animal instincts, which determine the struggle for power. Not for the country, but for power! In order to restore to themselves the oil-bearing sources of own enrichment lost a quarter of a century ago, in the distant 1992. They have not lost their taste for power. Democrats? Westerners? Eurocentrists? God, they are ready for an alliance with Putin, the Vatican, and even with the ayatollahs, with the hedgehog and the snake, to overthrow the government and become the power. For what? Shifts of formations and regime? For the sake of this Turkel Karimli's lust? Everything is much more prosaic and banal...

This American, and all the ruling elite of the new team of the White House, knew how Chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Ali Karimli in the first days embarrassed Donald Trump. Embarrassed with his congratulatory letter that came to the headquarters of the 45th US president almost on the very first day of his officially declared victory in the elections. After all, Karimli reasons with the values and categories of the peripheral party organizer, who is obliged to congratulate the election of the new General Secretary in the center. The unprecedented inferiority has so veiled Karimli's eyes that he did not understand the main thing - the entire liberal community took the election of Trump with hostility. And who is Karimli? A liberal - all will answer in one voice! And how can a liberal support an isolationist? So in fact this plain fellow from Saatly doesn't care a bit about isolationism and even globalism, as well as about liberalism itself. They have a Mameluke attitude to power. What kind of ideology are we talking about?

In this message, the incorruptible leader of the Azerbaijani "democrats," who under his leadership, so to speak, are sparing no effort in fighting "corruptionists" and selflessly defending the Washington ideals of human rights, congratulated the Democratic party of America with a deafening victory and crumbled in compliments on the outstanding talents of the future new president's husband. (?!) That the victory in the presidential election was won not by Democrats, but by Republicans, could be attributed to a technical error. But what about a husband of Trump... This is something else.

They began to find out. It turned out that in order not to lose solid money income, which came from Washington to an outstanding fighter for democracy and human rights in Azerbaijan, he, Ali Karimli, wrote a congratulatory letter in advance to ... Hillary Clinton.

Dumbfounded by the victory of Republican Trump, the crystal clean leader of the national democracy of the Washington type, hurried to replace one name with another. No, in no case it was possible to lose such a golden and generous source. After all, judging from everything, from this foul-smelling freebie the lion's share went to the family budget.

"Ah, that's where the loot of our Turkel comes from!" with traces of sincere illumination, our interlocutor exclaimed.

"Exactly! Only with this money Ali Karimli could sent his son to such an elite and most expensive university in England. Only with these banknotes your Turkel pays the girls in the hot places, and with the waiters in the bars... And it is on these money that there lives comfortably the mother of your student (also a former head of a department in the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan in 1992)..."

In truth, Soros overseas did not intend to deprive Ali Karimli of such a sweet freebie. And so the error, which sounded as a hint at the political orientation of Trump, only a little muffled the clerks of the White House. In the rest everything is left, as it was.

Isn't that the loot, with which the son of an incorruptible oppositionist was showering the barman of the most luxurious hotel "Savoy" that now smolders on our streets? Smolders, smokes, but don't burn. The good wind of our realities extinguishes them. Only that loot stinks too much...

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