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And people will sweep Sargsyan with their blood (Susan Jaghinyan writes)



It is a meaningless occupation to talk about events in Armenia in a political context, investigate and analyse them, using abstruse words and terms. Everything is much simpler and more obvious: people in this country are tired of constantly being subjected to the terror of the authorities, living in eternal fear of being robbed, humiliated, and even killed. The lawlessness of the regime against the people in recent years has become the main theme of the Armenian media.

And here is the new, perhaps most powerful, and most carefully staged act of usurpation by those who ruled the country for many years, instigating an inhuman, criminal regime. This was the last straw. And while the rest of the world is wondering what is going on in Armenia -- a revolution or another farce initiated by the political elite with puppets of this very elite at the head of the protest movement -- the Armenian people managed to declare themselves, express their will. The situation in the country actually got out of the control of the authorities, and the protest movement is gaining strength every day.

To objectively assess what is happening, a little digression into the past is needed, about ten years before the current events. It was then, in March 2008, that Serzh Sargsyan became the absolute master of the country. Note, not the president of the state of Armenia, but precisely the master. He achieved this at the cost of the execution of the people who did not elect him and flooded the streets of the capital in protest against this appointment. And now, exactly ten years later, having falsified the results of the referendum on changes to the Constitution, Sargsyan secured 'grounds' for another seizure of power in the now parliamentary republic in order to remain the same sovereign master of the country.

But if ten years ago the people rebelled against the falsification of the voting results, today Armenians, who have had their full share of suffering from criminal power, which does not shun even terror towards its own people, rose as if for the last decisive battle.

Meanwhile, as is known, a revolutionary situation is not only the unwillingness of the masses to live in the old way, but also the inability of the leaders to rule in a new way. And Serzh Sargsyan always had a lie as the only lever of influence on the people and keeping the power. Here, there and everywhere, on papers called state documents, in newspapers, on TV channels, he presented Armenia as a paradise on earth, and himself almost as God's governor with all the attributes: a strong leader who enjoys popular support and even love, a successful manager, who raised the economy of the country and provides annual GDP growth, and most importantly, the supreme commander-in-chief, who has not undergone a single fiasco in the military affairs.

The reality was exactly the opposite. Sargsyan openly selling the country, plundered the people not only without a twinge of conscience, but also boasting of his omnipotence and warning those who were displeased with the shouting of the type: 'You can do nothing, you have no moves.' All the so-called elections under him were falsified. The concept of 'economy' during his reign did not correlate with Armenia at all. What kind of economy is there, when everything is plundered to the ground? The internal and external turnover of capital was exclusively in the hands of the pro-government oligarchy. Everything that brings income is given almost to other states, the objects that are strategically important for the republic's security are also in the hands of foreigners. 80 per cent of working capital is exported from the country, the lion's share to Russia. Production is non-existant, but merciless scraping of the earth's interior and selling everything that has not yet been sold and transferred to offshore continues. The subsidies and assistance of foreign countries were instantly pocketed, as, indeed, the budget of the country itself. The prices of imported products and goods were so overstated that they became increasingly inaccessible to the completely impoverished common people.

And citizens flee massively from Armenia, preferring the hardships of living in a foreign country to beggarly vegetation in their homeland. Incidents of suicide have increased immeasurably.

Only the last two factors are enough to make it clear: the people cannot, and also do not intend to feed anymore these parasites destroying those who provide their lordly existence.

The activists of the sarcastic action 'Let's help Serzhik!' Levon Barseghyan, David Sanasaryan, Karpis Pashoyan are at the source of today's movement. It was organised after Sargsyan asked by the elite of Armenian science to allocate funds for their research, answered: 'Do you need money? Me too.' And the activists responded: they placed three-litre jars in several places in the capital, where people threw a trifle and ... condoms for the needy ex-head of state. They collected something about $20, but there were much more 'rubber products,' and they called for the unemployed at the time Sargsyan to be more economical, so that they could last longer.

The collection of funds for the 'supreme misunderstanding,' as Barseghyan called him, due to the opposition Armenian publications, was known to the whole world. And in order to understand the meaning of this gift, the author and founder of the iconic in Armenia telecast SOS, Hayk Barseghyan erected a huge phallus in front of the presidential residence at Bagramyan, 26, thus expressing the attitude of the whole nation to the long-awaited departure of Sargsyan from the post of head of state. It is unlikely that there will be another president in the world who would be seen off by such a significant symbol.

But Sargsyan cannot get through with such trifles. At that time he was preparing a new seizure of power. And his script worked: he again became the master of all Armenia, this time as prime minister.

And before that, a public speech was made by the deputy chairman of the Republican Party, that is, deputy of the master himself, Armen Ashotyan, and began to spew out undisguised threats against the dissatisfied. 'If anyone dares to stop us, we'll break their spines!' he promised. And no one considered his threat to be empty: how many 'spines were broken,' imprisoned and physically destroyed by the Sargsyan clique.

But here you go! Instead of resigning and realising the inevitability of Sargsyan's rule, the Armenian people take to the streets and demand to remove him from their eyes.

After three days of silence, the official representatives of the authorities, understand, the henchmen of the ex-president, suddenly started talking about moral principles, patriotism, peace and non-violence, and, most importantly, about his constant concern for the Armenian people.

However, for ten years the people have thoroughly studied the habits of their rulers: in an hour of danger they urgently dress themselves in sheep's clothing and begin to bleat about the chosen nation and patriotism, vigilantly looking out for the next victim from the eye sockets of the clothing. On the day of Sargsyan's election to the next term of unlimited domination, the parliamentary corps where the vote was held was surrounded by protesters. And on the other side of them, fenced off from the people with barbed wire and police, Sargsyan's permanent lackeys were electing, and in fact were swearing loyalty to their benefactor.

Such is the face of democracy in Armenia: with barbed wire and submachine gunners between the authorities and the people.

Today, peaceful protest actions continue. Throughout Yerevan and other cities of the country, Armenian citizens block the streets, organise marches and sit-ins. Sargsyan's police is trying to push them back, for now not using weapons, but already with threats. However, the people's rage is so great that it will sweep away everything in its path. Even at the cost of blood...

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