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Attorney pumpkin, prime minister watermelon and chief oligophrenic of the country (Almost like in theatre)



Ali Karimli accused me, a mere mortal journalist, in the surrender of Shusha. Or to be more precise, in preparing public opinion for the surrender of Shusha! This is not a joke, but a reality. Our bitter, if not terrible, reality. So let us ask ourselves the question: what was the reason or cause for such a deafening accusation?

A few days ago in social networks, tired of nationwide wailing (by the way, adopted bad Armenian tradition, since before the Karabakh conflict we were a cheerful and optimistic nation that perceived tears as a sign of weakness), I asked myself: 30 years without Shusha. How long to wait? And I drew a parallel with another painful topic for the entire Islamic world: the loss of Jerusalem. And for some reason, Ali Karimli, not noticing the main accent in my brief comment, accused me of preparing public opinion for the surrender of the Azerbaijani citadel. Honestly, I never considered Ali Karimli to be oligophrenic. However, in this statement of Karimli there is a persistent and, apparently, inadequate underdevelopment of mental and, above all, intellectual activity.

But I will answer Karimli with arguments, facts, although it is quite difficult to bring distinct and clear thoughts to an oligophrenic.

Ali Karimli

Karimli accuses Azerbaijani journalism of following the will of the government? I will not hide, many journalists, as all over the world, synchronise watches with the state. With the state, not with the government. So it is accepted in all civilised world. This is one of the unwritten rules that journalists adhere to, even the American ones. And those of American journalists, who in matters of national security go against state, will remain without work. For example, this was the case with Phil Donahue, who was dismissed from an American television channel because of his position on the occupation of Iraq. The history of world journalism abounds with similar examples.

Karimli is well aware of the position of the government and the President of Azerbaijan regarding territorial integrity. But he plays dirty and speculates, foolishly manipulates, putting forward baseless accusations. What did I personally, and the whole of haqqin.az group, prepare the public opinion of the country for? In 2016, we prepared public opinion for the April war and during the period of hostilities we became the only source of truthful information. Hundreds of thousands of people in and outside the country received information about hostilities online. And Karimli is well aware that as a result of this successful military operation, Azerbaijan liberated a number of strategic heights.

We can only prepare public opinion for victories. But Karimli and others like him since 1992 have been preparing public opinion for the shameful defeats on the battlefield. Repeatedly I wrote, but in the case of a mentally unhealthy politician, repetition is the basis of all knowledge: in 1992, the 26-year-old Karimli went into politics and not to the front, where his peers were standing to the death on the defence of Shusha. What was the frontist leader doing to defend the last bastion of Azerbaijan? The best prompter is former President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, who, unlike Karimli, then went not into politics, but into Armenian field formations, advancing on Shusha. Sargsyan called Karimli and his associates the best assistants, who opened the way for the Armenian army to Shusha. 'The internal political bickering and anarchy in Azerbaijan helped us a lot,' said Sargsyan at the very moment when Karimli accused me of preparing public opinion for the surrender of Shusha. Who made the bickering and anarchy? Who overthrew Mutallibov? Who called for the withdrawal of regular troops from Karabakh to Baku for an armed insurrection? I or Karimli? In 1992, I was only 15 years old, and with tears in my eyes I looked out of the window of my school on Narimanov Avenue, as Karimli and his comrades-in-arms attacked teh authorities on the very days when Armenian soldiers, along with Zori Balayan, began to dance alongside a church in the centre of captured Shusha. Then Ali Karimli became the state secretary, appointed his wife to a high position in the Presidential Administration, bought Mercedes cars, opened his personal business in Turkey and Dagestan, and at the same time surrendered Agdere, Kelbajar and other areas of Karabakh to the Armenians...

All this is not the fruit of my sick fantasy, but a real and bitter story that Karimli preferred to forget. Today it is more convenient for him to blame a journalist for the surrender of Shusha, convincing people with a short memory to go again to overthrow the president, but another president. All for the sake of power, all in the name of dirty bargaining. And again in the hands of Karimli not a rifle, but the staff of Judah.

The loss of Karabakh is on the conscience of the Popular Front, Elchibey and Karimli. And no one can rewrite the true history. Several strange oppositionists joined the Karimli chorus. And these oppositionists gathered in the editorial office of the newspaper with the strange name 'Great Khural.' No, it is not in Mongolia, where Temuchin was elected great khan. But in Azerbaijan, where the Barlas of the period of Genghis Khan are for some reason still considered to be Turks. One strange political dude, whom the long road in the dunes of journalism had gotten from racketeering to Ali Insanov, decided to publish a newspaper in Baku with such a strange name. And whom did this old racketeer with Insanov's expression collect around his hearth? Ikhtiyar Shirinov: the former prosecutor general of Azerbaijan, who issued a warrant for the arrest of his president. This never happened even in the Nazi history. Imagine, the prosecutor general after one slap got so frightened that he immediately signed an arrest warrant for his president. Next to this degraded rebellious colonel, another rarity of Elchibey’s time, Panah Huseyn, sat down. It is also a shameful story: the prime minister, popularly known as watermelon, along with Elchibey and Karimli overthrew Mutallibov on the day of the surrender of Shusha. And these pumpkin-headed prosecutor and watermelon prime minister in the editorial office of Genghis Khan, that is, in an absolutely fantastic world, began to accuse me of surrendering Shusha. Completely stunned!

Panah Huseyn

You now understand that the alternative to power is watermelon, pumpkin, oligophrenic...

And finally, once again on mercenary journalism. Do you know who is the founder of this mercenary and so-called stenographic journalism? Numerous employees of the Azadlig newspaper can tell you about this. Every evening in the filthy headquarters of the Popular Front on the ground floor, where there were many ugly people and smelled foul of the toilets, the chief editor of the newspaper Gunduz Tahirli and the head of the political department Ibrahim Mammadov waited for an audience with Ali Karimli himself. Journalists came to the leader with notebooks and received abstracts of their publications. A little later, the chief editor of the newspaper 'Bizim Yol' came down from the second floor to Karimli. All these journalists wrote dictation articles that fell from the leader's mouth. Later on all these journalists were bought by the government. But they continued to write as Karimli taught. According to theses and dictations...

If there was no Ali Karimli, the authorities would have to come up with him. The surprisingly senseless decoration of the imitation of Azerbaijani protest. But if this scenery in the distant and forgotten 1990s stood on the stage of a drama theatre full of tragedies, then today this scenery resembles a circus on the stage of a satire theatre. Ali Karimli was going to liberate Shusha with an army... a bit longer... here we are on the outskirts of the city... And then one mortal journalist suddenly ruined it all! What a shame!

One can envy the Azerbaijani authorities: how easy, simple and funny it is with such opposition as Ali Karimli! Live forever, opposition-imitation! Live forever, Ali Karimli!

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