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Oligarch Mubariz Mansimov declared vile war against Azerbaijan (Our afterword)



Very few people in our lives can lose with dignity. And even fewer people can learn the main lesson of life philosophy about the impermanence of the world and the transience of this life itself. Everything passes, everything ends at some point. It would seem that these trivial truths from the time of the great Prophet Suleyman (King Solomon) to the time of the great Sultan Suleyman, not to mention the most recently omnipotent Turkish president Suleyman Demirel, should have been mastered by all the people wisened by the life's hardships.

'If the great Sultan Suleyman could not take this world with him, then who of us will take something from this world?' says a favorite parable of all Turks. Why, when discussing the impermanence of the world, I recall three Suleymans revered in neighboring Turkey?

Yesterday, on the net there began actively being disseminated a telecast from the Talysh separatist TV channel "National Television of Talyshstan", dedicated to the ruined oligarch Mubariz Mansimov. It turns out that not only patriotism or nationalism, but also separatism can be the last refuge of scoundrels.

Separatists launched a campaign in defense of Mansimov

In brief, the ex-oligarch Mubariz Mansimov, disgraced after the fall in oil prices and due to unfulfilled loan obligations, appears in the guise of a victim of the struggle for the ideas of the Talysh separatists. M.Mansimov sees the reason for his misfortunes not in his own failure or coincidence, in an evil fate or a sign of the heavens, but in his ethnicity. The broadcast is frankly ordered and paid, but most importantly, built on a fierce hatred of Azerbaijan and undisguised dislike towards official Baku. And the most paradoxical in this TV show is an attempt to find a causal link between the murder of Rovshan Lankaransky and the ruin of Mubariz Mansimov. As if the first and the second were purged only because of ethnicity. Strange statement of the issue, especially given the fact that both the first and the second reached their formation and flourishing in the territory of the main Turkic state: Erdogan's Turkey. Both Lankaransky and Mansimov were directly connected with the criminal business. If the former controlled the transit of heroin, the latter was engaged in transporting oil of the Islamic terrorists, when ISIL controlled part of Iraq and the ports of the Persian Gulf. By the way, during the talks between Putin and Obama, the US president unequivocally stated this, complaining of Mubariz Mansimov's connection with the Russian oil company Lukoil. The transcript of the meeting was published on the pages of the influential Russian 'Novaya' newspaper. Soon the Russian authorities and oil companies hastily tore up all contacts with the tainted Mansimov. Especially since an opportunity presented itself - in fact Mansimov evaded the Russian taxation. But the broadcast said nothing about the forerunner of the tragic wreck and ruin of Mansimov. The oligarch was stripped and finished off only because he is a Talysh.

However, this is a favorite information and propaganda niche, more precisely, a trick of separatists: pedaling ethnic problems or ethnic belonging of a problematic person. But what inspired Mansimov to select this shameful role? Despair. He must somehow explain the reasons for such a grand crash... The entire property of the ruined oligarch was brought to the hammer, in Istanbul there were only debts, from which Mansimov fled to the resort area of the Turkic state with a young model, which, according to the Talysh separatists, ruined the greatness of their leader. Over an hour, an elderly TV presenter, covered with a white handkerchief, cultivating the image of a new separatist leader, called on all the people to stand up for the defeated and oppressed businessman. From her words it turns out that all the pro-Azerbaijani patriotic slogans of Mansimov had just a declarative and ostentatious character - an empty phrase, so that he, the Talysh patriot, could protect his business in Azerbaijan from chauvinist oppression.

It seems that the adventurer Mansimov started a new game. In Turkey, he has nothing more to lose - a ruined business and some debts, accrued interest from unpaid loans and the wrath of the Turkish authorities. Mansimov has nothing left to do but to abandon everything and start off in search of happiness in the Old World. And here, the laurels of the disgraced businessman separatist, victim of the two Turkic authorities, with whom the West has not quite smooth relations, can help more than ever. And Mansimov, in his understanding, chooses a reliable cover - guarded by some Western, as well as Russian special services, separatist underground, which spread its networks in many countries of Western Europe.

In unison with the provocative TV channel of the Talysh separatists, Mubariz Mansimov is supported by the extremist opposition in the person of Ali Karimli and Ganimat Zahid.

Ganimat Zahid also rushes to the embrasure for Mansimov

A few weeks ago, one of the consistent and harsh critics of the Azerbaijani authorities, Ganimat Zahid, who heads the propaganda horn of political emigration - the "Azerbaijan Saati" television channel, accuses the Azerbaijani authorities of destroying Mubariz Mansimov in order to capture his business empire. But neither the Talysh separatists nor Ganimat Zahid disclose the details of official Baku's alleged attempts to seize the business of the formerly mighty Palmali Shipping LLC. Although it is enough to get acquainted with the verdict of the Turkish court in order to understand the whole scale of the lies of extremist-separatist agitprop: 'Credit and tax debts of the company exceed the balance of the company's assets.'

And now our little investigation points to the third center, which entered the battle for the fate of Mansimov. One of Mansimov's partners overseas is trying to save Palmali from imminent bankruptcy by refinancing debt obligations. And here we disclose the main sensational news - Levon Termendzhyan is an American businessman of Armenian origin, the main partner of Mansimov in the US. According to the US information register, Levon's son George Termendzhyan established in California a company with the same name "Palmali USA" LLC. The company was registered on October 27, 2016.

Levon Termendzhyan is engaged in large-scale real estate business in the United States, owns SBK Holdings. The assets of this company are about one billion dollars. However, Termendzhyan, like Mansimov, has a reputation of a highly unreliable and unscrupulous entrepreneur. According to the US media, the Department of Homeland Security accuses this American of Armenian origin of money laundering, tax evasion and illegal oil trade. (And here the question arises: was Mansimov's tankers connected to illegal deliveries of this oil, which the American investigators were interested in?). In any case, the facts of the illegal activities of the new rescuer of Mansimov were disclosed at the trial of the case of ex-head of the company "SBK Holdings" - legal adviser Edgar Sargsyan. Sargsyan himself testified against Termendzhyan.

Only the facts

And now the Talysh question, thrown by Mansimov into the information network, helped him to clear himself of "Azerbaijani and Turkish white spots." Say, Mansimov is in no way connected with the Turkic world, he is a Talysh separatist, fighting against Azerbaijan, and therefore was ruined by the Azerbaijani and Turkish authorities. And this legend bordering on plausibility, of course, opens for Mansimov access to the broad opportunities of the Armenian diaspora in the US and the business community, in which Americans of Armenian origin play an important role. According to the information of American sources, Mansimov together with the son of Termendzhyan founded the same company Palmali USA LLC on the territory of the USA on an equal footing. And now this firm has undertaken to refinance the debts of the dying Turkish affiliate...

Talysh separatism, Armenian money, Ganimat Zahid - endless seconds of the terrible fall of Mubariz Mansimov. Another ruined credit oligarch declared war on Azerbaijan. And this is just the beginning of a new vile war...

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