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Ukraine isn't Azerbaijan's friend, nor enemy, but so-so... (Give Saitov up to Kadyrov!)



In Ukraine, a scandal surrounding the severe beating of one of the pioneers of the Kyiv Euromaidan, a well-known journalist and deputy Mustafa Nayem, is still continuing. Let us briefly recall the circumstances of the incident, which also quite negatively affected Azerbaijan.

Mustafa Nayem

On April 30, in the heart of Kyiv not far from Khreshchatyk, Mustafa Nayem's usual verbal skirmish with the Chechens resulted in a bloody fight. Nayem did not give way to the Chechens' car, and they decided to resolve the issue their own way. According to Nayem, his jaw was broken, he sustained many injuries, in a word, they beat the hell out of him.

Ukrainian police detained three attackers, but the fourth one - Magomet-Amin Saitov - rushed to Boryspil airport two hours after the carnage and flew to Baku. By a strange coincidence, businessman Saitov turned out to be one of the leaders of the pro-Russian public organisation 'International Union.' A little later, literally all the Ukrainian media in unison stated that the attackers were zealous supporters of the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov.

Whether the attack on Nayem was of an intentional character, or in fact the people's deputy found his match in the obstinate Chechens, is for the Ukrainian police and investigative bodies to investigate. We are more concerned with the involvement of Azerbaijan in this conflict situation.

Saitov landed in Baku, and unsuspecting border guards let the 'malefactor' into the country. Only a few days later, the Ukrainian investigative authorities brought charges against the Chechen, put him on the wanted list and sent a request to Azerbaijan demanding his extradition.

And the guilt of Magomet-Amin Saitov is still not proved

Fikret Huseynli under arrest in Kyiv

Ironically, a few weeks before Saitov's arrival in Baku, Fikret Huseynli, wanted by Azerbaijani law enforcement agencies, run form Kyiv with the tacit consent of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. Azerbaijani investigators accused F.Huseynli of fraud, assistance in illegal migration and forgery of documents. What to say about the prosecutor's office, if the most authoritative representatives of the Azerbaijani opposition accused and continue to accuse F.Huseynli of fraud and bribery. And Azerbaijan presented to the Ukrainian side weighty arguments, supported by the materials of the criminal case.

Initially, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies detained the Azerbaijani fake oppositionist, who issued 'fake political references' to ordinary migrants for a quick receipt of a residence permit in Western countries. F.Huseynli was arrested in Kyiv on October 14, 2017, but the request for his extradition to Azerbaijan was never satisfied. Ukraine dragged out the extradition for exactly six months. And finally, in April 2018, having obtained his passport from the hands of Ukrainian investigators, F.Huseynli sat down without much effort and hassle in an airplane and returned to Holland. Although at the same time, in accordance with interstate obligations, active negotiations were held on his prompt extradition. But Ukraine, grossly violating its obligations, released a criminal from its borders.

I repeat, F.Huseynli's question has nothing to do with politics, and it was not so difficult for the Ukrainian side to understand the criminal deeds of this scandalous 'oppositionist' in Azerbaijan. True, later the Ukrainians tried to justify themselves, they say, they had to back down under the pressure from the West. But let me ask, is Ukraine a sovereign country, or a geopolitical appendage of the Old World?

So do friends act

How can't we remind the Ukrainian side of the act of brotherly Belarus? After all, there was no less pressure on the official Minsk regarding the extradition of the Israeli citizen Lapshin. But the government of Belarus remained faithful to interstate obligations and adopted a legal solution in a very important issue for Azerbaijan. Lapshin, who illegally crossed the border of Azerbaijan and, moreover, in the most vulgar way propagandized the occupation regime.

Ukraine did not act in a friendly way, denying Azerbaijan the extradition of a criminal, exposed first of all by the oppositionists themselves. This is not the first blow in the back of the Aliyev government. Shortly before the incident with F.Huseynli, in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, they announced the list of those who voted for the adoption of the anti-Azerbaijani resolution. Moreover, the Ukrainian deputies voted almost in full against the amendments proposed by the Azerbaijani delegation. To our great regret, the Ukrainian-Azerbaijani relations abound with similar blows in the back. In the most important issues for Azerbaijan, Ukraine, especially in recent years, expresses solidarity with decisions directed against the interests of our country.

Give Saitov up to Chechnya!

Well, Ukraine deserves an adequate symmetrical answer. I appeal to the leadership of the law enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan with an urgent request to postpone the extradition of Magomet-Amin Saitov. Moreover, Saitov is a representative of the fraternal Chechen people. And Azerbaijan, as is known, unlike Ukraine, highly appreciates the bonds of brotherhood. In Baku, they acted fairly not arresting Saitov, limiting him to a pledge not to leave the jurisdiction. We know how to value friendship. Moreover, according to available information, the Ukrainian side still has not provided strong evidence of Saitov's guilt.

According to my information, the government of Chechnya appealed to Azerbaijan with the request to extradite Magomet-Amin. And our government, following the example and behavioral line of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, must extradite him to brotherly Chechnya, and not to distant, foreign and cold Ukraine...

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