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Right to president and revolution (Essay, evoked by Armenian revolution)



A few hours before the inauguration of President Ilham Aliyev, former President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan spoke again about blood. Blood is a great thing, whispers the bloody field commander, who put a pistol to the president's temple, then shot the prime minister, seated himself in the president's chair on people's blood and by proclaiming a parliamentary republic in this bloody wave usurps the post of prime minister. He is haunted by blood. Throughout his life. He whispers like the hero of Bulgakov: the blood has long gone into the ground... 'And where it spilled, the clusters of grapes are already growing.'

Tens of thousands of protesters against Sargsyan

As Philip the Tall of France said, forget the blood of people, be king again.

Yesterday, in both Baku and Yerevan, blank firing was heard. In Baku they are preparing for the festive fireworks: the cannon thunder blends with the cheers of people and the celebratory bells, and in Yerevan the clang of gun bolts is mixed with the voices of demonstrators building the barricades.

A different atmosphere reigns in Baku and Yerevan. Politics again became modern rock. Ilham Aliyev did not lie to his people, did not act with pretended promises, was sincere to the end, offering a special governance model that lifted restrictions on the election of the head of state. Sargsyan wrrigled, substituting the true intentions of usurpation of power and the notorious tandemocracy by republican parliamentarism, while openly declaring that he would certainly leave power, would not occupy either the post of president or prime minister.

Ilham Aliyev was honest with his people. Sargsyan was a sinister person, spoke with hypocritical statements, deceiving the aspirations of millions.

Tens of thousands in support of Ilham Aliyev in Baku

Ilham Aliyev gave the people the right to choose, and his opponents the right to protest and revolution. And the Azerbaijani opposition, in the person of an irreconcilably diverse national-revolutionary force, called on the people to resist. In the very center of Baku, Ali Karimli and his companions, who called the people to the intifada, were granted the right to revolution by the authorities. But on the imaginary barricades came a miserable bunch of outcasts with rabid slogans. The people, who had the right to choose and to revolution, did not follow the opposition. The people went to the president. Tens of thousands of ordinary Azerbaijanis took part in a spontaneous rally near the central symbol of the Aliyev government: the Heydar Aliyev Center, supporting the newly re-elected president.

Spontaneous rally at the Heydar Aliyev Center as a bolt from the blue

Since the days of ancient Greek democracy, political science has defined a vote of public confidence as the dominant scientific category. Ilham Aliyev received a popular vote, the opposition was driven into an illusory virtual world.

Without further ado, we admit: here is culture (political culture!), there is a cult (of personality and weapons). Here is duty, there is service.

The authorities in Armenia did not realize that security, brought to the point of absurdity, contained in itself a destructive enzyme. Selecting Sargsyan's decorative president in the walls of the nominal parliament, the real Sargsyan, this comical "dwarf bonaparte", having snatched the Armenian crown from the hands of the Catholicos, declared himself prime minister. Such a parliamentary republic is formally correct, but essentially a mockery. Mockery of the people's will, because there is no more fascinating political game in the world than seduction! Perhaps after the suppression of "Sasna Tsrer" Pashinyan and his comrades from "Yelk" were perceived by the Sargsyan power as a subtle social layer that could not be taken into account, but the radically stupid blind protest movement again spilled over into the streets and squares of Yerevan. The people went not to the power, but against the power. Hundreds of arrested people, dozens of wounded, a color revolution is declared with all the attributes of the institutions of forcible overthrow of power...

The paradox, but in those very moments when Ilham Aliyev swears allegiance to his people, the revolutionary masses in Armenia make the last attempt to storm the decorative Sargsyan power. Here is the difference between the legitimate and usurpatory power. If the people accept power, it is certainly legitimate. Regardless of the proclaimed form of government and the types of political regime. In the modern world of political conventions, the uniformity of ideologies, the search for new forms of political structure and the formation of systems, the fiasco of dogmas and the collapse of established social and philosophical worldviews, in the era of the postmodern paradigm of history, the very notions of forms of government and state structures are violated.

Opposition rally in Baku

Opposition rally in Yerevan

Postmodernism has won as a paradigm of political cognition! And if today in the country - the cradle of world democracy, the United States, they still are unable to decide who is the head of state: the president or the Congress; if the answer to this question is related only to the personality of an agreeable or disagreeable president, then what established ideas can we talk about?! If Trump - then his power is blocked by Congress, but if Obama - then the first violin of power is handed to the head of the executive branch. And if Washington is seriously voicing the very likelihood of a return to the Roosevelt times, allowing to be elected four times?! That is, type, essence, character, structure of power are now a secondary issue. In the age of personification of politics, legitimacy is determined by a vote of popular confidence and freedom of choice. And the right to revolution - in the modern Western notion of political freedoms - is the right to choose given to the people, and the right determining the legitimacy of power. The logic of the modern world: freedom cannot be in the finite, freedom is in the infinite.

The Azerbaijanis rejected the right to revolution and went to the power. Azerbaijani revolutionary committee is in pejorative loneliness. In Armenia, tens of thousands of people rushed to the embrasure, taking advantage of the right to revolution, that is, the struggle with the unwanted power in the person of the president who seized the post of prime minister under the veil of democratic parliamentarism. This perfectly visible edge separateds Azerbaijan from Armenia, whose people are heading for the abyss, shielding their eyes with "Sasna Tserer" and Pashinyan, because the unbridled society, driven down by the "miatsum and Karabakh" does not want to see where it is running...

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