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Schizophrenia charges at authorities (On topical subject)



In the last century, one of the famous Swiss psychiatrists, Eugen Bleuler established the cause of the disintegration of the process of thinking, the perception of reality, hallucinations and inadequacy. In Switzerland, the term was defined for paranoid and fantastic delusions, social dysfunction and disability. Schizophrenia! We will return to Switzerland, and now we are talking about premature dementia, that is, schizophrenia.

The popularization of social networks helped to determine the scale of the dangerous spread of this disease among our compatriots. And not only inside the country, but also abroad.

In the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan in the consular department worked inconspicuous guy from the deep Lankaran province, Nahid Jafarov. Social justice opened the way for this village guy from a poor family to elite diplomatic circles. Together with Elmar Mammadyarov, Fortuna herself smiled at the young beginning diplomat. Nahid Jafarov was sent to work as an assistant to the consul at the Azerbaijani Embassy in the Netherlands.

What happened later? You already know all about this. Nahid Jafarov made a loud statement, went into politics, burned all the bridges with his homeland, which opened for him the way from the mountainous Shuruk to port Amsterdam ... and decided to suddenly change everything to the ground in the third Republic of Azerbaijan. How did the Bolsheviks sing? Destroy to the ground, and then...

Recently, a tricky social misfortune spreads in emigre circles with the speed of light. Conventionally, let's call it social schizophrenia. Little-educated, poorly mannered, foul-smelling guest workers with strange looks and tics on their faces, as if entered into a rage, and believing in their supernatural destiny, rushed "to cheer" to save the nation. And the very form of salvation, chosen by migrant workers-messiahs, causes a sense of vexation. In the Middle Ages, they would have been declared either lepers or insane, under the tsar they would have been shot, and under Soviet rule they would be sent to distant Mordovia. How to act now? Well, how can you deal with a person who directs himself to the camera of a smartphone in the toilet, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the trolleybus and by direct line to the nation, daily calls on people to take to the streets and tear down a bus stop or a meat shop, and in addition a newsstand. What does this group of lepers crave for? Ephemeral justice, biblical charity, Buddhist rethinking, Koranic idea of the paradisiacal pleasures of a martyr...

Nahid and his team

Strange, isn't it? Some amorphous characters, declaring themselves messiahs, convince the people that they will soon save it. Social schizophrenia in emigration took an unprecedentedly dangerous character. From France, Holland, Germany shaggy, spitting saliva, dashing unshaven whipping people with running eyes call people to an armed uprising.

The most paradoxical thing is that the people themselves do not suspect this.

The most recent example. No, it's not about Ordukhan, the main hero of the 2018 election.

Forced retreat: just think about how social and political thought in Azerbaijan has deteriorated over the past five years! If the hero of the previous election of 2013 was the world-famous writer and screenwriter Rustam Ibragimbekov, then five years later our door was opened by a little-known uneducated guest worker. But not alone, he, a shaggy character, undertook to save the nation residing in the parallel world. Nahid Jafarov, a former aide to the consul, decided to violate the political calm behind the Caucasian ridge. The ex-consulate worker created the "Wake up!" movement. He moved to the leaders of the nation and, with a serious expression of his face, talks about the idea of creating an alternative government in exile. Give me dual power! All power to the Soviets!

You will be cured too!

It seems that after the Bolsheviks this is the second attempt to rock the political situation with the help of a "sealed car". In the entire history of the twentieth century, after that there was no second precedent for the displacement of political struggle to the outside of the country. But there, in Switzerland, in the emigre circles of Leninist Bolsheviks there used to be coryphaeus, clever Jews, philosophers, classics of Marxism. Finally, there was Parvus with millions of German intelligence.

And here the punks and the hole from the donut, disgust and ridicule. So, Nahid Jafarov came up with a symbol for his movement - the hourglass. And he calls to decorate the walls in Baku with images of these time pieces. Just like in the legendary Soviet film "A meeting place can't be changed." On the streets of Baku and even in the villages, sometimes someone paints an image of black watches on the walls. Have you seen enough of the "Black Cat", with which the head of the MUR Zheglov was fighting.

But at the same time Jafarov expressed bewilderment: "Why does not a million protesters come to the streets of Baku? The people do not believe us? We, the protesters, account for 5 percent of the total population. And 95 percent are indifferent to our struggle!"Jafarov himself answers his arguments: "So we are working badly if the people do not believe us. We must change the methods of struggle. And then the people will surely believe us."

And further Nahid continues to convince the people, who, in his own words, do not believe and does not hear him, in that the situation in Azerbaijan has got out of the control of the authorities. What kind of insanity? If people do not believe in Nahid and do not listen to him, if the people, by his own admission are apolitical, how is the status quo violated? How did the situation get out of hand? But in distant Holland, Nahid found out that the president and his government do not sleep at night. From fear! They say, the government is afraid of the popular militia and insurrection. And so we need to create an alternative government. And why is this government needed, and how is it going to manage from afar the country? Nahid responds decisively: the emigration government will wake people up, take power in its hands and redistribute property. Nahid calls for the expropriation of the expropriated...

How shoul one perceive all these? What kind of incoherent thoughts by a polytical madman? So we came to the summary of the main political issue. Apart from Ilham Aliyev's supporters no one listens to these migrant workers, who are afflicted with incurable social schizophrenia, or takes them seriously. Society ignores them. They are for some reason noticed only by the authorities. How can you answer a madman? To him one should show sympathy, regret, provide medical assistance and help get rid of social schizophrenia. You don't fight with the insane, it's anti-human, they are helped to get rid of the most serious illness...

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