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Pentagon needs combat vehicles of Azerbaijani company, but they are not noticed in Baku



A Russian international military review recently reported on the superiority of combat vehicles produced by an Azerbaijani company. The Pentagon, as is often the case, determined that in terms of the quality and quantity of light tanks, the American army was significantly inferior to the Russian armed forces. We will not dwell on the reasons for this lag, for this is the subject of another study. The Pentagon, which for a long time believed that it didn't especially need light tanks, today intends to urgently eliminate the gap in armaments. And since there is no domestic production, it, along with other manufacturers, drew attention to the Azerbaijani-Canadian enterprise, the Roshel company with its head office in Toronto.

(Watch the video from 3:30)

The familiar name - Roshel. A few days ago, we drew attention to the activities of this company, which specialises in the manufacture and supply of armoured machinery, as well as other security systems and personal protective equipment. It was also reported that the company began supplying the multi-functional armoured car Roshel Senator to many countries around the world, including the CIS. The armoured car is equipped with a unique security system.

It should be emphasised that currently the key sales markets for the company are the USA and Canada. This company mainly specialises in working with government agencies, supplying them with large quantities of armoured vehicles for patrolling, guarding the state border, transporting personnel and solving other operational tasks. The requirements that this category of customers make to the technology largely exceed the generally accepted international standards, so for the company their loyalty and regular orders are the most important indicator of the quality of work. Here we are sure that, meeting the requirements of the American market, they will be able to pleasantly surprise with their products the other regions.

Another thing has also become known - Roshel has a long-standing relationship with Azerbaijan, the company considers the work in this market to be one of the priority directions of development. Armoured vehicles of the company were previously presented to President Ilham Aliyev.

An order has already been received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, but they are not going to calm down on this here. In addition to armoured vehicles, Roshel also recently successfully delivered a batch of personal protective equipment for the personnel of the Azerbaijani civil services. And currently it is working on the delivery of a batch of armoured personnel carriers of a new generation, which are equipped with technological systems, including equipment for conducting tactical operations at long distances, including reconnaissance and data extraction.

And after such a thorough introduction, one wants to go to the main issue. Among the main founders and owners of Roshel are Azerbaijani investors, as well as the inspiration and realisation of the very idea of creating this armoured vehicle. We do not cite these investors names for ethical reasons, and we don't want to hear new accusations of bias and ordered character of the material. By and large, not in the name is the main problem. The question is different.

Why did the Azerbaijani entrepreneur decide to sell armoured vehicles and other military equipment to Azerbaijan through his enterprise in Canada? And in general, why did he build his enterprise in a faraway country on another continent, because such advanced production could bring our country not only world fame and military power, but also a considerable amount of much-needed currency to the economy. If the United States and Canada are willingly buying military equipment from Roshel today, the day is not far off when other developed countries will start looking at this military equipment. And for Azerbaijan itself, which is in a state of war, this military equipment would be very useful. And how expensive such equipment is on the world market, we know firsthand.

And the reason for this approach of the entrepreneur is banal. And it rests, as always, on the Azerbaijani official. Yes, an Azerbaijani official has such a highly developed feeling of patriotism that he doesn't want to allow close to his own country any advanced ideas, innovations, recent advances in technology and technology. What if suddenly the invention will not be as wonderful as its developers claim. What a shame it will be for the country whose honour and glory he is intended to protect. But the trouble is that for some reason the same official easily gives in to the persuasion of some mediocre company, transferring millions and even billions into its accounts.

No, it's not about patriotism, it turns out. Azerbaijani history of recent years knows many examples of criminal collusion of officials with unreliable 'entrepreneurs,' as a result of which the budget lost large funds, and the economy was short of factories, plants and farms, which we so need. But it turns out that the production of a super advanced armoured vehicles cannot be trusted to a private entrepreneur. Here it cannot, but in Canada it is possible. And the truth is, why should we profit from advanced ideas, for this there is the advanced West. But to buy the same equipment, which has become imported according to his desire, is much safer and more pleasant. After all, how much can you earn on a kickback only?

So it turns out that for our official a simple chain of idea-production-realisation, closed within his country and all the dividends from which go to the same country, is unacceptable. And if all this chain with all its benefits is pushed out of the country, and then products manufactured abroad are bought for hard currency, this is for him the best way out.

But is this really the best way out? It seems that this approach of our officials forced President Ilham Aliyev to liquidate recently the Ministry of Defence Industry and create on its basis the corresponding state agency Azərsilah with somewhat reduced powers. But what the ministry has not done over the years, the state agency is still not going to implement. The approach to new advanced ideas and industries in government structures is not changing. Apparently, private entrepreneurs, honest and true patriots, to whom government officials do not want to give government orders, will transfer their ideas and capital abroad to foreign countries. At this point, apparently, simple methods of persuasion will not help, and there is no one who can take stricter measures so far...

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