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Lions, not beaten foxes, win in Azerbaijani politics (Word about ghost image)



It is difficult for the Azerbaijani people to perceive Ali Karimli in the image of the future president of their country. And not only because of the unforgivable, if not fatal mistake - a ghost of the past, because the so-called opposition leader has been playing along with the authorities for almost 9 years. He was raised, he was helped - organizationally, financially, supplying deputy mandates, administrative and media resources. For many years, the role-playing game of Ali Karimli with the officials of Heydar and Ilham Aliyev was due to iron commitments and faith in tomorrow. Karimli pulled back a part of the protest electorate, preventively restraining the expansion of the influence of Musavat and Isa Gambar.

In return, he strengthened his place in the political system and in the structure of parliamentarism, unjustly and unfairly continuing his great voyage in big politics. This was not a social contract, but a separate, if not treacherous, conspiracy in nature and attitude towards colleagues. Can this be explained by the philosophy of political pragmatism? Features of the Azerbaijani political system do not leave room for such explanations. I repeat, Karimli did not play, but played along. He did not enter equal coalitions and political unions, but merely played the role assigned from above.

How can one erase the treacherous and vile insinuations of Karimli from the memory of the people regarding the patriarch of the national democrats - Elchibey? And after a tough internal party struggle against the Kalaki recluse, whom the authorities called to Baku to fight against the only threat at that time - the oligarch Rasul Guliyev, today's shameless posthumous panegyrics at the tomb of the leader, whom during his life Karimli's publications called "AIDS-bearer", look like cynicism. Karimli is the very personification of unscrupulousness and cynicism. An inveterate double-dealing man and an opportunist beaten up by his own, embraced by a blind passion of power from the time he worked in the Komsomol, then in the Popular Front, and then in the ranks of the false opposition. Anticipating the intrigues of future battles, Karimli went for a taste of power on the street. Today he is already a street opposition.

However, Karimli surpassed himself yesterday. The leader of the frontists staged a lyrical dramatic soap opera in front of the eyes of the whole country. With a bandage on his forehead, with tears in his eyes and deliberately frightening words, Karimli heartbreakingly described the scene of his beating by the police. And again a mistake. A politician who claims to be a leader in Azerbaijan should never show his weaknesses. Eastern politics is a delicate matter, for it is difficult to convince people and supporters of one's strength if you demonstrate your human weaknesses. Politician in Azerbaijan is always superman! You can cause a tear. But reverence never!

Suppose Karimli was subjected to incredibly brutal torture, and the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs put him in a Spanish boot. But why tell your supporters about this? Pity me? So in the Azerbaijani understanding of leadership charisma, this means humiliating oneself in the eyes of one's followers. Show the brutality of the authorities and the police? Again F. Next time, the scene described by Karimli will frighten off most of the Front supporters who have decided on a desperate act. If guided by the theory of Machiavelli, strong lions win in Azerbaijani politics, not beaten, albeit insidious, cunning foxes. Karimli on the air of Osmangyzy TV looked like a beaten miserable fox. What caused the tear of the TV presenter - an ordinary woman. An incredible fatal mistake for a politician who claims to have a leading role in Azerbaijani politics.

If Karimli really wanted to impress the pretty presenter and not indifferent viewers, then he had to remove the bandage live without mentioning the incident in the wagon. What is A. Karimli doing instead?! He tells in detail how the police mocked him and even tried to kill, strangle him ... while threatening to capture all the scenes of torture on camera. Karimli, carried away by his painting, passionately and impressively for an hour talked about torture over himself. And an hour later (!!!), complaining of feeling unwell, because he, he said, had almost died not so long ago, left the studio in his own apartment.

Of course, Karimli lied. What is evidenced by a medical certificate signed by himself, issued by the hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The police put Karimli in a paddy wagon, so he tried to resist there. Then they found only light abrasions from the edge of the forehead. He was taken to the hospital, where the doctors applied a small sterile dressing. But in general, the leader of the frontists behaved quietly, silently listening to the police's teachings about the inadmissibility of unauthorized protests. Only occasionally assented, nodding his head in agreement.

Suppose the experts of the hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are lying. And they really tried to strangle Karimli like a blind kitten. But in this case, why did such a politically responsible and principled person, a fighter for the popular cause, agree to sign a false and far-fetched medical report? Was Karimli forced to sign a medical examination? If forced, why didn't he announce this on the dramatic broadcast of Osmangyzy?! So, withheld it?! Lied? Lied about torture or was afraid to tell about his own fear of being subjected to new torture in case of refusal to sign a medical conclusion?

One way or another, but such a vulgar lie diluted by inept stage techniques could not remain out of the attention of pedantic observers.

Of course, no one used violence against Karimli. For what? From the first minutes, Karimli did not hide his bare nerves, there was confusion, a fear of loneliness in front of an impressive police army... He never left the small crowd of journalists, squeezed into their ranks with horror on his face.

Most likely, the frontist leader simply did not fail to seize the opportunity to enter the role of a martyr - a political fighter, drawing parallels with another frontist leader Abulfaz Elchibey, who was beaten in 1991 on Sovetskaya Street. For the second time in the entire political history of Azerbaijan, a politician appeared before his voters and people with a bandage on his forehead. After all, later the frontists, and even young Karimli himself, parasitized for a long time on the image of a bearded martyr with a bandage on his forehead. So there was an opportunity to reuse the forgotten ghost image, which to this day scares Azerbaijan.

Let this ghost image be a good reminder to us all, taught by the bitter experience of the ferocious one-year rule of the neo-Bolshevik clique that is still haunting our Azerbaijan.

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