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Janik's wife in handcuffs to Baku too! (Our afterword)



In a matter of days, Azerbaijani law enforcement agencies succeeded in securing arrest and extraditiion to Azerbaijan of two main figures of the criminal-oligarchic syndicate headed by Eldar Mahmudov and Jahangir Hajiyev: Emin Sadig and Sahib Agayev were brought handcuffed to Baku.

Both Sadig and Agayev were directly involved in looting the assets of the International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA) and subsidies from the state budget of the country.

With the civil execution of the "untouchables" Mahmudov and Hajiyev, a new stage in the country's history began. President Ilham Aliyev, one by one, started sending his former comrades-in-arms either immediately to prison bunks, or for a while under house arrest. Repeated warnings, censures, public accusations remained unheard for many years - the oligarchy continued to steal and rob. The president had no alternative but to resort to extreme methods of fighting the members of the government, who turned into the main obstacle to accelerating reforms.

Leaders of the criminal syndicate

Janik Hajiyev received the most severe punishment - 17 years of hard labor in the Garadag steppe, and Mahmudov earned not only spittle (literally) in person, but also practically lifelong home arrest. This is now the safest place for the executor of the Azerbaijani society - thousands, if not millions of people are ready to tear and gut the fleshy carcass of Mahmudov. The ruined fate of thousands of people, who fell into the mill of punitive Mahmudovshchina, will not be erase with one stroke of a pen from the memory of society. All the generals who were executing Mahmudov's criminal orders are now awaiting a fair verdict of the court. After Janik and Mahmudov, loud resignations of other high-ranking oligarchs followed: Ali Abbasov, Ziya Mammadov, Fazil Mammadov and others had to return the stolen and appropriated.

The so-called credit oligarchs who got rich overnight thanks to the unprecedented fraudulent scheme of the main financier of the criminal syndicate, Janik Hajiyev, did not escape the just retribution. For a few years, Janik, under the veil of investment policy, stimulating the false economy and private entrepreneurship, completely devastated the treasury of the country's main bank.

Credit oligarchs received their compensation, which they placed in Western banks, and "investments" safely settled in the quiet harbor of the scammers syndicate on offshore accounts. Eldar Mahmudov's bloody ax and Janik's black till cost the Azerbaijani treasury $15 billion! The criminal syndicate stole the entire budget of the country!

The oligarchs thought that by banal flight they could save themselves and their compensation in Western banks. However, the law enforcement agencies took the tasks very seriously and reached out to the runners. The plutocrats one after another in handcuffs are brought to Baku, so that they are brought before a just court and righteous anger.

Now the main task of the investigation is to get extradition of the main defendants, through whom Janik and Mahmudov withdrew their capital from the country. We are talking about the closest relatives of the leaders of the criminal syndicate. First of all, this is the wife of Jahangir Hajiyev - Zamira, who became the main owner of looted capital, expensive land, real estate and offshore accounts. This is the son of Eldar Mahmudov - Anar, who captured many trophies of his infamous father. And of course, the leadership of the Moscow branch of the IBA in the person of ex-head of the board Fuad Abdullaev. All this criminal clique found shelter in the shadow of the main fighter with all-embracing nepotism and oligarchic paternalism, the cradle of world liberalism official London.

The British authorities should first of all be interested in the return of Azerbaijan's national wealth and the fair punishment of active representatives of the Hajiyev-Mahmudov swindling entity. Western governments, like the leadership of the CIS countries, should render the most direct and active support to the Azerbaijani authorities in this matter. There is no politics here. Only real crime. It is in London, Moscow and New York that billions stolen from the budget of Azerbaijan are being spent.

Pending the extradition of Zamira

We have no doubt that in the very near future all scammers and robbers from the Janik-Mahmudov syndicate will return to Azerbaijan in handcuffs. And with them, the national wealth of the country looted by them.

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