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CIA agent, official Farhad Mammadov, Hasanli and Meydan TV (Our editorial)



Initially, the concept of the main critical voice, the pure-blooded Western media project "Meydan TV", was tied to the idea of a permanent Azerbaijani revolution. The concept of revolutionary mass media found a successful application during the Kyiv EuroMaidan. During those rainy days in December, the whole world, with its eyes fixed on the right-wing militants in the lens of the television channel Espresso TV, born of revolution, looked with impatience for the denouement of the new popular uprising. Together with Espresso TV, which began broadcasting a month before the colorless revolution, a new theory of permanent revolutionary TV arose.

Thus was born Espresso TV

In peacetime, it is not so easy for a new media project to break into the media space, win the attention of viewers and take an unusual for the reader's eyes niche, especially at the height of the development and popularization of online journalism (civil journalism) and resistance publicism. Much easier to find the heroic image and trust of the viewer in cursed days.

Calls for revolution in Azerbaijan have been heard since the end of the 1990s, a moment marked by a milestone in the end of history. But with the 2000s came a new anti-liberal world history, which opened new pages in the destinies of many peoples: revolutions swept rulers and kings from Libya to Ukraine, the world plunged into a new bloody abyss of vague expectation of the next confrontations.

The revolution was being awaited from day to day in Azerbaijan too. In the beginning, as already noted, it was correlated with the time of the approaching end of history, then with the orange mantra, the Arab spring waters that emerged from the shores of the Middle East, and, finally, the period of the never-come Russian spring. And in 2013, for the Azerbaijani revolution, they conceived a special TV, on analogy with "Maidan", the tempting word chosen by the liberal world - Turkic Meydan.

Meydan-TV was headed by a man completely remote from journalism and creative work - a former interpreter, a mediocre clerk from the German Socialist Ebert Foundation, a dissident due to misunderstanding, Emin Abdullayev, nicknamed "Milli" by his comrades. However, the new concept of revolutionary TV did not require special journalistic talents. They needed a camera lens and a raging crowd. The lens was installed, but due to such really objective circumstances and historical regularity, instead of a crowd only a miserable handful of people invariably appeared on the air. With a handful you won't overthrow the power. Years passed, and the frozen lens seemed to stop in time. The same handful of disaffected people in the usual stadium "Mehsul".

And then the authors of the concept decided to change the conceptual basis of TV, transforming it into a full-fledged media. They attracted professionals, threw in more money, gave absolute freedom... In the conditions of the closed Azerbaijani media space, success was a priori conditioned.

One of the ideological inspirers and political mentors of the main opposition television channel is the 31-year-old US citizen Caroline Sutcliffe Leliani. And all would be nothing, but it was the involvement of the young American woman in the CIA that aroused our genuine interest.

So, what does a CIA agent do in a media project born of quasi-revolution? Leliani, a "snowdrop", back in 2009 worked in London under the roof of the Institute for International Strategic Studies. She enthusiastically studied "international political risks and transnational dangers" on the eve of the Arab Spring. The study of these risks led Leliani to Azerbaijan. In Baku, she first appeared under the roof of the American educational program of Fulbright grants, supported by the US State Department.

That same Leliani

Leliani did not change the direction of her work, but the cover was changing with a strange frequency. In 2011, the CIA agent already served as a consultant to the International Red Cross, and six months later at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. A few months later she was at the UN, and then she throws everything and goes headlong again into political studies. This time in the Hague. And it is in this emerald city of the liberal world that she makes a fateful decision to join the revolutionary Meydan-TV project. Apparently, the thoughts about Azerbaijan in her originated while in the Red Cross. You don't know whether to laugh or cry. Very rough work, not at all like the CIA. Apparently, after a string of Russian failures, the guys are too relaxed! In 2014, a former employee of such important international organizations found herself in the chair of Meydan TV's financial manager. How do you like this turn?

CIA agent claims that Meydan TV is her family

And after some time, Leliani takes control of the program to improve the skills of staff and journalists of the main opposition television channel. In May 2014, she appears in a strange way near Azerbaijan in the Georgian capital, again in a new hypostasis - the head of the NGO "Chai Khana". It is in tune with the Usmanov's restaurant network of "Chayhona". Only in contrast to the Uzbek tea-house Leliani was very interested in the sociocultural features of the peoples of the South Caucasus, their archetypes and historical heritage. However, in her research lens Leliani mainly focused on three countries - Egypt, Morocco and Azerbaijan. In Egypt, the two presidents were overthrown, and Morocco was thoroughly shaken by the export revolution. The King of Morocco miraculously survived, choosing the path of political compromises. But Azerbaijan Leliani could not understand with her mind, for she measured it with a common yardstick.

Freely fluent in Azerbaijani, the CIA agent has often visited Azerbaijan since the summer of 2010. What do you think - who was the close partner of such suspicious intelligence person? Center for Strategic Research under the Presidential Administration. Not casually Leliani enters into cooperation with leaders of nursist sect - Elnur Aslanov and Farhad Mammadov. Close partners publish even a joint theoretical guide on the political situation in the country called "Political parties of Azerbaijan: from election to election".

And here Farhad Mammadov is

The authors of the methodological manual are two officials of the presidential administration: Farhad Mammadov, well known to all of us, and Tahir Allahyarov, head of the political analysis department. A review of this manual was written by the future leader of the revolutionary National Council, Jamil Hasanli. Apparently, the future petrel of quasi-revolution acted strictly according to the prescriptions of the theoretical manual, since Caroline Sutcliffe Leliani herself became the technical editor and even the proofreader of the manual. She conscientiously corrected the thoughts and deeds of the authors...

The manual tells about the embodiment of the Azerbaijani revolutionary thought in the late 1980s, performed by the bearded frontists, about the equally heroic pages of the political force that overthrew the two heads of Azerbaijan. Apparently, Caroline was actively preparing for the overthrow of the third. Until 2011, the CIA agent literally visits Azerbaijan every month. The hand on the pulse she keeps to this day, while in neighboring Georgia.

Always next to Meydan

Leliani is still patronizing Meydan TV, defining the ideological and political line of the revolutionary rostrum and being in tandem with Emin Milli and a Brion of Armenian descent, famous journalist and media consultant Onik Krikorian. By the way, Onik Krikoryan was one of the first to back the Armenian "love revolution" by launching a violent campaign in social networks against Sargsyan and his government. Now they again switched to Azerbaijan.

But in the Meydan TV lens do not appear the long-awaited crowds expressing the popular outrage... Still only a handful of schismatics. What to do about it? And how to break the status quo? The ice still remains unbroken. The new spring is not so close...

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