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Sensation not about Ilham Aliyev, which didn't happen (Our editorial)



A few days ago yet another 'sensational bomb' was thrown into the information field. On the OCCRP website, an investigation was launched under the title 'Azerbaijan Laundromat.' Stop!

A few weeks ago, in the well-known Israeli newspaper 'Haaretz,' a 'sensational journalistic investigation' appeared about alleged multimillion-dollar investments of President Ilham Aliyev and members of his family in the economy and real estate of Israel. The so-called investigation, more like the usual 'security intelligence,' caused a stir in public opinion.

On the day of the publication, from the early morning someone sent a link to all the Baku editorial offices to the resonant report of the venerable Israeli media outlet. But in the conditions of a modern hybrid war, involving massive and multifaceted information attacks and sabotage, sceptical journalists, taught by bitter experience, tried to study the scale of the launched misinformation with the help of the conventional Google search engine: who else except the Israeli media outlet did replicate this new 'loud' anti-corruption investigation? Google was persistent in its silence.

Nowhere was there any mention of the 'sensational' article in the Haaretz, with the exception of an Armenian site 'Edaily.' 'How can this be?' an unsophisticated reader will be surprised. But I will tell you more: in the Haaretz itself there was no article on the investments of the head of Azerbaijan in the Israeli economy. Nevertheless, the link scattered over the mailboxes of the Baku editorial offices was still working.

A few hours later, sophisticated journalists with the help of IT specialists discovered a deftly tuned honey trap. It was a clever fake. Insidious, mean, reflecting the true essence of the creator of intricacies. The mirror version of the Haaretz link had nothing to do with the genuine Israeli newspaper. It was a forgery, fabrication, provocation... Later, towards the evening, there followed a loud statement by the Israeli ambassador, government representatives and, finally, the editorial office of the Haaretz about the inspired provocation: the newspaper resolutely denied the very existence of such a publication on its pages.

Cui prodest? Cui bono? hard Roman questions were asked in Baku, suspecting a new insidious game under the Byzantine carpet. To whom is it profitable? Whose prize? There was no answer. Who could reveal the cunning plan of a hidden and sweet enemy?

The answer came not from Baku, but from the remote, foggy-imperial Albion, where mystical hearts and odious affairs of the world behind the scenes are hiding. On pages of no less venerable British newspaper The Guardian, journalists broke into a merciless libel against the Kremlin, accusing IT supporters of the Russian authorities of organising information sabotage against Ilham Aliyev. It is difficult to guess on what the British journalists based on their publication, putting forward such a severe conclusion. However, a few weeks after the lightning-fast and unjustified verdict of The Guardian, there appears on the pages of the same newspaper a similar journalistic investigation about some kind of investments, where for some reason the Aliyev family again appears.

This time it is not about investing in Israel and bribing Jewish politicians, but about the money of several offshore companies and the bribery of European politicians. And in a completely peremptory manner, knowing about the true owners of these companies, which may have been represented in the government establishment, the British edition places this 'investigation' on its pages, in which the president and his family are being accused.

But the author of this 'inquiry' is a well-known consortium: a conglomerate of journalists, united under the ambitious signboard of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). In short, a certain 'crime fighting department' armed not with a club, but with a pen. To make it easier for readers to recognise the true face and mission of this disorderly mixture of journalists gathered at OCCRP, I will give the title of just one of the recent high-profile cases of this consortium: 'Leaked Intelligence Documents Reveal Russian, Serbian Disinformation Strategy in Macedonia...'

Such a kind of reporter amalgam, specialising in leakage from counterintelligence. Which country's? CIA? FSB? Mossad? BND? ETTELAAT? This should be analysed throughly, because we are talking about a rather chaotic connection...

The group of journalists comes up with a seemingly bold and ambitious article directly condemning the political leadership of Azerbaijan, and at the same time one of the co-authors, Khadija Ismayilova (although her co-authorship, as it became known later, consisted only in the search for some dummy directors of firms) in an interview with the Soros publication 'Current Time TV' openly admits: 'They were buying furniture manufactured by expensive firms, bought jewellery, some clothes of famous companies. Who specifically ordered, could not be clarify, a more serious investigation was needed. Unfortunately, this investigation is not very successful, because all information about accounting records is not available to journalists.' Stop!

Pay attention to the statement of the question: the 'co-author' of the INVESTIGATION frankly says that much in this study could not be clarified and a MORE SERIOUS INVESTIGATION IS NEEDED. The question is, how do the principles of journalistic responsibility correlate with the open recognition of imperfection and the incompleteness of one's own investigation? Here you have the subtext, or rather, the political order that came down to this very group of journalists.

And one more important argument. The world is engulfed by bloody wars. The tragedy of the peoples of the Middle East, the genocide in Myanmar, the political crisis in the EU caused by Brexit and the parade of national patriots in European capitals... And for some reason the British periodicals leave the global problems of humanity out of the spotlight, sending the forces to investigate the activities of a pair of offshore companies allegedly related to some officials from Azerbaijan!

The journalists aim all the arrows at the president and his family, although Khadija Ismayilova does not hide that 'the money was laundered and transferred to offshore companies connected with the families of oligarchs, some part went to buy some luxury goods.' Which oligarchs? Are there names of members of their families? And why do journalists concentrate not on the owners of the accounts, but on the president?

And more: detective Ismayilova is looking for directors of front companies... via Facebook messenger, loudly declaring that the director of the company is a poorly educated plebeian downtroden in his village. Having such a pettifogging, this pseudojournalist takes the liberty of blaming the head of state! Khadija long ago lost the right to a serious tone. All her public appearances are a manifestation of a painful reaction, a frustration of her own dissatisfaction, impulsiveness, unstable self-esteem, a thoughtless lie, an inhuman need to excite public opinion.

So, it turns out that they ordered the president? And the watchdogs of imperialism by all the truths and crooks, not having understood the essence of the dry names of offshore companies leaked by counterintelligence, criticise the leadership of a sovereign state?

So let's return to the desired Roman questions: Cui prodest? Cui bono? First of all, the operative info, carelessly concocted in the offices of counterintelligence, appears on the eve of a momentous event: the signing of a new Contract of the Century.

On September 14, another contract is expected to be signed to develop the block of Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli fields. And in the new project, like 23 years ago, a key role is played by American companies.

First Contract of the Century

Then, almost a quarter of a century ago, a few days before the signing of the grandiose agreement in the centre of Baku, shots were heard, explosions thundered, and clanking of tanks signalled the danger looming over Aliyev's sovereign statehood. Whose was that sword of Damocles? The wiped handle of the blade was clenched by the hands of those who tried to cut the threads connecting Azerbaijan with the West. And in whose hands is the sword that is pointed against the heart of the state today? Where to find this hand? In the West, where unfinished investigations are being replicated, or in other capitals? And, as always, the world Armenianship also acted foully in this act...

Continuing my reasoning, I note that Azerbaijan now has more friendly relations with the administration of the new US President, Donald Trump. Isn't that so? One can still hear the warm and kind words of Trump, addressed to President Ilham Aliyev. So who was behind this 'counterintelligence leak'? The American Administration? I do not believe it!

Quarter of a century later

High-ranking officials of Azerbaijan accuse the person-state, George Soros, some branches of the American establishment and representatives of the world Armenianship. Why Soros? Well, if only because he is the main sponsor of the OCCRP.

Along with the grave digger Soros, who at the beginning dumps the stock exchanges, breaks banks and crushes the economies of many countries, and then overthrows unwanted presidents, causing protracted revolts with the hands of punishing colour revolutions, the US State Department and the Government Agency for International Development (USAID) are among the OCCRP's main sponsors.

Most of the Azerbaijani government is convinced that the 'imperfect leak of counterintelligence' is the work of the followers of the former Obama administration, represented in the middle echelon of the State Department and in the Congress, as evidenced by angry statements of the representatives of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan.

During the Obama administration, US government displayed open hostility towards Azerbaijan, not hiding a desperate determination to change the status quo by any means and cause a socio-political collapse.

The main ideologist of the fight with Azerbaijan was odious and eccentric Victoria Nuland, who with the support of the Secretary of State and one of the allies of the American Armenianship, John Kerry (from the very beginning of the Karabakh conflict, the future senator and secretary of state was a staunch supporter of the dismemberment of Azerbaijan, as evidenced by his sensational appeal to Gorbachev with the request to transfer Karabakh to Armenia) on the eve of the presidential elections of 2013 was a theoretician of the Facebook revolution in Baku. Had the Baku authorities failed to counteract in a timely manner this Facebook revolution that broke out in the underground circles of the American institutions, Nuland would have excelled herself with her own rhetoric and distributed bagels not on Kyiv's Khreshchatyk, but on Baku's Fountain Square. But the revolutionary element of tin teenagers attached to the national democracy has resulted in a new tragedy and another disappointment for the theorists of the permanent global revolution.

Soon the tin soldiers got YAP party IDs and swore allegiance to the cause of the party and the government. The soil disappeared from under Nuland's feet: the attempt of revolution led to complete dismantling and reorientation of the political system, the government expelled the American ambassador and paved the entire American underground.

But let's return to the main sponsor of the project of the Centre: Soros. As far back as 2015, we wrote about a farce: Soros's unsuccessful attempt during a meeting with President Ilham Aliyev on the fields of the Davos summit to achieve resuscitation in Baku of the main hotbed of 'colour riots' - the Open Society Institute. But the president rejected Soros' proposals, preventing the return of a ferocious revolutionary element to the country. Soros promised to take revenge. And so he makes revenge to this day. A new round of attack is similar to information aggression on the eve of the European Games. The same handwriting! Identical purposes!

Let me remind you, after his failure, Soros decided to slam the door loudly stepping out with a demarche and an arbitrary interpretation of the details of the talks. You see, the imperialist was depressed by the human rights situation in the obscure South Caucasus country.

It is likely that the outlook of the stoic financier was formed on the basis of the memorandums of the deputy head of one of the programs of the Soros Foundation - Open Society Human Rights, the well-known representative of the American Armenianship, Yervand Shirinyan. But today it's not about Shirinyan. The authors of Laundromat simply can't do anything right...

Soros clashed with the Trump administration. The American press is replete with the dramatic details of this tough and open struggle of the two real-politik pillars, openly accusing Soros, who is juggling with values of moral-politik, in organising hostile attacks and insinuations against the incumbent US president. And it was with Trump's coming to power that America began to regain its former influence and authority in Azerbaijan. It's about another America, Trump's America, not Soros'. Pay attention, it was Baku that for the second time this year became the platform for the US-Russian negotiations at the level of the military command. The international authority of Azerbaijan is strengthened, and in many respects due to trusting relations with the Trump Administration. What does Soros have to do, how not to try to create the illusion of a new round of confrontation between Aliyev's government and the US! The strategy is precisely to get Azerbaijan out of the orbit of Western influence, cut off the path to European integration, create a reputation in the West of a 'semi-criminal and absolutist state,' which can count only on an alliance with regional powers...

How else can we regard Soros' provocation after the promising and long-awaited visits of President Aliyev to Brussels and Munich?

The main conclusion is that the main goal of this imperfect and in general home-grown investigation of the visits of one of the vice-premiers to a dentist and a certain Rasim Asadov (son of the Azerbaijani Interior Minister under President Ayaz Mutalibov), and a pathetic attempt to identify these vague episodes with the president and his family, was to prevent the normalisation of relations between Azerbaijan and the United States, the European Union and the West as a whole.

And now it is the turn of the Azerbaijani counterintelligence to clarify the true purpose of this multi-way provocation. In fact, along with Khadija Ismayilova, in this strange conglomeration of journalists, who raised their hand to the holy of holies, very strange characters appear that have nothing to do with the writing brotherhood: a certain Ilgar Aga, a certain Madina Mammadova, and a certain Leyla Afshar. Although one of the authors of the unfinished, according to Khadija, reports we observed in other, no less scandalous situations. It's about Romanian journalist Paul Radu.

Drew Sullivan

In Romania itself, he is known as the Romanian mafia's laundromat, who cooperated with the publications financed by the criminal community. And we will return to the biography of Bosnian engineer-journalist Drew Salivan in our next publications.

But among this mongrel group a separate individual stands out: the notorious Dina Nagapetyants. Just as Ismayilova (remember, how the Armenians put up the wife of famous Hollywood actor, George Clooney, Amal Clooney, in defence of Khadija, and before that, it was Amal Clooney who officially defended Armenia's interests in the European Court...), Nagapetyants does not notice loud scandals, in which are involved family members of the Armenian President, Serzh Sargsyan. Indeed, just the other day the FBI conducted a special operation in the US against the Armenian mafia, patronised by Sargsyan's brother Sashik. But Nagapetyants and Ismayilova did not say a word about it.

Wedding of MEP Engel in Karabakh

The question is: why doesn't the conglomerate of journalists led by Khadija and Nagapetyants investigate the sources of financing the criminal visits of other European politicians to Karabakh? On what money did Baroness Caroline Cox, Congressman Frank Pallone, MEPs Francois Rochebloane, Jaromir Stetina, Frank Engel, Thomas Rudy, Enrico Comning, Holger Arpe and others visit the unrecognised separatist quasi-states? Since when have the money of European taxpayers been used to publicly support field commanders and semi-criminal entities? What does prevent the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project from initiating an investigation into the corporate interests of European deputies with criminal warlords?

This issue can be addressed to another well-known journalist, ethnic Armenian, head of the Russian media holding RIA Novosti Margarita Simonyan. And this Russian journalist does not notice loud scandals involving the Sargsyan family, replicating in the information space only the unfinished fabrications of the Western consortium about Azerbaijan.

Here's a fresh example. Since when has the main Russian media been replicating the statement of the US State Department about the persecution of journalists? The State Department issued hundreds of similar statements about a hundred countries in the world. But RIA Novosti spreads only statements on Azerbaijan. Again an Armenian context or a clue from some office of a Russian official with an Armenian surname in his passport? And the Azerbaijani authorities have to answer this question. Here there is one more logical question to RIA Novosti. It seems that the target of this information diversion is also the Russian Rosoboronexport. What with did the Russian giant fail to please RIA Novosti and Simonyan? After all, you are undermining the reputation of one of the main Russian exporters with your own hands. How so? And again we witnessed a conflict of interests between Russian officials with Armenian roots and the national-state interests of Russia!

And finally the last question! Azerbaijan should also respond to the most important of all the issues that are raised in the summary, once raised by President Trump. The US president made an important initiative to reduce the budget of USAID, one of the main sponsors of OCCRP, a strange journalistic corps from different countries. And why shouldn't the government of Azerbaijan also support Trump's initiative and bring down the agency's representation, which is scattering the money of American taxpayers on unfinished sensational reports? Moreover, USAID cooperation within the framework of the SEDA project is being completed this year anyway...

Azerbaijani counterintelligence has something to think about!

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