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We feel very bad, Polad Bulbuloglu! (We respond)



With the onset of winter, as usual, new attacks began against Polad Bulbuloglu. Does it make sense to present to Azerbaijan and the whole post-Soviet public the figure of the current Azerbaijani ambassador to Russia? Polad Bulbuloglu is a landmark name, identically equal to Azerbaijan. Somehow last year, in the midst of a new campaign against Bulbuloglu, I came to the conclusion that in the entire post-Soviet space, there were only two well-known names - Aliyev and Bulbuloglu. And these surnames should be cherished, protected, inscribed with gold ink in the history fund of Azerbaijan.

What are we doing? More precisely, not we, but they. If in Russia the country was divided into two parties - the supporters of the TV box and the admirers of the Internet, that is, yesterday and today, then the sociocultural border in our society passed and still passes, so to say, between the 'Russian language sector' and 'Azerbaijani language sector.' The question is not in an obsequious attitude towards the great and mighty, nor in belittling the significance of the native language. By no means! Language forms the structure of thinking. Students in the Azerbaijani sector to this day (due to objective circumstances) could not read valuable and important books. If they did, it was in a very poor translation. That is why a politician and presidential candidate, former pathologist and graduate of the provincial school in the high mountain village Sardar Jalaloglu undertakes the courage to refute Einstein. Yes, yes, believe me, this is not fiction, but reality! And the country's advanced media provide their pages for the extravagance of Jalaloglu. Do you think that Jalaloglu feels shy as characteristic of educated people? God forbid, he coldly refutes Einstein and virtually - Aristotle... Nonsense! But this time Sardar Jalaloglu and other representatives of the tribal civilisation and political yokels - Mirmahmud Fattayev, Akif Nagi, Elman Mammadov, are obstructing Polad Bulbuloglu himself.

Before turning to the discursive analysis of the cheap text, we remind readers of the well-forgotten heroes of the age of timelessness - the crazy 1990s. Poorly educated Fattayev is the founding father of the 'liberal' Shiite obscurantism in the Elchibey's People's Front. The late academician Jalal Aliyev somehow bitingly compared him to a beggar from a cemetery (Fattayev also ate handouts from the master's table). Akif Nagi is not worth presented - this is our animated Yasser Arafat, permanently appearing in a buttoned up suit and a badly tied necktie. Elman Mammadov was the head of the Khojaly district. His fate speaks for itself. The entire population of Khojaly tragically perished, except for himself, his wife and mother-in-law...

Here are our figurants who raised their hand against a man who could become a legend not in the country or even in an autonomous republic, but throughout the world.

You see, the heroes of our time are indignant at the quote of Polad Bulbuloglu about the mistakenness of cultivating hatred towards an entire people. In this case, the Armenian nation! Where did Bulbuloglu come out with this just appeal? Political clowns claim - in social networks. But Bulbuloglu is not in any social network - not on Facebook, not on Twitter and even VKontakte. Firstly, it is not due to the status and position, and secondly, the 73-year-old coryphaeus is not at that age to accurately log his page on Facebook and make daily statements.

On the other hand, suppose that Polad Bulbuloglu nevertheless voiced the tried and tested truth for centuries: there are no bad peoples, there are bad people. Did he come up with a vulgar, antihumanist fascist appeal that vilified the reputation of our country's ambassador? Did he call for xenophobia, thereby destroying the image of the new cradle of oriental multiculturalism?

Ah, that's it! It turns out, that the political riffraff is convinced that we must educate generations on hatred of the Armenian people? Let me say that in Karabakh, which continues to be an inseparable part of Azerbaijan, there live about 50 thousand of our compatriots - Armenians by ethnicity, who became hostages of the occupation regime of former field commanders - the current authorities in Armenia. If we sincerely believe in the liberation of Karabakh and strive for the reintegration of the annexed regions, we must cultivate not a hatred for the people, but a model for the coexistence of the two peoples, and first of all our citizens.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev constantly repeats that the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh are citizens of our country, we will protect their rights and provide security. Who is Polad Bulbuloglu? The ambassador of Azerbaijan, carrying out the foreign policy of the president in one particular country. And what should the ambassador say? That Azerbaijan will not fail to call for the expulsion of all Armenians from Karabakh, because we must hate Armenians? What a miserable statement of the question? And who rehearses these rascals who have declared themselves politicians of the whole country?

I understand that we have lost our mind. But have we lost our conscience? After all, in the fateful days of the April war, when the Russian Armenians, who penetrated all spheres of Russia's state administration, did everything to ensure that Azerbaijan found itself in the information blockade, it was Polad Bulbuloglu who broke through this isolation and told the entire CIS the truth about the new Karabakh war! So quickly forgotten? And how much can you step on the same rake? Again a facile optimistic flag waving and thirst of scoundrels to grab for the last straw of an admission of love for the Motherland?

Maybe it's internal games again? Then why involve Karabakh in these games? And as for Karabakh, with whom do we want to persuade and return our Armenian citizens to the legal field of Azerbaijan? With these scumbags, Pithecanthropus, refuting Einstein and Aristotle? Or with a deputy who left his people, but saved his mother-in-law?

After a new schizophrenic attack of anti-Armenianism and a thirst to insult Bulbuloglu, who still finds the strength to fight for our truth in Moscow, I am tormented by vague doubts about the degree of responsibility of our political beau monde (if one can call it that). So who are the Armenians living in Karabakh? Our citizens or enemies? Maybe you should decide? And what do we want from Bulbuloglu? Rejection and exclusion?

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