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Mikayil Jabbarov's example is not contagious so far (Our thoughts)



Here is a precedent for the Azerbaijani bureaucratic class. The new Minister of Economy, Mikayil Jabbarov spoke about the main priorities in his work, not even having time to adapt to his new office. Until now, a minister was appointed by the head of state, entered his new office and only then began his activities. Of course, a member of the government previously informed the president in detail about how he was going to build his work in the light of his orders and instructions. But the broad masses could only guess the views of the new minister, and even then many years later.

And here the well-known, but newly made Mikayil Jabbarov immediately spoke openly on the AzTV state channel: Here I am, the new minister and that's what I want to achieve. 'Our goals are clear: accelerating economic growth, especially in the non-oil sector, improving the conditions for small and medium-sized businesses, and ensuring free competition. In the coming weeks, we will prepare a program on how to achieve these goals,' this statement can be briefly described.

As they say, couldn't have been more transparent. And the matter is not only in the somewhat extraordinary, if not unnatural for us, act of the new minister. His speech, which, according to Jabbarov himself, is still far from the ministry’s program, also deserves serious attention. How does he see his new position" Let us listen to the minister himself.

The main goal of the Ministry of Economy is to reflect a holistic view of the economy, and there are a number of tools for this. One of them is tax policy, which the minister perceives as a factor in the competitiveness of the economy. It is no secret that both local and foreign investors, depending on the tax burden, its level, tax administration culture, decide to open a business, invest in a particular country. Therefore, tax policy should be aimed at expanding economic opportunities and developing the competitiveness of the economy. And this, in turn, will lead to economic growth, expansion of the tax base, economic activity, increase in tax revenues. According to him, in a large and transparent economy, large tax revenues can be provided.

Mikayil Jabbarov

The skilful resolution of issues of state ownership significantly affects the economic activity of the country too. Here, the minister emphasised the activities of natural monopolists, which is typical not only for Azerbaijan, but also for the economy of any country. Organisations providing infrastructure services affect tariffs and the level of economic activity in the country. And Jabbarov expressed confidence that the new super-ministry would successfully solve the tasks by working with relevant government agencies and state-owned companies.

The minister emphasised the importance of the efficient use of state property. This tool should serve the goals of economic policy, namely, aimed at developing small and medium-sized businesses, attracting investments, especially foreign ones. At the same time, he noted that, as in other areas, the work will have to start not from scratch. In recent years, work has been done in all areas, and a healthy foundation has been created. 'We will continue to work in areas where there are gaps, and there is a need for improvement, while maintaining all our achievements,' he emphasised.

Indeed, there are positive changes in our economy. The country has a low level of external debt, and macroeconomic stability is ensured. Since the beginning of the year, there has been a tendency to move from an informal economy to a formal one, that is, the government is taking the economy out of the 'shadow.' This can be seen in new employment contracts, an increase in the number of jobs, tax and customs revenues, and a number of other economic factors.

At the same time, certain gaps still remain in the country's economy. Incidentally, President Ilham Aliyev repeatedly pointed to them in his speeches. The ministry's work should be aimed at eliminating these shortcomings and achieving set goals. And for this, the Azerbaijani economy should be provided with the necessary resources, which will ensure increased economic activity, stimulate the creation of new jobs, increase employment.

It was on these notes that Minister Mikayil Jabbarov entered office. Entered confidently, knowledgeably, which made it clear to the public in his speech. Thus setting a good example for future ministers. A closed, inaccessible official is not only not properly perceived by the public, he cannot inspire his subordinates with his example and lead them along. But they also need to see the whole picture, especially when it comes to the country's economy, and not blindly follow the 'valuable instructions' of their boss. Only in such a situation is it possible to provide a creative approach to work.

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