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Ilham Aliyev broke the game of world Armenianship: French courts quashed decisions on Karabakh (First comment)



Instead of a prologue

A few years ago in France, I had one small business deal with a French media businessman. At the time of payment, I did not have enough money. And, as happens with a series of failures, a debit bank card failed. I owed the Frenchman, who arrived from Cannes, 5 thousand euros.

- If you trust me, I will send you money from Azerbaijan.

' Azerbaijan, - the Frenchman pointedly repeated.

- Yes, from Baku.

- Did you know that now your first lady, the wife of Ilham Aliyev, is holding the Days of Azerbaijani Culture in our city - Cannes? - asked the Frenchman, incredulous in character. - If you are from Azerbaijan, the country of Aliyevs, then I will take your word for it. Agreed!

We shook hands tightly, and the last words struck by a Frenchman in poor English imposed a double responsibility on me. Immediately after arriving in Baku, I rushed to the bank and sent the money to the Frenchman.

* * *

What touched me in the words of an incredulous Frenchman was a sincere recognition of our small, completely young and not fully developed country in one of the key countries of the Western world. Unfortunately, unlike the most influential Armenian diaspora, the descendants of the first wave of Azerbaijani political emigrants - Topchibashev, Jeyhun Hajibeyli, Sheikhulislamov, Maharramov and other figures of the first Republic, blown away with the wind from the Bolshevik persecution due to participation in the Paris Peace Conference, lost their national identity, Frenchified, lost their bonds and mental community with their people. If you face the truth, the founder of the Third Republic Heydar Aliyev and, of course, his successor Ilham Aliyev played an invaluable role in the recognition of Azerbaijan in France. And of course, the First Lady, Mehriban Aliyeva, whom the political elite of Paris grew to love, became the visiting card of Azerbaijan in France.

Mehriban Aliyeva is no stranger in Paris

The enchanting success of the Aliyevs in Paris is amazing. Judge for yourself, it is impossible not to appreciate the president's stunning foreign policy achievements!

Just the other day, a court in the French city of Lyon cancelled friendship agreements signed in 2017 and 2018 between the French cities of Decines-Charpieu, Saint-Etienne and the native Azerbaijani Shusha and Khojavend (former Martuni district), which are now in the Armenian occupation zone.

According to the justification of the court, these agreements contradict Article 73 of the French Constitution, which regulates the code of territorial units of the country, and other laws of France.

Thus, the French courts have already cancelled 9 such agreements signed between the cities of France and the puppet government established by Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Ilham Aliyev managed to achieve what was beyond the power of such a powerful regional power as Turkey. Official Ankara is still under the burden of a 'cold war' with official Paris. And there is a well-reasoned and logical explanation for this, because we are talking about a country, in which the powerful world Armenianship took root and strengthened for many centuries.

According to various estimates, over half a million ethnic Armenians who have preserved the ethnic authenticity live in France. Excuse me, but the Armenian diaspora in France is not represented on the trading markets, but organically merged with the French political and financial elite. Indeed, starting from the Berlin Congress, from the mid-19th century, the notorious 'Armenian question' has become firmly rooted in the political agenda of the French Empire, puzzled along with Britain and Russia by the protracted illness of the Sick Man of Europe - the Ottoman Empire. The first Armenian newspapers began to appear in France from the middle of the 19th century, and the influence of the Armenian ethnic identity on advanced French minds originates from the deposed Cypriot kings from the Armenian Lusignan dynasty. Armenians in France are far and wide, everywhere - in politics, parliament, government, banks, the media... And the names of the famous Armenian billionaires Gulbenkian and Manoukian became common nouns in the highest French world.

Armenians in Paris feel like on the streets of Yerevan

The influence of the Armenian diaspora initially on the French bourgeoisie and aristocracy, and in the post-Marxist period on the political and financial elite is evidenced by the invariable political relevance of the Armenian issue. Where did the initiative for separating Karabakh from Azerbaijan first come up? In the oldest newspaper of the French Communists, 'Humanite'! Remember the interview of academician Aganbekyan, and after that the subsequent homogeneous pro-Armenian position of the French public? Which country's parliament equated the denial of 'Armenian genocide' with blasphemy, regulating it with inadequate criminal punishment? National Assembly of France! This vicious list of the unlimited influence of the Armenian diaspora can be endlessly continued.

However, the first window from Azerbaijan to Paris was cut through by world-famous Soviet-level politician Heydar Aliyev. Outstanding political talents, the art of a diplomat, the gift of God, outstanding personal qualities and, of course, the phenomenal scale of Heydar Aliyev's personality turned the eyes of such de Gaulle era politicians as Francois Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac to Azerbaijan, which had barely gained independence.

Francois Mitterrand called Heydar Aliyev an epochal politician

With what honours the leader of a distant and unfamiliar Azerbaijan was met at the Champs Elysees. And before our eyes, day after day, hour after hour, the country acquired its geopolitical significance and exceptional self-sufficiency.

And the successor of Heydar Aliyev - the new President Ilham Aliyev was met in Paris with open arms. The president turned the first violin of European politics, Sarkozy into Azerbaijan's best friend. And later Aliyev and Macron understood each other perfectly.

Constant dropping wears away a stone. Literally, the daily painstaking and systematic work of Mehriban Aliyeva within the framework of inter-parliamentary cooperation and cultural dialogue paved the way to the hearts and minds of the progressive French elite, every day destroying centuries-old stereotypes and limiting the influence of the political tools of an impressive Armenian social group.

The result was not long in coming. With what grandeur and pomp, arrogance, liberal dances, bewitching Macron in the autumn of last year, Pashinyan and his 'revolutionary clique' met Francophonie in Yerevan!

What is hidden behind the polite smile of a European?

Paris is worth the Mass! Behind a polite European smile lies a fair conviction in the politically motivated action of the French municipalities, which made decisions under the influence of the diasporal dictate. A polite and courteous European smile is by no means evidence that its bearer will share the annexationist policy and perceive the occupation zone as self-determination. After all, a drop wears away a stone! And the daily painstaking work of the Azerbaijani authorities opened the curtain of doubt around the unfair recognition of the puppet regime in the incarnation of a national liberation movement.

This is the largest failure of the world Armenianship in general and the Armenian diaspora in France in particular. For the first time in recent years, Armenian diplomacy, like the diaspora, suffered serious damage, losing their position in the heart of Europe.

Ilham Aliyev broke the game

The blow to the policy of international recognition of the occupation regime is also a brilliant response to the growing critical voices inside Azerbaijan, demanding an asymmetric blow against the home-grown Pashinyan government, which continues and even strengthens the militaristic rhetoric of the Karabakh field commanders and takes a course to deepen the confrontation with Azerbaijan.

Whether he wants it or not, but after the verdict of the French courts, which broke the game of Armenia to legitimise the phantom regime in the occupation zone, Pashinyan will have to cool his revolutionary ardour. The Armenianship will not succeed in passing a toy Bako Sahakyan with his home-made Karabakh 'government' to the world community as the side of the conflict. This time they failed again...

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