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Khadija against background of buyers who sell Rasulzadeh (Not our life)



In Amer, the ancient capital of Rajasthan, I learned that the political hunger strike originated in medieval India as one of the main methods and means of social struggle. The starting point of Mahatma Gandhi's theory of non-violent struggle, which later formed the basis of the Indian resistance movement, is precisely in the collective hunger strikes of the Brahmins, who condemned the greedy and depraved despotism of a medieval Indian Rajah. It was the Brahmins who first resorted to a dry hunger strike, that is, the complete rejection of food and water as a voluntary rejection of life. Gandhi defined his specific political task in carrying out a hunger strike action implemented by the means of Indian philosophy in a conscious rejection of life with the aim of causing a feeling of guilt in the government and society.

Jawaharlal Nehru with Mahatma Gandhi, hunger strike

Later on, hunger strike as a method of non-violent political struggle was widely used in the struggle of the Irish people for their independence, dissidents in the USSR and in the struggle of Eastern European peoples against communism.

In Azerbaijan, hunger strike began to be actively used by independent and opposition journalists in the struggle to expand political freedoms and freedom of speech. However, let's be honest and frank to ourselves. The vast majority of the actions that were held at the headquarters of opposition parties, reminded some theatrical performance. Not a single journalist, not a single political activist in Azerbaijan has ever approached the dangerous line of self-sacrifice. Hunger strike in Azerbaijan is not a philosophy of martyrdom, but a political show. Gandhi wrote that the purpose of a hunger strike is to cause guilt. What for? For the death of an innocent and conscientious man who sacrificed himself for the ideals. In Azerbaijan, the goal of a hunger strike is to arouse the attention of the authorities and the public. Just attention, not guilt. For the feeling of guilt in the government and society can be caused by death, or a conscious readiness to die. To this day, I have not seen in the eyes of any Azerbaijani opposition leader a spark of madness, in the good sense of the word, that is, of insane self-sacrifice.

Let us leave the historical legacy of Gandhism, which is alien to our world view, and turn to the historical values of the Soviet dissidents.

For example, when Yelena Bonner was banned from leaving the USSR, Academician Sakharov declared a hunger strike in protest. And the greatest Soviet dissident during the action really came close to the dangerous point of no return. The Soviet authorities, under the fear of a great international scandal, placed Sakharov in the clinic and tried to force-feed him for four months!!! Do you understand, dear oppositionists, that a hunger strike is not a diet, not a cheap farce that you arrange once a quarter, but a high, noble, selfless heroic mission of a person who renounces life's benefits!

Immediately after the 'dairy hunger strike' - the unprecedented antic of Mehman Huseynov in the dungeons and his brother overseas - several opposition activists settled on the Soviet folding beds in the dilapidated headquarters of Musavat party and announced a hunger strike in shifts! No country in the world has carried out a hunger strike in shifts, for a hunger strike is a form of solitary struggle, and not a collective and social means of self-expression. Because loneliness is a contradiction, it is tragic.

That is, for these people with a frenzied look, a hunger strike is a kind of relay that is passed from hand to hand. No one is going to die. All they want is power.

Today, opposition leader Ali Karimli declared loudly that one of the strangest people in our political underground, Musavatist Tofig Yagublu got up from the folding bed and went to the kitchen because he needed to gain strength on the eve of the rally. Well, isn't this a joke? What does it mean to gain strength? Azerbaijani opposition is able to defile any shrine. And this is not a comedy, far from it, but a terrible tragedy, a terrible misfortune...

For two days, the unbridled and voluptuous stepmother of Azerbaijani democracy, Khadija Ismayilova, was lying on a cot. We had to watch Khadija (this selfish hysterical woman) on a cot in different situations. But after all, Gandhi assured that 'only that one has the privilege to go on a hunger strike in the name of truth, who is free from animal passions and who has renounced all earthly possessions and aspirations.' I am not at all sure that Khadija is free from animal passions, and that she has renounced all earthly possessions. Ali Karimli, who visited with his comrades the recruits in the room of 'Baku starving,' did not find Khadija in bed. She has already managed to pass on the baton to a young girl.

Farce with Khadija at Musavat headquarters

I so wanted to advise Khadija in the time free from animal passions and possessions to read about the life of an outstanding Indian journalist and writer Irom Chanu Sharmila. This great woman was able to withstand 500 weeks, and not touch food and water! She was detained for more than 10 years and was force-fed every day through a tube in her nose. Irom consistently opposed the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (1958) adopted by the Parliament of India, which gave soldiers the right to shoot to kill and make arrests without a warrant. In Amnesty International, Khadija can be told about the heroic pages of the life of Irom during the hunger strike action.

Of course, one can cite from world history many worthy examples of resistance and courageous actions of fighters who renounced life in the name of freedom and liberation of their countries and peoples. However, what is happening at the headquarters of the Musavat party sincerely evokes a feeling of disgust and loathing. To cast pearls before Khadija? So that she tramples down the holy principles of Gandhism with her feet?

Do you know the main problem of the Azerbaijani resistance? Not only in chronic indecision, but also in half-heartedness, inconsistency, impairment. In the entire history of the so-called resistance movement, which always caused me an ironic smile, not a single process, not a single action, not a single initiative was carried through. Like today, they got up from their cots and went to the kitchen to get full, to enjoy, to pour out their emotions, to scold the authorities. The political struggle cannot be half. Either it is, or it isn't...

At that moment, when the opposition got up from the cots, news agencies spread the sad news. Someone in the village of Novkhany stole a bas-relief of the ideological leader of the opposition, the founder of the first Republic Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh. The police found the cut pieces of the bas-relief of Rasulzadeh from the scrap metal buyers. The truth is in guilt. And those who do not think about feelings of guilt, tomorrow will stand at the head of the crowd, consisting of this thief and these buyers. They are united by one thing - the devaluation of values. I do not want these leaders and this crowd to storm the power of today...

Stolen bas-relief of Rasulzadeh

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