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Soldier Pashinyan's pumpkin and soldier Aliyev's oath (Our editorial)



Our Soviet generation was brought up on the values of international duty, valour in the name of the Motherland and the cult of an invincible image, I would even say, the holiness of the army. We grew up on such films as 'Maxim Perepelitsa' with the participation of the unsurpassed Leonid Bykov or 'The Ballad of the Soldier,' which praised the trembling feelings for the army and fostered loyalty to the army debt to the Motherland. We were tempered by novels of such stoics as Vasil Bykov and Vladimir Bogomolov, creating in our souls a dream about the army service... Then the great country collapsed. True, another world order came and another Motherland appeared, but trembling feelings for the army debt remained. Especially since there started the war imposed on us. A dishonourable, banal, perfidious and cruel Karabakh war, which took the lives of tens of thousands of young soldiers.

It was not our war

This war broke the stereotypes of our generation about internationalism and duty, for it was caused by feelings of nationalism, separatism and xenophobia that were alien to ours, but inculcated in new generations. Paradoxically, even now, the globalisation that has conquered the minds after the collapse of the empire and eurocentrism, which has been inspiring more and more people, could not stop the philosophy of the Armenian occupation idea revived from non-existence. The Karabakh war is not our war, it was imposed on us, trying to take away from one people the right to life and its history on the mixed with the blood Karabakh land. Even repeated attempts of coups and accomplished liberal revolutions in Armenia, designed to break not only the social structure and formation, but also to change the ways of the nation's development, did not change the hypertrophied nationalist consciousness of the society. Let us recall the Kaiser's Germany or Nicholas's Russia, and even the Yeltsin barricades... The radical breakdown of the social formation conditioned the revision of foreign policy values, since liberalism removes the national framework, and the freedom of one people ends where freedom of the other begins. It is inconceivable, but bursting into power on the crest of the liberal wave, Pashinyan stated the continuity of the militaristic policy of the clan of the Karabakh field commanders. The revolution of love, declared by Pashinyan, softly transformed into a revolution of violence and war.

Pashinyan is the new page of the Armenian tragedy

The apotheosis of Pashinyan's militaristic rhetoric was a proud statement that his son Ashot Pashinyan was drafted into the army of the Republic of Armenia and sent to the front line, to trenches, to Karabakh. Pashinyan outplayed himself. The Armenian prime minister made a serious propaganda, if not a political mistake. After all, according to the accepted and well-known version of the Armenian official propaganda, and from the first days of the Karabakh war, the parties to the conflict are Azerbaijan and the Karabakh separatists. And, they say, Armenia is not connected with this war, and the complicity of separatism is limited to information, humanitarian and moral support. Even within the walls of the UN Security Council for two decades, Armenia's representatives, emphasising the interethnic plot, denied in every possible way the participation and presence of the expeditionary corps of the Armenian army in Karabakh. And for the first time, at the level of the country's leader, the head of the government, Armenia recognised the fact of occupation. Moreover, the head of government sends his son to the occupation zone.

Pashinyan not only overplayed, but also got confused. On the one hand, he declares the occupation policy of Armenia and the Armenian army stationed in Karabakh, and on the other hand, renounces the negotiation process, emphasising the internal separatist nature of the conflict. Like, Azerbaijan itself must understand and agree with Karabakh. Please, so what does the occupation army of the Republic of Armenia do in Karabakh? Do not look for logic.

An important role in the transformation of the Armenian side's approach was played by convincing evidence of Azerbaijan in the Strasbourg court about the puppet essence of the militarised Karabakh regime controlled by Yerevan. Apparently, the government of Armenia decided to revise the conceptual model of the Karabakh conflict. And Azerbaijani diplomacy must prepare for this new transformation.

The Strasbourg court does not recognise the puppet

Obviously, Pashinyan realises that the Armenian society is tired of the eternal war. And this inference is confirmed by permanent appeals of the mothers of Armenian soldiers who perish on foreign soil. In the Armenian army there is confusion, morale has fallen, and new generations do not want to fight and die in a meaningless war.

Pashinyan is not ready for the Camp David model of 'peace in exchange for territories.' Too many victims were sacrificed by the world Armenians on the Etchmiadzin altar of the long-suffering idea. The newly-minted prime minister is not ready for the continuation of the war either. After years of bandit accumulation of secondary capital, the duo of Kocharyan and Sargsyan literally plundered the weak and dependent economy of the small country. Armenia will not stand the burden of a new protracted war with a self-sufficient enemy, who possess inexhaustible resources and modern weapons. Finally the most important thing. If the Armenian society cherishes the hope for a peaceful, bloodless and prosperous life, then it should know that the Azerbaijanis are tired of long uncertainty and are eager to fight. The government at the cost of enormous efforts stopped the out of control spontaneous patriotic popular explosion during the April war. What remains to do for Pashinyan, who still has one advantage over his opponents: a vote of popular confidence? Keeping the status quo, torpedo negotiations and, of course, focusing on the internal public, play political demagoguery and low-standard populism. Pashinyan, by and large, is likened to the same Robert Kocharyan, or rather Vazgen Sargsyan, the parade hero of the Karabakh war, whose animal instincts are eloquently described by talented Armenian bloggers.

And here to the place came the story with the call of his son to Karabakh. Pashinyan, who relies more on the mindset of the Theatre Square than on the life of the state, appeared as a kind of child of revolution, a bearded guy from the village, a backpack hero, ready to sacrifice the most intimate - the only child - in the name of the idea of a great Armenia.

Backpack hero of the revolution of violence and war

At first everything looked quite expressive and imaginative: the son of the head of government, as an ordinary son of the Motherland, collects his backpack and goes to the front... But later it turned out that though Pashinyan's son is registered in the ranks of the occupation army, in reality he is spending more time in his own home village in Armenia, in Ijevan. That's what Armenian bloggers write. Please read:

'And Pashinyan tells his adherents how he arranges family flights at public account in a helicopter to Ijevan and flies to his son Ashot "in Artsakh" - to the military unit in the village of .... Shirak marz?'

Armenian bloggers went even further and frankly tease Pashinyan, assuring that the son of the backpack hero was not trusted with weapons, assigning him, speaking with Soviet slang, to the 'construction battalion,' or to bread-cutting.

Pashinyan, in the past a mediocre, but frantic Armenian-speaking journalist, who drew attention only with accusive criticism, revealed himself as a sham politician. Something like the second Azerbaijani president, the third-rate orientalist Abulfaz Elchibey. One remembers that in Helsinki Levon Ter-Petrosyan held out his hand to Elchibey to say hello. Elchibey turned away and walked past him. Ter-Petrosyan threw in the back of the newly-made politician: 'No matter, he will learn!' Elchibey did not learn, he did not learn from other people's mistakes, nor his own.

Pashinyan will not learn either. He is from a cohort of politicians born by the street. And it will destroy him too... But before the soon death of the politician born by revolution, as well as the collapse of the backstreet, or rather, the useless revolution of love, there remain years, and perhaps even months. And Pashinyan continues to step on the rake. You just pay attention to the rhetoric of the head of state, who concentrated his attention and activity on the comments about one Azerbaijani Army private: soldier Heydar Aliyev.

Recently, Azerbaijani president's son, Heydar Aliyev graduated from one of the most elite universities: Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy. And immediately after receiving the diploma he was drafted into the army. In Azerbaijan, as in Armenia, many officials and deputies do their best to protect their children from military service. However, this is the trouble of the entire transitional post-Soviet space, living according to the laws of 'selective law.' And President Ilham Aliyev again demonstrated an example worthy of imitation. He sends his only son, an intellectual who speaks several languages, who could continue his education in one of the best universities of the world, say, at Oxford or Cambridge, and maybe even at Yale University, to the army. And Heydar Aliyev falls into the ranks of the elite special unit of the State Security Service. From my experience in the army - and I passed it in the mountain regiment on the front line - I know that it is much more difficult to serve in this division of troops than in the infantry, and even on the front line. It's not waiting months in dugouts and trenches, but going through the most complicated daily exhausting training of a young soldier, who passes every hour hardships and circles of hellish in its load army service. This is a difficult choice and a heavy burden that fell on the shoulders of young Heydar Aliyev.

Ilham Aliyev and Heydar Aliyev

And this is Pashinyan's son

Of course, Mendelian genetics and the chromosome theory of heredity have not been cancelled yet. With a feeling of deep awe, I watched the ceremony of the oath of the president's son. And for some reason, Woland's wise words spoken at the ball were remembered. Remember the 'Master and Margarita'? 'The questions of blood are the most difficult questions in the world ... How the deck is quaintly shuffled. Blood! Blood is a great thing!!!'

How the Armenian prime minister could even allow the idea to compare his own mongrel with the grandson of the world-scale politician Heydar Aliyev, the great-grandson of the Soviet statesman Aziz Aliyev, the son of President Ilham Aliyev, the great-grandson of the outstanding writer Mirjalal Pashayev, the grandson of the outstanding physicist Arif Pashayev... Blood is a great thing, monsieur Pashinyan! 'No matter, he will learn!' let's repeat the words of the wise Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

If Pashinyan might have the moral right to compare his own mongrel with Heydar Aliyev, then the leader of the Azerbaijani black-hundredists, Elchibey's heir, Ali Karimli, does not have such a moral right a priori! Karimli, with his revolutionary agitation, asks why Pashinyan's son went to serve in Karabakh, and Aliyev's son went to the suburbs of Baku? First, Ali Karimli himself was a deserter during the first Karabakh war, and he did not serve a day in the ranks of the Azerbaijani Army. He only boasts of his photo in the Soviet construction battalion, often demonstrating this brown spot of his biography in social networks.

Ali Karimli in the construction battalion of the Soviet Army

Moreover, Karimli, just as the entire leadership of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan, played a sad role in the surrender of the Azerbaijani bastions in Karabakh - Shusha and Lachin, because in May 1992, the bearded frontists pulled regular troops to Baku to overthrow the then president. Yes, we often remember the white patches of history, because time does not heal, it just dulls wounds, closes them with a bandage of new impressions and feelings.

Karimli would not fail to hit a second time with a knife in the back of power. Only this time a monumental architecture of the strongest political power appeared before him. Finally, the son of Karimli - Turkel evaded service in the army. The son of Ilham Aliyev studied in Baku, and the son of Karimli studied in Great Britain. The son of Ilham Aliyev nestled close to the gun, and the son of Karimli to the chest of a blond British girl... Do you feel the difference?

Turkel Karimli in the arms of a blond British girl

None of the sons of other opposition leaders served in the army. And the son of Isa Gambar - Ilkin faded from the service just after the fourth month and through the ties of his daddy in the government offices, he was discharged from the army. Do you feel the difference?

Other celestials of the virtual world also joined the chorus of Pashinyan and Karimli. Internet hoodlums - petty inveterate critics Ordukhans and Muntazirs did not serve a day in the Azerbaijani army. Do you know what immediately catches your eye? Internet hoodlum Ordukhan comes from the occupied Jabrail, and Habib Muntazir from the occupied Fuzuli. Both are deserters. Both of them rushed abroad in search of a happy ticket. But they could not find happiness and peace in a foreign land, invading the Azerbaijani space with the help of virtual inroad. Invasion of locusts! Wild element, fallen mongrels...

I decided to share these thoughts with you, dear readers. About the 'pumpkins' that Pashinyan sends from Ijevan, the disgusting cynicism of the brown-shirts and the black-hundredists, for whom honour is but a burden, and the sacred oath of soldier Heydar Aliyev!

I caught the resolute look on the face of soldier Heydar Aliyev and read in it the secret thought: 'At my age young men perish for the beloved. Isn't Azerbaijan above a beloved, above all?'

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