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Stillborn fetus, resembling our defeat (Last remark)



It's terribly hard to write about the disgusting past. Especially if this past haunts you and your country as a dark reflection of the unfading ghost. It turns out that a certain committee called 'Karabakh' has been created in Azerbaijan.

The committee of the same name was created in Armenia 30 years ago, at the dawn of perestroika, by Armenian bearded informals and civic activists who first put forward the slogan of 'Miatsuma' - the demands of the annexation of Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia. We woke up after 30 years. And the most paradoxical is that in this committee, there united forgotten politicians and members of the Popular Front (PFA) government, directly involved in our nationwide defeat and the loss of Karabakh. Isgandar Hamidov, Rahim Gaziyev, Panah Huseynov and other unsuitable remnants of post-Sovietism collapsed together with the early epoch.

And this monster used to be prime minister of Azerbaijan

What prompted me to return to the valley of Azerbaijani Capuchins? What am I looking for among the dead and scoundrels? I'll return to my motive.

But to this day I cannot comprehend the mystery of the Azerbaijani political phenomenon. In Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova... in a word, in many CIS countries, politicians understand when their time is running out. And they leave. With dignity, albeit with a sense of regret and anxiety for the country. For example, it was very pleasant to communicate with the late Gaidar. It was a man and a politician on a global scale. But after a political defeat, he, despite the resistance of his many supporters from the intellectual elite of Russia, made a difficult decision and left. Without slamming the door. Another prominent politician from the 1990s, Ruslan Khasbulatov still slammed the door behind him. One may recall the former head of Belarus Shushkevich, who also left... Or take the former President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan, who gave way to a younger and passionate Pashinyan. I recall and list the names of politicians with whom I had to personally communicate. And believe me, there is a whole impassable and insurmountable abyss between these personalities and our rabble. For example, Panah Huseynov and Levon Ter-Petrosyan are separated by a huge intellectual and moral abyss... Maybe we should look for the cause of our defeat here?

Once, publicist Zardusht Alizadeh dedicated a magnificent allegory to Panah Huseynov. Reflecting on the origins of the defeat of the national liberation movement in Azerbaijan, Z.Alizadeh compared the movement conceived by the people with a child in the womb of his mother. But it was a miscarriage resulting in a stillborn fetus. And this stillborn fetus strongly resembled Panah Huseynov... Today, the former Prime Minister and Secretary of State P.Huseynov gathered the scum and rabble similar similar to himself in the Karabakh Committee. For the most part, these people are the former network of agents of the KGB of the USSR. Although, as they wisely say, there are no former agents. Among the activists who declared themselves the rescuers of Karabakh are the well-known faces of former officers of the USSR KGB. You now understand the scale of erosion of Azerbaijani political soil. Although there is no longer any soil or landscape, one endless desert with camel thorns...

Panah Huseynov gave a big interview in one of the limited circulation newspapers. And, of course, I was obliged to disregard another stupid attempt by Panah Huseynov to justify the state crimes of the Popular Front, which opened the way for the surrender of not only Nagorno-Karabakh, but of all the surrounding districts. But P.Huseynov, the caricature prime minister of the PFA government, as well as another opposition politician, Ali Karimli, blame me for stopping the advance of Azerbaijani troops on Shusha. 'The speech of E.Fatullaev about Shusha is a mistake. And, falling upon Ali Karimli, Eynulla prays for forgiveness of his sins and mistakes before the government...' And then a silly stream of warped and ill-defined non-logical thoughts.

Once again I remind readers. In one of my notes on social networks on the eve of the 27th anniversary of the fall of the main Azerbaijani city in Karabakh, I drew a parallel between Shusha and Jerusalem, reminding that we no longer have the right to wait. After 30 years, the Arabs are almost resigned to the loss of their centuries-old history. Of course, it was a cry from the heart and a sincere desire to awaken the public, push it towards understanding and rethinking the whole tragedy of the temporary loss of Karabakh and Shusha...

What is the opposition doing? Ali Karimli and the same Panah Husseyn? They cynically say that Eynulla called for the surrender of Shusha, and they say this is not a journalist's position, but the government's. Where did I call to forget or surrender Shusha? And where does the government come in all this? Just look, even 30 years later, after surrendering Karabakh, the leaders of the NFA are ready to seize upon the very name of Shusha in order to somehow blacken the government or their political opponents. That is, they, like 30 years ago, do not care about Shusha. The city, like the whole of Karabakh, they do not need. A new attempt at internal political squabbles and disorder. Only if 30 years ago they were trading in the city itself, today they trade in the memory of Shusha.

After all, the approaches to the city were cleared of mines, and the fortress itself was surrendered to the Armenian troops with almost no resistance, as contemporaries of Panah Huseynov - Serzh Sargsyan and Bako Sahakyan tell with pleasure!!! The Armenians themselves admit that the Popular Front helped them to take Shusha and Karabakh, which caused chaos, confusion, civil confrontation in Azerbaijan and led troops out of Karabakh to overthrow the incumbent president. And about this, for the record of my inattentive reader, Panah Huseynov (who admits in an interview that he is closely following my every word), I wrote 15 years ago in my 'Karabakh diary,' for which I was convicted without guilt by the Azerbaijani authorities. Whereas Panah Huseynov is now cooperating with them. Yes, I know which offices he visits, from whom he gets money to imitate the activities for the defence of 'Karabakh.'

Yes, Panah Huseynov is right, I wrote that Karabakh was surrendered by Ali Karimli along with Elchibey, Isa Gambar, Isgandar Hamidov and Panah Huseynov himself.

And now all this aged and rotten riffraff creates the 'Karabakh' committee to return Shusha. The city, which they themselves surrendered without a fight.

This is the last remark on the speeches of the defeated leaders of the PFA - the current paid agents of the authorities. Maybe it was not worth answering? It's high time to bury this small ugly stillborn fetus of the national movement that so much resembles the ugly to the obscenity Panah Huseynov...

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