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Browns attack authorities with slogans: 'Karabakh and Aptamil!' (Our afterword)



While the whole country, frozen in expectation, closely watched the resignation of the newly made Prime Minister Novruz Mammadov and the new ascent to the political Olympus of Ali Asadov, discussing the ups and downs in the power system of relations, a handful of excited people tried to break through to the building of the Baku City Hall. The former deputy chairman of the Popular Front party, Fuad Gahramanli, boldly led the excited crowd. Yes, that same opposition party functionary who resigned after the infamous family drama. The premiere of Ali Asadov pushed into the background the protest rally authorised by the authorities in the centre of the capital, fifty metres from the Presidential Administration building.

The authorities provided Ali Karimli and his Front with an ideal chance for political reanimation. After a long pause, the Popular Front was finally allowed to hold rallies in one of the most protest, socially active and poor densely populated areas of Baku - Lokbatan. Honestly, most of the expert community was confident that the opposition leader would not fail to take the opportunity to seize the chance. After all, the opposition, oriented towards the socially protest part of the population, was obliged to go to its electorate. Today Lokbatan, tomorrow Alat, the day after tomorrow the Absheron villages, then Guba, Beylagan, Jalilabad... The smart and strategically minded opposition, speaking in Leninist terms, would go the other way, creating an orange belt around inaccessible and impregnable Baku.

Why go far, because before our eyes is a fresh example of a victorious revolution in Armenia. Where did Pashinyan hold his first rallies barely noticeable from Yerevan with the Yelk and the Helsinki Group, after the authorities resolutely refused to provide him with space for protests at the Theatre Square? In Ijevan, and then in Gyumri. It was on the periphery that the future leader of the colour revolution gathered several hundred supporters, shouting social slogans and political calls popular among the impoverished population into a megaphone. Day after day, the geographic and political activities of the opposition expanded, reaching a massive climax in the end.

Or maybe it was worth a peek into neighbouring Russia? First, the 'Voice,' and then Navalny and Yashin, at one time giving up on the bourgeois Moscow, left for the regions, violating the usual peace of the federal authorities throughout the country. The protest wave, which intensified naturally, reached Moscow. But the Russian opposition, like any other alternative force in the world, did not hold protests for the sake of a whim, without a specific agenda. Recent protests in Moscow have been linked to the refusal of the Moscow authorities to register independent candidates. And in Armenia, the protests began with demands for the resignation of Sargsyan, who, despite his election promises, usurped power again. And in Georgia, recent protests on Rustaveli Avenue were tied to a specific issue - the provocation of the Russian deputy in the walls of parliament, which caused a storm of indignation of the whole society.

Pashinyan's first pickets

The question is, what prompted the Azerbaijani opposition to start protest actions? The demand for a rally! And what is the rally about? The people live poorly. So, centuries-old history has taught us the logical development of events in the event of popular indignation - riots, unrest, Pugachevism, Boston tea drinking, a beer coup... Why does the differentiation of society or its stratification cause natural and spontaneous protest not in the hierarchy of the social vertical, but in a politicised group alienated from the society itself? Otherwise, how to explain the reluctance of Karimli and his Front to go to the people, to Lokbatan, to the outback?

Moreover, if the civilised and responsible political opposition in neighbouring countries takes responsibility for the initiated political protest, then why doesn't Karimli, who convenes the picket, appear at the head of his supporters? Navalny and Yashin are regulars in Moscow pre-trial detention centres, they themselves hold solitary pickets. Why can't Karimli condescend to his people, even to his scanty supporters, lost in the narrow alleys of Baku? There was no pathetic Gultekin Hajibayli. Jamil Hasanli disappeared somewhere... Why didn't they come? Is it cowardice or bragging? Or maybe the desire to cause unrest with the hands of inconspicuous deceived young people and the wind-blown Fuad Gahramanli, who has nothing left to lose in life but his party card? Moreover, except for Gahramanli, for some reason, another well-known character from a forgotten history appeared in Ahundov Square garden - the former special representative of Rasul Guliyev in opposition, Nuraddin Mammadli. And he came with a group of black shirts - and loudly called on onlookers to rise from the ashes and win! The police had to explain for a long time to the activist who rose from the ashes of Guliyev that the picket is not a form of public expression of opinions and visual agitation. Nuraddin did not understand, so he had to be detained.

Navalny next to his supporters, even during solitary pickets

A strange brown squad descended to the old Governor's Garden, provoking the police to clashes and a tough confrontation. Again, on a normal warm autumn day in Baku, a fuss was made in the city centre. It would be possible to understand and forgive people who paralysed the centre of Baku if these activists were outraged by Novruz Mammadov's 'unjust resignation' or who were jubilant for the rebirth of Ali Asadov...

But the demands of the opposition, which paralysed traffic in broad daylight, represent eclecticism, sophistry, clowning... Oppositionists demanded the immediate return of Karabakh and the equally immediate allocation of funds for baby food from the budget. And the only obstacle to getting baby food in the browns' view is government and the president. Having got rid of them, the people will receive Karabakh and Aptamil...

And Karimli loafed about in the network bushes

Karimli asked for a picket, but in his own manner provoked a group of browns, and then black shirts, to the procession and fights with the police. He wanted a picket, but it turned out as always, he himself went into the bushes, and left his supporters without Karabakh and Aptamil. This is what we saw in yesterday's opposition kaleidoscope.

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