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Bomb exploded: OSCE/ODIHR is left without Azerbaijan (Our editorial)



The show must go on! As Freddie Mercury sang in his legendary song about "another mindless crime behind the curtain in the pantomime." This time a show entitled "Announcement of preliminary results and conclusions of the international election observation mission" was held in Baku. Again, those who from the very beginning expected traditional "surprises" from these observers, led by ODIHR, turned out to be right.

Scandalous press conference in Baku

Yes, Eurosceptics were right! This is regrettable, but it's not a surprise, because the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the OSCE, more simply ODIHR, is one of the clear examples of the degeneration of the "impartial regulator" in the system of contemporary international relations, its degradation to the biased toolbox of geopolitical centers, some kind of a "democratic baton."

To ODIHR's double standards are dedicated dozens, if not hundreds, of studies, in which this institution appears as an offensive machine against sovereign democracy and the will of the people.

Hundreds of influential political scientists and international experts asked the topical question: why doesn't ODIHR observe elections in the countries of the Old World, in the very same USA, where there are still many questions and collisions about electoral technologies. Needless to say, to this day in the United States there continues the scandal in connection with the latest presidential election in the context of unprecedented foreign interference. And falsifications in the election of 2000, when candidate Al Gore unexpectedly lost critical votes that prevented him from becoming president, are considered by election technology experts as a blatant example of gross vote rigging.

ODIHR has long ceased to be taken seriously. The organization lost its authority and influence after it took the liberty to present Afghanistan as an exemplary country of perfect electoral technologies. It was after this that many of the countries of the CIS stopped seeing the ODIHR as an "arbitrator." But in the post-Soviet space, there are still states that seek to follow the rules of a good political tone. And among them Azerbaijan, despite the total injustice and bias, which ODIHR unabashedly expressed throughout all elections since the late 1990s.

Kind of a "democratic policeman"

And ODIHR itself remained faithful to its "principles" this time too, stating that "election in Azerbaijan lacked competition in the atmosphere of infringed rights and freedoms." This conclusion was announced yesterday at the scandalous press conference in Baku by Nilza de Sena, Special Co-ordinator and Leader of the short-term OSCE observation mission, who somehow after the assessment of the election in Azerbaijan told the touching story of her famous countryman, the famous footballer Ronaldo. True, the audience present did not quite understand the connection between the election in Azerbaijan and football in Portugal, but this, as they say, is another story. However, let us set aside the mission statement of international observers, flaunting with speech clichés and home preparations. Let us turn our attention to the identity of the authors of this shameful report.

The appearance in Baku of the infamous deputy head of the ODIHR mission Stefan Krause has discouraged many. A specialist in the field of elective technology in Cambodia, formerly an employee of the International Crisis Group, working under the influence of Western intelligence agencies, Stefan Krause devoted the last years of his busy activity to the analysis of the situation in the post-Soviet countries. He appeared everywhere, where pre-crisis situations arose. In 2012, Krause came to Ukraine and severely criticized the authorities. In 2015 he was already in Kyrgyzstan. Then the authorities of Tajikistan became his target. Dushanbe looked with apprehension at the appearance of this suspicious expert analyst on the eve of the activation of extremist religious groups acting in the guise of the herald of the color revolution...

Stefan Krause

And now Krause is in Azerbaijan, and as deputy head of the ODIHR mission. The most outrageous thing is that the second person in the mission did not initially try to hide his true attitude to the Aliyev government. His blind dislike for the president, the government, and all of Azerbaijan, he poured into social networks. However, later he deleted his posts on the Facebook page, but the network, like history, remembers everything!

However, rejecting any complementarity, Krause does not hide his enthusiastic feelings towards Armenia: welcoming Sargsyan on election day, the analyst-expert congratulates his colleagues on "fine work," extols the Armenian authorities "for well-organized election and political freedoms." Krause does not notice a rather impressive list of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Yerevan. What for? After all, he does not need to analyze even the mocking interpretation of the form of parliamentary government à la Sargsyan. So the power is still concentrated in the hands of the Karabakh clan and Sargsyan himself. But Krause notices only the formal side of the question: the essence itself is not included in the subject of his research.

Stefan welcomes Armenia

And on this same page in the social network he expresses a fiery solidarity with three PACE deputies: scandalous Michael McNamara, Ute Finckh-Kramer and Frank Schwabe. The last deputy deserves a separate comment. As our readers remember, it was Frank Schwabe who became the main person involved in an independent international investigation called "Armenian Communications." Schwabe is one of the main paid lobbyists of Yerevan in the Old World. Why is Krause so pleased with the rusty outcasts of Europe? Well, after all, these three deputies after the parliamentary elections in 2015 expressed a prejudiced assessment of the results, condemning the authorities of Azerbaijan. At the same time, this assessment contradicted the official PACE report, which recognized the elections as democratic and free. But personally, Krause considered the official position of the PACE as "pathetic."

Krause crossed the line of what was permissible. The German analyst has forgotten not only about diplomatic decency, the extent of official responsibility, but also grossly violated the mandate of an OSCE mission officer. His Facebook page is replete with sarcastic jeers, philippics, full of dislike for the authorities and attributes of official ideology. Krause, in an obscene form for a diplomat and official person, responds to the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, criticizes the installation of monuments to the National Leader, replicates criticism of the president and his family...

So he replicates hostile to the government of Azerbaijan Meydan TV

Sarcasm against the National Leader

And offends the Heydar Aliyev Foundation

The question is, why did Azerbaijan cause such a burning interest of an international organization employee, who is responsible for analyzing the electoral technologies in the world?

Analysis of the social network, where Krause is represented, clarifies the inconsistency of this strange and unsightly picture. Krause is in the web of the most desperate, irreconcilable and recruited critics and opponents of the Aliyev government. Krause is in one conglomerate with people known to us who directly participated in undermining the internal political situation. Here, Western intelligence services hireling Anar Mammadli, and the notorious inspirer of the Azerbaijani revolution, Andreas Gross. Krause consults with the former CIA resident in Azerbaijan, Alex Grigrievs, the author of the failed Facebook revolution of 2013... Grigorievs, along with N!DA, is identified in our historical memory with the Molotov cocktail. Neither before nor after the authorities were not threatened by anyone with an amusing toy of the Spanish Republicans.

Arriving in Azerbaijan, Stefan Krause already in offline established a direct connection with his crony virtual friend Anar Mammadli, who de facto served as almost a freelance consultant for the ODIHR mission. Is it any wonder now that the name of the organization, headed by Anar Mammadli, surfaced in the ODIHR reports? Mr. Krause only served an old friend. What's wrong with that, right?

Krause was almost the same way in close contact and worked with another oppositionist, Rashad Shirin, a longtime acquaintance of Emin Milli, the founder of Meydan TV, who fled to Germany. Yes, it is a question of the notorious Meydan TV, which the Central Electoral Commission of Azerbaijan has accused of spreading fake news about the election.

Yes, and with representatives of the extremist opposition, for example, with the closest companion of Ali Karimli, Deputy Chairman of the Popular Front Party's Majlis, Irada Nariman Krause spoke more often than with representatives of the official authorities.

And now let's ask a banal question: with such an obvious bias of one of the main authors of the report, where does the impartiality and justice come from? After all, Krause does not act as an observer and arbitrator, but as a direct participant in the political struggle. He does not hide his sympathies, as well as feelings of hostility towards the authorities. Although in this case, Krause, at least in favor of the principles and values, was obliged to withdraw. Or do principles and values apply only to countries that need to be punished?

Does the OSCE leadership check the composition of its missions before sending it to a particular country? And if the political views and true relations of a person cast doubt on the principle of impartiality of the mission itself? What did happen this time: an oversight, an annoying "indiscrimination in the personnel question" or deliberate provocation, the introduction of a specialist demolitionist into the delegation? And if you look closely at another person: the active "figure" of the ODIHR observation mission in Baku, the head of the election department Alexander Shlyk, the graduate of the Central European University, this forge of Soros, who is openly hostile towards Azerbaijan, the version of the "personnel mistake" it seems completely untenable.

The main conclusion after the scandalous report: the demolition team coped well with its work, laying the bomb under the prospect of relations between Azerbaijan and the OSCE. The bomb exploded at yesterday's scandalous press conference. I believe that now the Azerbaijani authorities will leave unanswered the call of the OSCE/ODIHR to live together and amicably...

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