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US Ambassador Cekuta's undercover game in Baku (Our editorial)



Intrigues, deception, bribery and undercover struggle are well-known features of the insidious Byzantine politics. On the Capitol Hill of Great Rome, it was rejected even at the time of the most despotic emperors. On the Capitol Hill of the republican Washington, they don't accept it too.

Capitol Hill in Washington, almost like in Great Rome

And the new Republican government in Washington in the person of the rather eccentric politician, Donald Trump, from the top of the political Olympus proclaimed a new foreign policy doctrine. In his inaugural speech, condemning the imperial-aggressive policies of the previous leadership covered by purple liberal rhetoric, Donald Trump, in the best traditions of the Roman-Senate government, declared: 'We will stop trying to build democracy outside the US and overthrow regimes, and get involved in situations, in which we have no right to interfere.'

Trumps inaugural address

What did the new president undertake to realize his doctrine of non-interference and isolationism, which their founding fathers called for the future generations of Americans? Trump recalled all the US ambassadors who had taken oath on the Capitol Hill. It were the US embassies that turned into some secret secret Byzantine temples, where intrigues and conspiracies were rippling, plots organized against presidents, governments and entire countries, in which CIA residents and agents paved the way for the infernal and rebellious unrest.

After the sensational statement of the new American president, who glorified America by his public rejection of the policy of liberal expansionism, our eyes turned to the US Embassy in Baku. Since 1992, from the day of the opening of this diplomatic institution and the stay in Baku of the respected American Marine Richard Miles, the magician of color revolutions in Baku, Belgrade, Tbilisi and many other capitals of newborn states, it was this Byzantine patrimony that became the source of the main political cataclysms, challenges and conspiracies.

'Will Cekuta go?' We turned with this embarrassing question to the US Embassy. After all, Cekuta was a protege of tandemocracy Obama-Clinton. And Trump assured: outside of the US the US democracy will not be imposed. To each people its own national democracy! On January 6, Cekuta appeared before the Azerbaijani public and announced loudly: 'I am the representative of President Trump and will pursue his foreign policy!'

What does Cekuta conceive?

This is the meaning of his words. But do Cekuta's words coincide with his deeds? Here is an illustrative and topical example. On April 3, Ambassador Cekut gathers in his Byzantine temple the most fanatical and frankly hostile part of the opponents of President Ilham Aliyev. Cecuta received well-known to us persons: extremist Samira Agayeva from the underground organization Movement D-18, the unbridled ally of Ali Karimli, Gezal Bayramli, defamer of the authorities Gultekin Hajibeyli, wife of political politician Seymur Hazi, Nigar Yagublu, fanatical Musavatist Sevinj Huseynova...

What did the US ambassador discuss with these feminists from the resistance movement? Political situation and human rights. The question is, why should the US ambassador discuss the political situation with the reactionary wing of the opposition, and how much do these consultations correlate with the course announced by Trump?

Insolent Hajibeyli never found peace

Suppose Cekuta takes advantage of the right given to him by the Vienna Convention and explains this with elementary diplomatic curiosity. But after all, the ambassador probably gets acquainted with the annotation of the Azerbaijani media and is well aware of the real situation in the country, is he not it? If the ambassador is really studying the situation, then why not hold an identical meeting with representatives of the fair sex from the opposite camp? What prevents him from hearing Vice-Speaker Bahar Muradova, representative of the Presidential Administration Fatma Abdullazade, head of the presidential office Dilyara Seidzade, deputies Jalya Aliyeva, Ganira Pashayeva, Agia Nakhchivanli and others? Or is it not interesting for the ambassador to ask them as well about human rights? And why with the outspoken extremists does meet the US ambassador? Why aren't they welcomed, say, by the ambassadors of Russia, Turkey, Iran, Georgia or Kazakhstan? After all, Azerbaijan's closest neighbors have a priori more motives for comprehensive study of the not so confused and, by and large, unambiguous situation than the distant transatlantic power, which, according to President Trump, has stopped interfering in the internal affairs of other states.

Let's say that 'political petrels' enlightened the ambassador. But for what purpose does Cekuta next meets with the leaders of protest youth organizations? And why this meeting takes place on the eve of the opposition rally?

And all because Cekuta is insincere. He does not represent President Donald Trump. He still expresses the interests of the Obama-Clinton tandemocracy and all those forces in Washington that still do not allow the White House to work, put sticks in Trump's wheels, spread black PR on the pages of the motley American press.

Immediately after the departure of the sharp connoisseur and the great lover of the revolutionary cookies Victoria Nuland, the mastermind of the total political and ideological offensive against Azerbaijan, as if by the magic wand of a sorcerer, the regular critics of President Aliyev, Kauzlarich and Cramer disappeared from the arena, the black widow of the Azerbaijani revolutionary military council Rebecca Vincent is also missing...

Gingerbread cookies ended, Nuland went home

Imagine, the influential American press such as The Washington Post and The New York Times have suddenly lost all interest in the distant tiny overseas Azerbaijan unfamiliar for American rednecks. The critics in the satellite countries became silent: before Trump even could enter the Oval Office, the British, German and French press seemed to have forgotten about the existence of Azerbaijan.

So, for the last two years we constantly and persistently wrote and persuaded not only the public, but also the Western expert community that it was Nuland and her associates who were staging the very dull game story of a 'despotic Azerbaijan.' It was Nuland and the Clinton State Department who played an unprecedented and skilfully directed campaign of the so-called exposure of the Azerbaijani authorities on the eve of the first European Games. And the European Parliament did not resist the onslaught and total pressure of tandemocracy, adopting the ill-fated resolution on human rights in the country where political freedoms were declared by misunderstanding. The opposition holds rallies in the center of the capital, in social networks and in the press critical voices are heard, incredibly dashing passions are raging on the political arena... This, undoubtedly, is despotism, almost like in Eritrea and Turkmenistan.

The more Ali Kerimli calls, the more the masses ignore

It would seem that after the epochal turn of Trump, all insinuations in the spirit of a la Victoria's cookies remained in the past. After all, the triumphal visit-breakthrough of Ilham Aliyev to Brussels, which marked the long-awaited diversification of energy resources for the European nations and the completion of the construction of a large pipeline, marked a new milestone in relations with the West. Ilham Aliyev's warm and candid conversation with Donald Trump outlined a completely new level of joint cooperation - without revolutions, insinuations and treacherous blows in the back. The Azerbaijani authorities believed in the sincerity of the motives of the newly elected leader of the American nation.

And the presidents found a common language

And how in the light of this epochal turn should we understand Ambassador Cekuta whispering in the ear of Ali Karimli the idea of an attempt of a new swing of the status quo unchanged for the whole of President Aliyev's rule in peaceful and serene Baku? Indeed, Cekuta is for sure well aware of the absence of active protest political sentiments and rumblings in the social base grassroots of the so-called oppositionists.

Ali Karimli should collect a noticeable mass on the square and create the appearance of a raging protest. But he does not have such basic forces and resources. Society as a whole is apolitical, the invariably stable reality of today is much more valuable for people than the illusory wars for illusory democracy, which for some reason result in Syrian, Libyan and Ukrainian tragedies. And even those who are potentially dissatisfied with the authorities are skeptical about the opposition. What should they look for at the rally of a politician, whose son Turkel Karimli hangs out in the pubs of London?

Where can the frontist leader go to? Of course, to the Islamists. So why and for what purpose does Cekuta indirectly activate political Islam in Azerbaijan - the only, albeit small and headless, but self-sufficient passionary force in the country! What on, if not on the clerical Islamist social base, does the hopeless Front have to rely on!

Cekuta turned his face toward them

Does Cekuta need a second Jebhat an Nusra or bearded guards of the Islamic revolution? Why did the US ambassador push the leader of the secular opposition to an alliance with Islamists, artificially inflating protest moods in mosques and radicalizing the clerical social base? Judging by Trump's speeches, such encroachments by Cekuta do not fit in any way with the new foreign policy concept. Then whose political order does he execute? Whom does he represent in Baku?

The American ambassador is trying to wake up not only clericals, but also separatists. According to available information, a representative of the US Embassy recently met with representatives of separatist movements during his voyage to Zagatala. What kind of game is this? What plot does the American ambassador weave in his Byzantine chapel?

Why do the Azerbaijani authorities with their dignified indifference look at the frankly provocative activity of the American ambassador, while there is an unconcealed hostile attitude aimed at undermining relations between official Washington and Baku, is it not? Trump's coming to power opened a new opportunity for the Azerbaijani government not only to normalize, but also to expand partnership with the global superpower to the level of multi-vector partnership.

And what does Cekuta do? He frankly brings discord in the relationship between official Baku and Washington. Why, so far, the authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan have not informed the US authorities about the undisguised hostile activities of the ambassador? Former Ambassador Richard Morningstar was declared persona non grata only for carelessly expressing an idea of the analogy of the Azerbaijani Meydan with the Ukrainian Maidan. And Robert Cekuta, under the influence of his patrons in Washington, who appear to be part of the political camp that opposes Trump, is trying to turn that far-fetched idea into an intimidating reality. And raises dust in the center of a thriving capital!

The American ambassador sends young clerics from Shiite mosques to the protest square to destroy the secular foundations of pro-Western Azerbaijan. What other argument should encourage Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to withdraw this rebel envoy? Elmar Mammadyarov urgently needs to go to Washington. Until it's not too late!

The ambassador should be called on the carpet, otherwise his far-reaching undercover cobwebs will beat out from under the feet of Baku and Washington this carpet, which seemed to everyone to be solid ground.

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