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Pashinyan's values and Khadija's money (Emin Huseynov accuses Freedom House)



The popular will in Armenia predetermined the political success of the Armenian revolution. However, this verdict, or rather a logical inference, is disputed in heated debates and behind the scenes by experts - supporters of the eternal theory of conspiracies: "What role did "Western money" play in the awakening of the Armenian political consciousness?" The puzzle around the primary or secondary nature of the "Western money" for the Armenian revolution has lost all meaning. Winners are not judged. Even if this victory has been achieved with the help of the "Western money".

But today it is not about the winners, but about the losers. "Vae Victis!" ("woe to the vanquished!") they proclaimed in ancient Rome, implying a natural pattern of obedience for those sentenced to defeat.

If in Armenia the "Western money" remained in the shadow of the revolution, in Azerbaijan the very revolution became a ghostly shadow of "Western infusions". In Baku, money is spent not for the victory, but for the defeat of the cause of the revolution.

One of the activists of political emigration, a well-known human rights activist Emin Huseynov, argued about this quite bravely in his article. A few days ago Emin Huseynov posted an open appeal to the authoritative American organization Freedom House on the site newsland.com. After some time, the scandalous article of the human rights defender suddenly disappeared from the pages of the site. But the momentary effect was more than significant. E.Huseynov accused the American organization that, despite assurances and promises to finance the revolutionary process in Azerbaijan, political activists failed to get the financial injections necessary for the cause of the revolution. The accusations of E.Huseynov aroused dissatisfaction with the Freedom House itself, and the response did not take long.The Americans openly stated that they did not conduct any negotiations with Emin, and the criticism he voiced was groundless and untrue. Emin Huseynov was accused of lying!

Emin Huseynov

The revolutionary hobby group narrowed to the limits of an insignificant, uninteresting and unnecessary pseudo-social life of a declassed and de-ideologized handful of marginals, renegades and hermits. Before our eyes there is a degeneration of the very idea of revolution. The whole struggle for the change of the formation turned into a battle for the "gold of the party". What's going on? The stepmother of the revolution, freelancer by her own admission, the forgotten Scottian medieval warrior, Khadija Ismayilova incessantly defames Emin Huseynov, accusing him of "public corruption", embezzlement of grants, money laundering... It seems that the strikes of Khadija's lightning led to a fiery rain. Western donors pushed Emin Huseynov out of the market and left him without money. Khadija also completely monopolized the distribution of money for the needs of the opposition, "political prisoners" and their families. Khadija became the sole currency fund of the opposition.

In the system of the freelancer, a special role was also found for the scandalously known political activist, the wife of the convicted journalist Seymur Hazi and the daughter of the oppositionist Tofig Yagublu, Nigar Yagublu.

Here you have a fresh banal story. Freedom House has allocated 20 thousand dollars for the needs of families of "political prisoners". And now the questions have already arisen to the very Nigar, who even before this dirty story was accused of embezzlement and misappropriation of money allocated to the prisoners-brothers Faraj and Siraj Karimli. Neither Khadija, nor Nigar can clearly answer - what was the round sum spent on?

Nigar Yagublu

Now Emin Huseynov demands explanations - where did the money go to? The grant war between Khadija and Emin is truly revolutionary. Khadija systematically and purposefully scribbles poison-pen letters against Emin, and even her ex-friend Leyla Yunus, accusing them of unreliability and dishonesty, squandering grants for personal needs. In response, Emin Huseynov openly states that some of the comrades in the shop did not hide their enthusiasm after the closure of his office in Baku and expulsion from the country. Saying that Emin's expulsion allowed his competitors to completely take over the system of redistribution of grant money that had been established for years. This is such an insignificant and dirty war in which more and more "revolutionaries" are drawn. Khadija managed to enlist the support of another grantee, Emin's namesake - the German recluse Emin Milli...

In Armenia, the people rebelled against the government of the Karabakh field commanders. Pashinyan and his associates from the Helsinki Group and the Armenian civil society declare about inevitable reforms, fight against corruption and political reboot... No one asks Pashinyan about grants and means of political struggle. And in the civil society of Azerbaijan the real war for money is unfolding. Bickering in the mud!

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