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Armenia moves to the West: Russia is just a stop (Our analysis)



Right to bomb? Why not! Proving the absence of such a provision in the UN list of rights and freedoms is not difficult. However, the reader will agree, it is difficult to argue that de facto the powerful people of the world have been widely using this right for a long time, and, moreover, without hiding. And also those who hide behind them. For example, having familiarised with the information from the Karabakh front, the current leader of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan went to Moscow.

'Nikol Pashinyan and Vladimir Putin will discuss key topics on the bilateral agenda, prospects for cooperation in integration associations in the Eurasian space.'

Agree, it is a complete surprise about the interest of Yerevan to the Eurasian space. This is something new, I would say, even intriguing.

Of course, Moscow is dreaming about how the Eurasian project leaves the 'harbour of dreams' in order to put in to the 'pier of reality.' However, the Yerevan visitor has not yet found any keen interest in this topic. Rather, the opposite...

Conspiracy against Eurasia

With full authority, Armenia can be considered an active member of, say, the 'Club of Especially Peace-Loving States,' headed by Washington and appropriating the right to bomb wherever it pleases, as it pleases and whoever wants it. To listen to the Armenians, they have been granted this right by the Almighty himself from the moment of their birth. And they are not at all fighting with the Azerbaijanis, but... Who would you think, reader, have the Armenians been fighting for the last thirty-plus years? 'In fact, there is no Armenian-Azerbaijani war, there is a Russian-Armenian war. And from this war, Armenians twice came out victorious. It has been known in Moscow for a long time...' the Armenian press sent the leader of the country Pashinyan to the next meeting with the leader of Russia Putin with similar quotations!

Moreover, Yerevan does not make a secret of the reasons for such inadequate political behaviour. Every day all the leading politicians in Yerevan, where the largest foreign representative office in the South Caucasus - the US Embassy in Armenia is located, are talking about it. And this is despite the fact that Washington, as, indeed, London, Moscow and other European capitals have long been aware of its territorial claims towards its neighbours: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and, most surprisingly, Russia, which patronises it! (Crimea is the original Armenian land! Not to mention the North Caucasus!)

In American conspiracy studies, the political science version of a conspiracy against virtually the whole world, headed by the famous financier Soros and a number of adventurous politicians, is considered. Their goal is 'the creation of a Greater Middle East under sustainable US power, which will take steady control of the future movements of capital and energy flows in China, Russia and the European Union.'

George Soros

In the might of the aforementioned capitals, as well as the EU, Washington sees the possible growing danger for the vital interests of the United States. And it lies in the fact that at a certain moment in the future Moscow, Beijing and Brussels 'can abandon the American rules of the game.' Even if this does not happen, the purely theoretical threat of such a regrouping of international forces may deprive the United States of that particular position in world affairs, which it already has and which cannot but be taken into account in planned military-political alliances. And where does Armenia come in all this? the reader will ask. Well, the fact is that this country has a number of opportunities that make it indispensable in the Caucasus direction of American expansion.

In addition to its convenient geopolitical position, it has tangible influence in Russia, Georgia, and Iran. In the US, they cannot but rejoice in the friendship and brotherhood of the Armenian expansionists with the Iranian ayatollahs. The growing military and political capabilities of Yerevan are the most important factors in its inevitable confrontation with Baku and Ankara. Yerevan expansionism may well bring to life the creation by them of an effective regional tandem, with the aim of opposing Armenian designs. Anyway, the authors of the geopolitical project of the Greater Middle East will have to choose or somehow solve this problem, which in itself will contribute to the new role of Armenia. So, the next outbreak of anti-Russian sentiments in Yerevan is only a prelude to the US Caucasian games, in which Armenia can be assigned a special role. It will not be the first time for the Armenianship to be acting as an ally of the Western forces planning to take control of the whole of Eurasia with its innumerable underground storerooms. So, what may seem like the new course of Armenia is just the old dream of the Armenianship about moving to the West, with a temporary and forced stop at the gates of the most powerful state of Eurasia - Russia.

This factor explains the political games of Moscow with Yerevan, which we have witnessed recently.

The price of Armenian loyalty

It does not at all follow from the above that the calculations of the Armenianship, aimed at weakening Russia in the upcoming battle with the United States, will be fully confirmed. Washington is preparing not for the military defeat of its adversary (the military method in the confrontation of the nuclear powers has long been excluded because of its suicidal nature), but to deprive it of its de facto status of a great power. And this is not a short-term action, but a long and bitter battle for leadership.

However, on the sharp turns of confrontation with the West, the allies may need more than a formal confirmation of loyalty. This is what will lead to the internal political crisis in Armenia, whose flashes Nikol Pashinyan has just managed to extinguish with great difficulty. What price for loyalty will the Armenian premier ask Moscow for this time?

Military expert Leonid Nersisyan has just joyfully informed his compatriots that in the last two years Yerevan shows a much higher rate of military purchases than neighbouring Azerbaijan. At the same time, the noise in the Armenian press around the modernisation of the Azerbaijani armed forces does not abate. However, militant Armenians are worried about something new in the mood of the new generation. The policy of expansionism has created an unexpected dilemma of a purely Armenian nature: the more occupied territories Armenia has, the fewer Armenians who want to remain in it. If this unexpected trend is not overcome, the main project, the 'Great Armenia,' may be in question. Yerevan has only one way to stop the outflow of the population - to start a new war. And only victorious one. And if it is not victorious? In this case, Armenia, as an ally of the United States in the Great War against Russia, loses its attractiveness, with all the resulting sad consequences. Armenian analysts are forced to admit through clenched teeth that it is the inevitability of permanent war that stimulates the departure of thousands of young Armenians to the West. The tempting life prospects promised by the ideologues of the miatsum turned out to be common lies. War for ghostly grandeur becomes an endless campaign for several generations of Armenians. In that, already distant 1988, no such prospect ever occurred to anyone. Now, it is an obvious reality. Great shocks are yet to come...

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