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President Aliyev's word: April war can happen again (Our afterword)



Even new attacks on the president's family during the session of the UN General Assembly could not overshadow the New York success of Ilham Aliyev on the highest platform of the world political establishment. Let's start with attacks on the president's family. On the eve some leading world and Armenian media were filled with a smile of the president's daughter, Leyla Aliyeva, who along with the first vice-president accompanied Ilham Aliyev on a trip to New York. The near-Karimli hawks and other rural dwellers immediately rushed to social networks with impudence, worthy of a better use, to reproach the president about the delegation including his wife and daughter.

The question is why the president of a country, which is considered one of the most democratic and legal ones in the world, the cradle of democracy, Donald Trump has the right to include his wife Melania and son-in-law Kushner in the delegation, and Ilham Aliyev cannot show the same trust to the first lady and his daughter? Moreover, Macron's wife, Briggite, his inmost teacher and companion in life, also accompanied the French president. Mehriban Aliyeva is the first vice-president of our country, and Leyla Aliyeva participated as a representative of the family. It turns out that if the US president or the head of France appear at the General Assembly with their relatives, it is a manifestation of the diplomatic protocol, and in the case of Ilham Aliyev, the triumph of monarchy and absolutism? Where is the logic in this biased approach? What is the point of support for critics? It is unclear.

Further, during the speech of the president, his daughter Leyla tried to photograph the president. But instead of taking picture of Ilham Aliyev, she accidentally took one of herself. And whispered about this to Mehriban Aliyeva . So what? It turns out that someone's camera was focused on the seats, where the Azerbaijani delegation was sitting. And these harmless pictures came on the air of the Azerbaijani Maydan TV. What's next? And then came the startling populism: they say, the president talks about the Karabakh grief, and Leyla Aliyeva smiles. What the hell is this? And how it should be understood? There are pernicious feelings for the soul that someone constantly keeps all members of the president's family under their vigilant control. Whether it's tears, a smile, some kind of facial expressions: all these become the subject of stormy and equally absurd reasoning and ridiculous accusations. But when such a yellowness occupies the pages of such a world brand as the BBC, an impartial summary arises: a political order, a new attempt to discredit, hurt, and prick the president and his family. What for? Why did not these cameras notice melancholic Melania? Someone smiled, and someone shed tears, but why raise political emotions and artful manipulations around the manifestations of momentary human feelings?

Melania Trump at the UN General Assembly

And the president himself answered this question in his brilliant speech. Ilham Aliyev is a man and a politician with an unbending will, a strong political spirit. He cannot be broken, cornered by any international pressure, he goes to his goal, despite adversity, the burden of difficulties and dangers. Ilham Aliyev is a tough nut, a politician and a man who will fight for his values and ideals until his last breath. And he cannot be stopped!

In his speech from the UN rostrum (!!!), the president literally openly announced his readiness to start new military actions for the liberation of Karabakh. In the lips of the president, there was no pathos, no threat, no Bonapartism, no hint of a beautiful word, but a calm, measured and thoughtful statement of reality. No concessions in the Karabakh dilemma, unreasonable compromises, but only the fulfillment of the will of the United Nations, from the rostrum of which he declared his determination to bring about the triumph of justice. Imagine, declare your readiness to repeat the success of the April war before the entire world community!

This requires not only a brave heart of a politician willing to sacrifice everything, including one's own well-being, in the name of the victories of his nation, but also a high political responsibility. After all, Ilham Aliyev spoke before the powerful of this world!

And is there an alternative to the military prospect that is so scary for today's world? Of course there is. And after Trump, Aliyev is actually the second of politicians, who voiced the urgent need and historical regularity of the UN reform. The Azerbaijani president showed the way of this reform through the creation of a mechanism for implementing decisions of the UN Security Council. Resolutions of the highest UN institution, just as those of the General Assembly, are usually not implemented unless they are backed by consensus and the general political will of the superpowers. And the Karabakh issue in a series of serious international problems is not one exception, confirming the de facto new rule for the implementation of UN resolutions: all these office papers have just a miserable declarative nature. What did President Aliyev mean, calling for an instrument to implement the resolutions? Punishment of the country-aggressor and the occupier, which calls for the imposition of sanctions and the forceful solution of the problem through military intervention. Say, as with the despotic Gaddafi. Therefore, Ilham Aliyev also pointed to the despotic nature of the Sargsyan feudal system, which usurped power and suppressed the will of the Armenian people, driven into the general camp of the occupation regime.

A day before the brilliant performance of the English-speaking Ilham Aliyev, Sargsyan addressed the General Assembly in the Armenian language from the UN rostrum. The Armenian president spoke in Armenian about some strange for the perception of the world establishment strange 'Artsakh.'

The Armenian president had nothing more to talk about, the agenda of the empty quasi-state, which had taken on its fragile shoulders the role of a regional Cerberus, is limited to Karabakh alone and the seven Azerbaijani regions looted around it. And Ilham Aliyev, having sent a clear message to the world's main players, spoke passionately and enthusiastically about the successes of his country, the achievements of the economy, multiconfessionalism and multinationality, world-class sporting competitions unprecedented for such a young, newly-bred country...

Sargsyan erupted hostility, biliousness and anger, stuck in the dramatic triangle of the obscure surreal 'Artsakh,' historical hatred for Turkey and a bloodthirsty battle with real Azerbaijan. Ilham Aliyev conceptually discussed the reform of the United Nations, the dualism of war and peace, the dialectics of the historical formation of the state. This is the difference between the son of Heydar Aliyev, a regional scale politician, and a small-scale Stepanakert field commander.

The American establishment welcomed Ilham Aliyev with honours, as a politician, on whose will the stability and guaranteed future of a fragile regional security system depend. Attacks, malicious fabrications and vile slander will continue in the future as well. They attack a politician who, for the sake of his nation, can bravely declare his intentions, refuting the old Roman truth that a good quarrel is better than a bad peace!

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