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New game of our Azef (Ruslan's second apparition)



Political wave that followed the statement of the former leader of the youth wing of the Popular Front, an active participant in efforts to organize the Orange Revolution in 2005, ex-political prisoner Ruslan Bashirli about a multi-million dollar personal spending by opposition leader Ali Karimli, has disturbed peace in a quiet haven of the fragmented Azerbaijani opposition. A flickering parody! Read!

One of the Front activists, a certain Pasha Umudov before flying to Moscow at Heydar Aliyev International Airport accidentally discovered family members of his party leader Ali Karimli, who were waiting for their London flight. What did happen to Pasha Umudov?

He suddenly saw the light, feeling the insidious betrayal of the leader, who promised Azerbaijanis fast approach of the long-awaited milestone of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the huts.

After all, Ali Karimli declared a class war on the current government, parasitizing on the natural for any society polarization of income and living conditions. In this way, our Saatly 'Chavez' has been attracting crowds from the huts in recent months.

I'll leave, with your permission, into a small and forced digression.

How so? After all, Ali Karimli is allegedly a right-wing politician, known as a "liberal". He verbally defended, although not being fully aware of its essence, the free market rule, but without realizing it, turned to the left, being on the same side of the barricades with the Comintern. What has Karimli been doing in recent months? The same, what Chavez did in the television studio of a democratic Venezuela, which gave him an inviolable right to slander the authorities. He sets the poor against the rich, causing class dislike among people like Pasha Umudov, pushing society towards bloody battles on the red barricades. Typical chavism, painted and expressively colored by quasi-liberal vocabulary.

Pasha Umudov and other Bolsheviks

But Chavez was an ideological Bolivarian and a partisan. While Ali Karimli is a dilapidated and dispersed bourgeois. Only on the education of two of his offsprings, Karimli, by his own admission in his address to the nation, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where does all this money come from? Revolutionaries do not have that much money. If you do not rob banks, of course. And the International Bank of Azerbaijan was not robbed by Karimli, not even by Kamo, but by Jahangir Asgarov and Eldar Mahmudov. Here, the same revolutionary Trotsky could not complete his studies at the University of Vienna. Not enough money! And Ali Karimli had enough to pay for his children's studies and their residence in the fabulously expensive city of earls and dukes! Where from? Karimli assures his supporters that he won this money in lawsuits at the European Court of Human Rights. And who will believe in this faible? Certainly not 'Hugo' Umudov with a tattered straw hat, you certainly will not fool him.

Taking a picture of the Karimli family, our 'Hugo' Umudov remembered Ruslan Bashirli, the 'great martyr' of the Orange Revolution, and sent him dirt on a strange Bolivarian chavist. And he supplied these photos with the cry of his soul, accusing the leader of the PFPA of spending millions of dollars on living and education of his children in London. And Umudov lamented his own misery and suffering.

So where's the money from? Ali Karimli actually resides in the status of a half-citizen, because to this day he has not found a passport, and accordingly, a permanent place of work. That does not prevent him from wearing wide trousers and living on a broad footing.

Ruslan Bashirli behind bars

The other day Ruslan Bashirli's second apparition before the people has occured. Ruslan Bashirli came with a revelation, loudly declaring that Ali Karimli receives the money from sources close to the authorities. We have no reason not to trust, or to refute the words of Bashirli, who dedicated his whole conscious life to Karimli and his Bolivarian revolution. Bashirli is a martyr, who has served more than seven years for the cause of Karimli and his associates. And Ruslan, like a knight from the Pushkin fairy tale, took the veil off the open secret. There was a terrible verdict: "Karimli received and continues to receive money from circles close to those in power!" So who doubted this truism?

Ali Karimli for many years played the role of Azef. And so his wallet was always packed with money. Thousands of times the question was put squarely: didn't Elchibey know? As if he didn't. Of course, he knew. First, late Elchibey himself often played up to the authorities. Do you remember the story of the attempt on Elchibey, allegedly organized by Rasul Guliyev? So in 1997, Elchibey personally wrote a complaint to the National Security Ministry on the then real contender and opponent of the authorities Rasul Guliyev, accusing him of organizing a terrorist act.

What kind of loss of memory? And who forgot about the great merit of Elchibey-Susanin, who gathered all the presidential candidates in one bunch in 1998, and brought them into the woods, playing a brilliant party of the boycott of the elections, thereby opening the current authorities one more path to the political Olympus. Did you forget? Maybe someone forgot, but history remembers everything. And secondly, the laws of political cynicism have not been canceled yet. Do you remember with what contempt Lenin sometimes borrowed money from Azef (the need was pressing him!), knowing that he was earning money in the tsarist secret police?

Question - could Lenin become a State Duma deputy? Of course not! He was not admitted to Russia, let alone let in the Tauride Palace. But the Bolsheviks still received mandates. For example, the same Malinovsky. Only after the October Revolution did Dzerzhinsky find archival documents evidencing Malinovsky's cooperation with the tsarist secret police. Oh, mother history!

Ali Karimli became interested in Chavism

That's why under the current government Ali Karimli twice got into parliament. He was not elected, for later he himself acknowledged the dishonesty of these elections, but received from the hands of the authorities a mandate with money! The authorities do not give money to anyone just like that, for nothing. Until 2002, Ali Karimli clearly and fairly fulfilled the mission entrusted to him. What happened then? And history will never forget this. Karimli decided to break off the leash, turning away from the hand, giving food. Hereafter, the hand of punishment fell on Karimli.

What chavism? What ideals? What revolution? It's just a small agent of the Shah's secret police. Who got out of control! Why? many readers ask. These metamorphoses and impermanence of human nature found their explanation in another tale of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin "The Tale of a Golden Fish." Ali Karimli did not want to be a noblewoman any more. That's the whole philosophy of the tragedy of Azerbaijani Azef.

And this is the truth that was voiced in his confession by sufferer Ruslan Bashirli. Let's listen to the squire of Karimli (who, of course, dropped this most notorious weapon): "In the late 1990s and early 2000s, some employees of the President's Office provided material support to Karimli, but he banally betrayed them, having lost, of course, the source of income.

Currently, there is no connection between the Presidential Administration and the PFPA chairman, however, some officials close to the authorities are trying to use him. For a fee, of course.

The first state structure, whose orders were carried out by Ali Karimli, was the Ministry of national Security (MNS) abolished later for its crimes. The "cooperation" of the frontist leader with the MNS began in 2003, when the department was headed by Eldar Mahmudov. Despite the fact that Karimli was constantly led by the MNS informers from among his deputies, advisers and other functionaries, the MNS contacted Ali Karimli through so-called "well-known" lawyers. Most of the assignments that the Ministry of National Security gave Karimli, were orders for compromise and black PR of officials loyal to the president. In addition, however strange it may seem, some tasks of the Ministry of National Security concerned "political prisoners" detained by the MNS employees.

Ali Karimli's cooperation with representatives of the authorities was not limited to Eldar Mahmudov alone. Even greater financial injections were carried out by other people from pro-government circles.

We have reliable information about the fact that Ali Karimli willingly fulfills the orders of certain persons, receiving for it fabulous "fees". Specific facts indicate that the "only leader" still receives money and instructions from some people close to the authorities. And it's not about cooperation in the interests of the state - Ali Karimli is used as an instrument of blackmail and slander against rivals in power. It will not take much time and effort to prove that the PFPA chairman is an agent of some persons close to the authorities.

Now, to fulfill the mission entrusted to him, Karimli tries to present himself as a leader of the radical opposition and thus gain the confidence of people dissatisfied with the current government. The payment for these services he spends on luxury homes, villas, cars and children's education in London. And what about the people, who believed him and went after him? After all, many live in poverty. Who will answer for all this?

Son of Ali Kerimli, Turkel is said to be a playboy

Who will answer?

And they already answer! Most of the supporters of Karimli, probably because of the simplicity of their naive souls, believed in the sincerity of the words of "a man from the secret police" and followed him, followed for many years, but found themselves in dungeons. After all, Azef, the organizer of the murder of the Grand Duke, a relative of the emperor, was believed for many years. And who will deny the version that Karimli himself hands over to the authorities sincere and consistent oppositionists? After all, since the time of the tsarist secret police there were informant agents and agents provocateurs. The authorities and special services had to turn a blind eye to the provocation of agents to please their services. They handed in bundles of revolutionaries.

Maybe Azef entered a new game? God knows, how the Russians say. But God will not forgive!

We did not have time to rethink the confession of Bashirli, as the cry of yet another stray supporter of the "leader of huts" was heard. The voice crying in the Karimli desert. Another Karimli follower Kerim Mehdiyev, a fellow ally, a member of the Supreme Assembly of the PFPA, devoted to him for a quarter of a century, also announced his truth...

Kerim Mehdiyev reminded Karimli's assurances that he had money for a more or less secured life only after the sale of his wife's apartment, and he received payments on the decisions of the European Court. However, in general, this amount does not exceed 180,000 manats, whereas the politician annually spends much more on the education of his children in London: "You have repeatedly been asked for help by those long-standing in the party, devoted people, but you invariably refused, referring to the lack of money in the party till. As it turns out, the money is still there, but they are not for ordinary party members," Kerim Mehdiyev said directly to Ali Ksrimli.

The former frontist soldier would also like to know whether the son of Ali Karimli served in the ranks of the Azerbaijani army. And if not, then how the "leader of the opposition" managed to agree this issue with the authorities, who only "are looking for an excuse to once again encroach on the rights of Ali Karimli".

I say, Azef spun a new game...

Russia went after this leader, who turned out to be a provocateur...

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