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Guska is responsible for everything (Ballad of crimes)



Huseyn Abdullayev kept his promise. The lost oligarch returned to Azerbaijan. But not as a winner, but a loser. Not at the top of a revolutionary wave and not on the shoulders of the worshiping crowd, but in shackles and under escort. It is difficult to reproduce the feelings that were, it seems, experienced by the sworn enemy of the Azerbaijani government within the walls of the Baku airport. In his eyes there was not anger, but terror. And fear. Fear of prison, from which he miraculously escaped in 2007...

* * *

Digression: A dreadful end is better than an endless dread

When the legend of a man is stronger than the man himself... This is said about Huseyn Abdullayev, who violated the main prison commandment, the words from which cover the chests of the forcibly punished convicts: 'Do not believe, do not fear, do not ask!' He violated this commandment at the threshold of the administrative cell No.104 at the sixth building of the long demolished Bayil prison. The most perfect and urgent post in the world, the prisoners' rumor spread the news about the toughest and coolest oligarch of the crazy 1990s, Guska (who had been called by this pejorative nickname since then), arrested for a fight in the parliament.

To live without hope behind bars

Almost a Bremen musician from Nakhchivan, who became a metal trader. A trader who created a thousand-strong criminal gang. A bandit, who became an oil oligarch. An oligarch who became a deputy. A deputy who became a prisoner. A prisoner who became an emigrant. An emigrant, who again became a prisoner... Stop! It seems that we ran a little ahead.

Guska steps into a cell. And several hours after the loud arrest of the still active MP, who was only deprived of immunity, deputy head of the Penitentiary Service for the educational part Azer Seyidov comes into his cell. Strange as it may seem, almost all the convicts treated Seyidov with undisguised respect. He was known as a conscientious and fair man, which is very rare for the officers of this service. Seeing Azer Seyidov, or more precisely, a man in a service cap and uniform, Guska -- slandered and simultaneously exalted by rumors -- not ashamed of his own aura of glory and his nickname, that once cast terror into the hearts of Azerbaijanis, rushed headlong into the corner of the cell and started hysterically screaming, calling for help. Dumbfounded Seyidov was long trying to calm the famous deputy down... Guska could not stand the first prison test. He cried, begged for mercy, feigned illness, lay in the prison hospital and tirelessly scribbled one repentance after another. All this prison epic lasted about a hundred days, after which the authorities took pity and released the prisoner, who, like a lonely sail, was lost in the great life ocean.

Remember, as Lermontov wrote, "What does it seek in foreign lands? What did it leave behind at home?..' After the shameful release from the Bayilov prison (he never reached the camp), the lost Guska found nothing better than leaving Azerbaijan and jerking for the search for happiness in a faraway country...

To understand the motives that prompted Huseyn Abdullaev to throw his glove at his own benefactor, the authorities, one must understand and accept his psychological portrait.

Last picture from Abdullaev's life

Medical history

Guska is one of the richest people in Azerbaijan. After his scandalous flight to Germany, operatives from the tax service discovered hundreds of apartments, thousands of hectares of land, luxury real estate, more than one hundred luxury cars, elite shops in the center of Baku, opposite the Government House, designed for the future father of Azerbaijani democracy, as well as his elderly mother, ungifted brother and poor relatives. All this wealth the ringleader of the criminal gang has made on the blood of his own people, which he will surely believe in many years after losing control over the strategically profitable spheres of the Azerbaijani economy. The headquarters of Guska's gang, called "Court" by the people, was located in the center of the Baku boulevard. Here, the gangster broke disputes, concluded deals, stole cars, gave criminal orders, and then retired to his quarters, sitting at the antique German grand piano. And with the help of composer Siyavush Karimi composed primitive hits, which for money were performed by singers, beloved by the people. Thus, bald-headed Guska was geting used to the image, which looks like the style of the impressive Igor Krutoy...

So the piano was tempered

Every evening bandits from Guska's brigade brought bags of money to the "Court". Everything worked on a rough and primitive scheme: money - take away - money. He also had his own case room, surrounded by bookcases and shelves, with an old heavy desk, comfortable sofas... He couldn't read, he couldn't write too, he only counted money on his massive desk. And on the bookshelves, this connoisseur of art laid out hundreds of thousands of packs of dollars.

In the yard of the "Court", where in free from banditry time they were playing tennis (inspired, it would seem, by Shamil Tarpishchev), there were detachments of thugs armed to the teeth, ready at any moment to execute the order of the "powerful bald one." Sometimes, Guska retired in his "amber study." In the mid-1990s, many ministers and chairmen of state committees, imitating him, decorated their offices in the style of the "amber room" of the powerful Guska.

In the late 1990s, Guska took control of the supply of diesel fuel, monopolizing this strategically profitable sphere. And very zealously began to treat all sorts of attempts to challenge the sacred monopoly right. One of the violators of the tranquility of the gang leader was the up-and-coming businessman, the owner of Azərsun Holdinq, Abdolbari Goozal, who, not willingly, made an attempt on the monopoly of the bandit group. And Gozal paid dearly for his imprudence. In the fall of 2001, Guska's bandits broke into Gozal's office and staged a brutal reprisal against the old man. Gozal was beaten up, his office was raided, and in addition the bandits opened the safe and took a solid trophy with him: 180 thousand dollars. A fantastic sum for those times!

Or another example. Everyone knows that Guska, along with his bosom friend-relative, another lawless deputy Rza Ibadov, lobbied for the appointment of an ordinary locomotive driver with tattoos on his fingers, Ziya Mammadov to the post of the head of the department of railways of Azerbaijan. Years later, Guska gloated in the circle of friends: "Ziya Mammadov was brought to my office. He seemed to me a modest fellow. Only on the jacket there was one button missing. I told him - you're a future boss, get dressed more decently." A few days later after the audience at the "Court", Ziya Mammadov, surrounded by all-powerful Guska and Rza Ibadov solemnly celebrated his appointment to high office...

A year has passed, it's time to pay back debts, and Ziya Mammadov on the phone in a rather polite manner hinted to Guska that it was necessary to pay bills for transportation of fuel. The criminal oligarch controlled transportation too. The hint of his protege angered and exasperated Guska. How does the all-powerful oligarch bandit act? He gets into the car and goes to Ziya Mammadov. At this time, the distinguished chief holds a meeting in his office. Guska bursts into the office where the meeting is going, approaches Ziya Mammadov and immediately hits on his face with his fist. But he does not calm down. Turns around, sees an assistant delivering a tray of tea. Guska grabs this tray and throws at Ziya Mammadov, whom he already beat on his cheeks... Ten years later, in 2006, while laying wreaths in the Alley of Honor in the presence of ministers and deputies, Guska will again run up to Ziya Mammadov and reward him again with a slap in the face.

And how did Guska punish businessmen who displayed genuine interest in the barter deals popular in the 1990's? Many entrepreneurs of the time, for example Haji Ibrahim Nehramli, Arzu Kazimov, Mammadtagi Ibrahimov and others, concluded barter deals in Ukraine, exporting motor oils in exchange for supplies of ferro-concrete reinforcements to Azerbaijan. It turns out that this business was run by Guska, who put forward an ultimatum to his competitors. But the threats had no effect. And the bandits took the matter into their hands, staging shooting in the office of Haji Ibrahim Nehramli. They also arranged a public lynch trial against Arzu Kazimov, who was beaten unconscious not far from the headquarters of the "Court" on the seaside boulevard. And Guska's confrontation with the deputy of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Mammadtagi Ibrahimov turned into a real "rebar war" on Torgovaya in Baku. Cornered Ibrahimov with his relatives had no choice but to take up cold weapons and engage in an open battle with the bandits of the oligarch.

And how did they attack the then Minister of Trade, young Farhad Aliyev, at the "Court" of Guska? The cause for everything was the initiative of the Aliyev brothers to create civilized gas stations "Azpetrol". Bandits of Guska were stealing gasoline wagons, and sold in the center of the capital by buckets. Imagine, all this was happening on the threshold of the third millennium, and not in the Papuan country, but in sovereign Azerbaijan! And the attempt to create a gas station was met in the literal sense with bayonets!

Guska controlled literally everything - land and sea, steamships and tankers, business and real estate... Ministers were bowing to him, businesspeople were currying before him, all those who wanted to conquer the world sought friendship with him.

And once young Husseyn - a native of a poor provincial family who worked part time at weddings in Nakhchivan playing on Soviet synthesizers, managed to get to the podium during a rally of Popular Front, snatch a microphone from the then head of the Julfa district Ramiz Tagiyev and hit him with that same microphone on the head. It seems to be ordinary hooliganism, but in troubled times one glorious act opens the way to a new life. Here it is fate. By blowing the microphone over Ramiz Tagiyev's head, Guska opened his way to a great life. A slap in the face of MP Fazail Agamali put an end to his fate and threw him in prison.

Psychological picture

Guska is a deeply complexed person. His complexes are expressed in a pathological sense of inferiority, irrational self-esteem. Guska is a syndrome, a painful condition of the bit-generation of the 1990's with an overestimated self-esteem and a painful perception of the superiority of others around them.

It's clear, everyone has reconciled with the criminal nature of the primary accumulation of capital. If Abramovich himself in 1992 stole 55 wagons with diesel fuel, then Guska was ordered by life itself to steal cisterns... But Guska, like his criminal gang, could not and did not even attempt with the advent of the political era to simply legalize their criminal capital, at least with the help of conventional money laundering. All according to the same simple scheme: "take away - money - take away".

Did Huseyn Abdullayev still remain unpunished? By and large, since the beginning of the 2000s, the authorities began a tough fight against him and his criminal community. Many were imprisoned, and he was actually removed from Baku, and until 2004 he was under house arrest in his luxurious country residence in Bilgah. Guska stuck in the walls of his house, continuing to write with the help of composer Siyavush Karimi popular hits among Baku residents.

The first and last fight in the parliament of Azerbaijan

Then, in a strange, if not ridiculous way, he found himself in the chamber of the parliament. But manic-depressive psychosis came after the appointment of Rovnag Abdullayev to the post of SOCAR president. Guska took this appointment as a personal challenge, which turned out to be a personal tragedy for him. "Why he, and not me?" - this question did not disappear from the lips of Huseyn Abdullaev until the ill-fated day when he was on the threshold of the administrative cell of the sixth building of the dilapidated Bayil prison. With deep insult and confusion, Guska was eager for the place of Etibar Pirverdiyev, the head of Azenergy. Why there, you ask. And just like that, in revenge to Rovnag Abdullayev. Personal resentment and wounded pride aroused in his soul a dislike for the authorities and some officials, whom he had previously served selflessly. And then, in the distant 2007, at the time of the onset of new attacks of psychosis and relapses, for a moment it seemed to him that he could change this world.

Guska decided to take the path of revolutionary democracy. The disease worsens, Guska agonizes. He stands in line with the irreconcilable oppositionists, whom in order to please the authorities he voluntarily chased and crushed in the late 1990s. After all, the demonstrators at rallies of the opposition were beaten with sticks by boys from Guska's brigades, and this is by no means a secret. Remember, like Stirlitz spoke about Mueller: "In the beginning, during the period of the Weimar Republic, he dispersed Nazi rallies, and then, under the Nazis, fought with supporters of the Weimar Republic." How did history mock Guska when he composed the hymn for the Facebook revolution in 2013 in honor of the demonstrators who had been beaten by his detachments in the Azadlig Square, who staged a bacchanalia in October 2003. Depression, psychosis, frequent emotional breakdowns and, finally, a closed criminal circle led Guska into a dead end.

He is not Parvus

And he had no choice but to flee the country. To Germany! Where at the end of the same 1990's Guska purchased elite real estate, opened a business and multi-million dollar accounts. And the German government met the head of the criminal gang with open arms. Money does not smell. In Germany, the money of the newly-born businessman Huseyn Abdullayev, an honorary investor in the German economy, also did not smell. But the disease progressed. And all the hopes and aspirations of the leaders of the radical opposition headed by Ali Karimli to get in the person of Guska an "Azerbaijani Parvus", a new source of financing for revolutionary democracy collapsed. "Rebellious, it seeks out a storm, As if in storms it could find peace!" They wanted Parvus, they didn't get one! Guska also withdrew from the opposition leaders: he quarreled with Rasul Guliyev, condemned Ali Karimli, accused Jamil Hasanli of double-dealing...

And the most incredible thing happens in the degeneration of Guska (the disease is progressing and it affects more and more brain cells!): he nominates his candidacy for presidency. Yes, this uneducated scarecrow, bad boy from a forgotten children's fairy tale, an immoral thug calls on the people to support him and promises to defeat Aliev's power.

Cybers-fighters of Guska

What's next? And then there was pathetics, multiplied by immoral functionality. Guska creates a battalion of fugitive offenders, endowing these poverty stricken crooks with fees from his multimillion-dollar accounts, and directs these cyber fighters against the president and the authorities. This time, instead of weapons, Guska distributes to his new criminal army the method of denigrating power. In social networks an unprecedented campaign of insulting the president and his family begins... So he pleases his wounded pride. The Kingdom of Heaven to the old Freud! Undoubtedly, the "street encyclopedia" deployed in the network is crashing - after all, cyber wars also have their own unwritten rules and codes of honor. But his latest dirty business, Guska still did.

He was sure that he would go unpunished. Although in the culminating moment of our quarreling in social networks, I inadvertently dropped it, that the day is near when the punishment will come and he will be brought in the car trunk to Azerbaijan. Guska responded with mocking smileys. Who will get him in far-away Germany, which issued a bandit like this a residence permit!

The German government has yet to answer the question - on what grounds iwas the wanted criminals charged with tax evasion granted a residence permit in this legal and democratic country? Guska continued to commit crimes even after leaving the ramshackle Bayil prison. On June 7, 2013, the Ministry of Taxes accused Huseyn Abdullaev of committing crimes under Articles 192.2.2 and 213.2.2 of the Criminal Code providing for punishment for illegal entrepreneurship and tax evasion. And on February 14, 2018, the Ministry of Internal Affairs instituted another criminal case, accusing Abdullayev of fraud in especially large amounts.

From 2009 to 2015, Huseyn Abdullayev as head of Araz INC LLC was engaged in illegal construction and hid 1.8 million manat from taxation.

But the most terrible and immoral in this business is that Guska expelled from the occupied premises the Rehabilitation Center for Autistic Children. And before that, this philanthropist and generous democrat-bandit had been charging from the center for renting 3,000 manats a month! In total, the oligarch earned 70,000 manat on children afflicted with a serious illness! What to say? Can you imagine? Being in so-called political emigration, having directed all his forces to fight the president, he managed to cash in on sick children and spend this money on the sacred cause of the people's revolution. I would not be surprised to learn that out of this money, salaries were given to cyber-combatants - Ordukhan, Sadykhly, Mursalov and other political riff-raff. And how else would you call them?

* * *

52-year-old Huseyn Abdullayev has again found himself in the corner of the prison cell. What is behind? Money, blood, tears of mothers and children, a fussy struggle for a place under the Sun, the glory of "Solntsevo crime group", the struggle for oneself and against oneself...

One day, one of Guska's close friends with a sorrow in his voice said: "He had only one problem in his life - lack of problems. He solved this question too. And now he has only problems in his life."

What happened to him? What is this irreversible retribution of heaven? What else should happen, that each of us understands at last - for everything in this life it is necessary to answer... After all, it seemed that nothing threatened the untouchable Huseyn Abdullayev, who was under the patronage of the powerful German government. But man is powerless when heaven rebels against him. One has to answer for everything in life. Just how Guska had to answer! Remember this! Let's all think together about this moment of truth...

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