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What happened? Why were salaries so sharply raised? (Following president's order)



Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed yesterday an order on raising the minimum monthly salary (wage). According to the order, the minimum monthly salary from 1 September 2019 is set at 250 manats ($147). To show how big this salary increase is, we should note that currently the minimum monthly salary in the country is 180 manats or 105 dollars. That is, the growth of the minimum monthly salary is about 40%. To be honest, we have not seen such a one-time increase in the nominal amount of the minimum salary for the whole period of independent Azerbaijan. And if we consider that the head of state raised at the same time the salaries of many categories of state employees, then we can definitely say that this is not just a premium, but something more.

And the first question, which readers immediately began to contact Azeri Daily with, expressed not so much joy, as surprise. What happened, why were salaries so sharply raised? Yes, readers were perplexed. The internal situation did not bother them: large-scale economic reforms carried out under the leadership of the head of state are already bearing fruit. But at the same time, the external pressure associated with full-scale trade, financial, technological, sanction wars is increasing. Therefore, many readers honestly admitted that, in their opinion, the second factor prevailed over the first.

But, as the current situation shows, our readers, fortunately, were mistaken. On a global scale, the situation is not enviable. The largest economies of the world are engaged in open economic wars, which shake the established economic foundations of not only these countries: the weaker economies make it harder to adjust to the unpredictable vagaries of the great powers, and thus suffer even more. Everywhere there is a decline in the economy, rising unemployment, instability of national currencies...

And in such a situation outside of its borders, the authorities of Azerbaijan undertake a natural, at first glance, step, which would seem practically unattainable at this stage step. Moreover, along with the minimum monthly salary, the salary of a number of categories of state employees is also increasing. And among them one of the largest groups of state employees: teachers.

Opposition leaders often blamed the authorities for an incomparably low salary for this category of workers. But President Aliyev put an end to this far-fetched argument of the opposition by signing a decree on raising the salaries of teachers working in state educational institutions who have undergone a diagnostic assessment of knowledge and skills.

But that's not all. From 1 September, the head of state raised by 40% the salaries of employees of a number of structures funded from the state budget. In particular, enhancements are envisaged for the staff of the Presidium and the staff of the National Academy of Sciences and the staff of its Ganja branch; Heydar Aliyev Centre; Scientific Centre 'National Encyclopedia of Azerbaijan'; Ataturk Centre in Azerbaijan; State archives and their district and city branches; The Permanent Working Group of the State Commission on Combating Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking; State FIlm Fund of the Ministry of Culture; Media Support Fund under the President of Azerbaijan; Secretariat of the Council of State Support for NGOs under the President of Azerbaijan; Baku Centre for Multiculturalism; Science Development Fund under the President of Azerbaijan. The monthly cash security of employees with special ranks and official (tariff) salaries of non-civil servants of the State Customs Committee, the State Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, military personnel (with the exception of conscripted military service personnel) of the State Border Service and official salaries of the Central Election Commission members are also raised...

Yes, all the categories covered by the salary increase cannot be listed. As can be seen, the head of state increased the salary not only of that category of the population to which the opposition referred. It means that the president did not obey the opposition, and not 'the anger of the people, dissatisfied with the low salary and high prices,' which the opposition constantly insists on. No. Ilham Aliyev cannot be pushed towards such an important decision by the pathetic babble of the barely breathing opposition. However, the head of state has always respected and appreciated the people. And more than once he proved in practice that he was doing everything for the people who had placed their trust in him by electing him president. And it was not the fear of a handful of opposition that made him increase salaries for almost all categories of the population, but the desire to improve its well-being. And just now the results of the implemented reforms began to show up: the country's economy is rising, incomes are growing. And this scale weighs so much the one with external pressure that almost half of the population of Azerbaijan got 40% salary increase. But the results of the reforms are just beginning to show themselves...

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