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Emin Huseynov called European diplomats 'idiots who work for Azerbaijan' (Our afterword)



It seems that a handful of opponents of the current Azerbaijani government still have 1989 on the calendar. Well, maybe 1990 itself. The worst thing in a person's life is when he lives only in the past. Note that the opposition still often quotes President Reagan. And their reference book is George Orwell's journalism or Solzhenitsyn's prison memoirs. They still appeal to the Czech president, as a liberal defender. Believing that the cradle of the Eastern European liberal democracy is in the hands of the late Vaclav Havel, and not Putin's friend Milos Zeman...

What is the fatal mistake of the bewildered and already lost handful of the opposition, nailed to the pillory posture of the ancient western conscience? A handful of Azerbaijani liberals are afflicted with post-Soviet syndrome. During perestroika, which had broken the back of the entire powerful Soviet system, tens of millions of Soviet people who had passed through Stalin's camps, Khrushchev's corn fields and Brezhne's stagnant zone could not adapt to epochal changes. The same fate befell the post-Soviet contingent, which to this day sincerely believes in the excellent role of the American marines, who must invade Baghdad in order to save the people from the power of Saddam. And people should meet Americans with Bush portraits. Memories are still fresh: during the attempt of an Orange Revolution in Baku, oppositionists were raising Bush's portraits...

In recent days, dozens of liberals, led by the stagnant Ali Karimli, are uncontrollably wondering in the net why the revolution won in Armenia? And why the revolution could not win in Azerbaijan? Oppositionists to this day cannot understand the elementary truth. In Armenia, the real opposition appealed to the people. And in Azerbaijan, the amorphous opposition does not appeal to the people who disbelieve. It still believes in some superb power that will create a revolution. And this very opposition on the crest of a mythical superior force will burst into the offices of power. Approximately such a wretched idea of a change in the socio-economic structure...

Amazingly, all the gossip about the revolution for some reason in recent days has been caused by the common affair of a young blogger Mehman Huseynov. A handful of oppositionists again called on the people to rally in the centre of the capital in order to save Mehman Huseynov. The authorities, of course, allowed the rally. After all, the political process in Azerbaijan is absolutely predictable, and one should not have the gift of a capable analyst or the rarest seer in order to predict the scale of the upcoming protest — several hundred typical post-Soviet representatives who still naively believe in the superiority of some universal mythical force. Ready to cheerfully raise the portraits of Bush. And these hundreds of people do not even realise the existence of President Trump, keen on a dream to isolate America not only with the 'Mexican wall,' but also with isolationism traditional for American conservative politics.

A typical representative of the lost post-Soviet generation is the brother of Mehman Huseynov - human rights activist Emin Huseynov. Emin not only ruined the fate of his young brother, who did not have time to get a secondary and higher education. Emin turned his brother into a subject of political and financial gain. Cynical, mean and cruel. But these are, apparently, the rules of the game, in which they dragged in even the most poorly educated but greedy Emin.

I read Emin Huseynov's appeals on social networks. He writes with gross spelling errors: his illiterate text lacks not only logical sequence, but also the thought itself; it is difficult to understand the context of his speeches and curses in general. And Emin is claiming, curse the tongue that says it, as much as the role of Bukovsky himself in the Azerbaijani liberal movement.

Here he is, our 'Bukovsky'

To be more convincing Emin even grew a beard. What a dissident without a beard? What have we come to! Well, that's why people like Emin Huseynov levelled, depersonalised the protest struggle for human rights in Azerbaijan. The appeals of E.Huseynov already cause general laughter, mockery, jeering. Just think, they turned a dramatic act - a hunger strike, that is, a voluntary readiness to die for ideals - into a comedy show, assuring everyone that you can hold a hunger strike in the name of permanent revolution, permanently swallowing sour cream with spoons and washing down vegetables with milk.

And how to evaluate the initiative of Emin Huseynov, who opened an account in the PayPal system to raise money to help 'starving Mehman'? What kind of circus attraction is it? Since when are cash rewards collected for a hunger strike campaign?

And today's interview of Emin Huseynov to the Soros edition of Eurasianet.org is completely amazing - again, each line of the interview is imbued with a shameless farce. Even the Soros edition wonders about the reasons for Mehman's 'dairy hunger strike.' But Emin is adamant in asserting his new theory of the 'dairy-food struggle.' We quote Emin himself: 'If you take 30 per cent of your daily diet, then this is also a hunger strike!' Haha! How stupid does our 'Bukovsky' look? And what is the meaning of this know-how, this hunger strike, sort of protest? After all, only by their own choice of voluntary death, many not-made heroes forced governments to retreat.

However, I was surprised, if not grated upon, by Emin Huseynov's other statement in the same interview. The human rights activist attacked European diplomats and called them 'trolls, useful idiots of the Azerbaijani government'!

European diplomats visit Mehman Huseynov in jail

What for? Because they visited his brother, Mehman Huseynov, in prison. The question is - why then did Emin smash around the world about the hunger strike action? To draw world attention to the situation around Mehman. And so the European diplomats went to the prisoner. What's bad about it? Instead of gratitude, European diplomats get offensive attacks. Imagine? How so?

After all, Emin Huseynov himself was once rescued by European diplomats. Throwing his friends in trouble, E.Huseynov, following the precepts of Lenin, hid at the Swiss embassy, and for many months was under the care of 'this factory of trolls and idiots of the Azerbaijani government.' Pay attention to the defiant tone of offensive language against the respected European diplomats from a former street photographer at Seaside Boulevard. Later this street photographer was picked up by the Turan news agency.

Emin began from the Seaside Boulevard

And there he met with an employee of the American military intelligence Sarah Louise Paulsworth. Sarah worked in Baku under the guise of a volunteer of the Peace Corps subsequently expelled - another attribute of the liberal intervention of the early 1990s. It was then that a street photographer who worked for Turan came to the attention of Paulsworth. Well, then everything happened, as in the exciting thrillers of Hollywood. Raffle, marriage, and later joint projects on recruiting the remaining post-Soviet atavists. Sarah Paulsworth came out herself much later, after returning to the United States.

Sarah came out many years later

What next? Mehman is the last straw to which Emin Huseynov can cling. He and Sarah will do everything for the authorities to leave the foolish boy in the dungeons. After all, Mehman is the last refuge of the scoundrels. How else to occupy a political niche in faraway Azerbaijan? In this whole story, I can't understand only Emin's passion for Azerbaijani politics. If Emin was so attached to Azerbaijan, then why did he personally renounce his citizenship?

Got scared of prison, leaving in the dungeons his brother and comrades-in arms? And he went under the tutelage of the Soros institutions! By the way, the interests of Emin in the European Court of Human Rights will be defended by representatives of the Soros Foundation: James Goldston, Laura Bingham and Mercedes Mellon. Do you know who James Goldstone is? Executive director of Soros Open Society Institute. Lawyers to Strasbourg were sent from as far away as New York itself. Emin Huseynov is completely under Soros. But in New York, it seems, they still do not know that the entire Azerbaijani liberal fraternity has renounced him. Khadija Ismayilova, Emin Milli and other flagships of recalcitrant people accused him of corruption, others of flight and cowardice. The last chance left is to return to PayPal - the debit payment and grant system. Of course, through Azerbaijan and on the frail shoulders of his imprisoned brother... After all, people like Huseynov are not able to conquer other peaks. All his essence is just ignorance, stupidity... and many, many more empty places. But even this emptiness is filled with meanness!

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But it seems that the road to paradise is also paved with the most despicable motives...

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