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EU ambassador prepares “street fighting scenario” for Baku (Leading article)



EU Ambassador to Azerbaijan Kestutis Jankauskas is preparing a “street fighting scenario” for Azerbaijan. The day before, the ambassador met with the organizer of the riots, the leader of the extremist Popular Front Party Ali Karimli. Judging by the words of A. Karimli himself, K. Yankauskas expressed full solidarity with the actions of political extremists who tried to bring down systemic stability and cause mass unrest in the Azerbaijani capital.

Ali Karimli writes on his Facebook page: “The ambassador once again repeated his position, voiced after the rally on October 19. The European Union considers freedom of assembly as one of the fundamental human rights and hopes that the Azerbaijani government in accordance with its international obligations will ensure the realization of the right to freedom of assembly. The EU calls for an investigation into the dispersal of the rally and the detention of protesters. In addition, the EU is calling for the release of the persons detained at protests.”

Ali Karimli announced the appearance of Yankauskas to our people

If the European ambassador does not disavow the words of the leader of the extremists and does not refute the fact of meeting with A. Karimli, then the Azerbaijani authorities can come to a disappointing conclusion for both themselves and the EU on the implementation of a hostile foreign policy concept regarding the legitimate government of Azerbaijan.

How is it that the EU, in the person of the ambassador, supports the sinister and blasphemous attempt of an extra-systemic marginal political riffraff who decided on unconstitutional actions against the Azerbaijani government? Moreover, the ambassador actually challenges the authorities, for he receives the leader of the extremists on the eve of the new illegal protest announced on November 2!

The Azerbaijani authorities, in accordance with their constitutional obligations, granted one of the political organizations, the National Council of Opposition Forces, the right to hold a rally. Opposition has been allocated a special arena for mass actions - the Baku settlement of Lokbatan.

Probably, K. Yankauskas is not aware of the upheavals of the political history of the country in which he is staying, but the ambassador should analyze the history of the problematic issue of holding mass rallies in Baku to make sure that the opposition traditionally held its actions outside the city center. Permanent opponents of the authorities gathered their supporters at the Baku Motodrom, on the 20th section, in the territory of the Yasamal district... That is, over the past 26 years of the New Azerbaijan Party’s rule, the opposition has never gathered protests in the center of the capital.

From year to year extremists gathered outside the city

And all attempts to carry out such illegal actions were harshly suppressed by law enforcement officers. The Azerbaijani government did not take on international obligations to provide the center of the capital for an extra-systemic opposition to organize riots. You say the right to freedom of expression? Please, but only in Hyde parks, as in civilized countries, in specially designated places for protesters, which do not impede a peaceful and quiet life of those who disagree with opponents of the government.

Probably, the authorities could provide a civilized parliamentary opposition with places for protest in the center of the capital. However, to the deepest regret of the authorities, the Azerbaijani opposition, not hiding their open intentions and desperate attempts to overthrow and usurp the authorities, degraded to the essence of a declassified riffraff, a marginal-extremist force propagandizing a revolutionary scenario for the development of the situation. Needless to say, after all, in the motley opposition itself, heated debates broke out around the relentless information attacks of the ultimatist non-Bolshevik part of the dissenting. One of the zealous opponents of the current government, the leader of the realists, political prison No.1 according to the EU, Ilgar Mammadov in continuous debate, accusing the Popular Front Party of adherence to extreme radical views, strongly persuades this opposition front to move away from the platform of revolutionary overthrow of power and focus on the theory of evolutionary change of power by parliamentary way. However, political extremism in the person of Karimli defames Mammadov, accusing him of being a renegade and of apostasy. However, the Popular Front Party does not hide its tactical goals: to cause unrest throughout the country and undermine the foundations of systemic stability, leading to the emergence of a qualitatively new political situation in which a multimillion mass of people will achieve the forcible elimination of the current government. The question arises - why does Karimli discard civilized forms of struggle and recognize the inability to achieve political change with the help of elective technologies? So, due to its small size, lack of structured and ramified organization throughout the country, PFPA is not a priori ready for an equal and fair fight. Karimli's only chance is a violent method of struggle.

On October 19, the police in a matter of minutes overcame a handful

Karimli does not even have a hundred functionaries who could be put up as an alternative to the party in power in the upcoming parliamentary elections. There are no party institutions, an ideological platform, or a development program for the country... Karimli’s supporters come out to street protests with one slogan - “Istefa!” (Resign!). A handful of politically active people demand the resignation of legitimate institutions of power formed by popular expression. The EU ambassador, judging by the words of Karimli, recalls the ephemeral international obligations of the authorities, while forgetting about the internationally recognized institutions of the government itself, the overthrow of which is preached day and night by a narrow layer of unprincipled scumbag nihilists.

Karimli, a comedic beer coup putschist from the past century, openly calls for plunging the country into chaos, promoting the so-called “Venezuelan scenario” of destabilizing the country. Excuse me, but even in Venezuela, with which the notorious liberal Western world interrupted all relations, the opposition won the last parliamentary election, winning 67 percent of the vote! But does the EU ambassador know, irresponsibly discussing the obligations of Azerbaijan, that the opposition in the person of Karimli refused to participate in the last parliamentary elections?!

The streets of Venezuela - the dream of the EU ambassador?

Karimli argues that the reactionary political realities that prevailed in Azerbaijan did not allow the opposition to get involved in the political struggle. Are democratic freedoms more limited in Azerbaijan, which is a member of the Council of Europe and is under the jurisdiction of the European Court, than in the countries of the generals of sand quarries? What an absurd argument? What kind of distortion of reality? Is it possible to compare Azerbaijan with its free Internet and real freedom of expression with closed countries, where participants in illegal actions are not subjected to administrative arrests, but simply banally shot in alleys and in the gateway?

In their delusional analogies, a faceless bunch of extremists alienated from the people rushes from one extreme to the other - forcing the Sudanese scenario, Chilean protest, Armenian love revolution, Georgian fatalism, Ukrainian misfortune, the Arab war of all against all, on the millions... Karimli now is inspired by the rays of the revolutionary Santiago. Mursi lost relevance in Karimli's sermons, now he admires the heroism of the Sandinists and Corvalan.

However, as a result, on the narrow streets of Baku, behind Karimli’s narrow, feeble shoulders, not a million crowd of like-minded people are formed, but well-known same people of the party troublemakers-brothers. Karimli is again implacable in search of an excuse for his own mediocrity, worthlessness and inability to lead even a dissatisfied part of the population (and there are always dissatisfied and dissenting in any developed society - from America to Germany itself), cowardly shifts the blame on those in power. Again repression and punishers are to blame!

Is the Azerbaijani government more insidious and powerful than Mubarak, Gaddafi, Chavez, Khamenei and even Putin? Indeed, in these countries, contrary to the desire of the authorities and the insinuations of the special services, tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions of protesters came to the central squares! And these millions destroyed on their way not only police cordons, but also the idols of the regime and the institutions of power. Is it really so difficult to face the truth and admit, voice the truth? Recognize and leave, even with regret in the eyes and on one's lips! Real politicians leave with dignity, submitting to the universal law, since from ancient times politics is the art of the possible. But the extremists, who chose the path of struggle for an instant victory at any cost, are not able to leave the square.

Before Karimli, after the failed attempts of the color revolutions, a whole cohort of politicians went into oblivion: Panahli, Huseyn, Gambar, Mammadov... Where are they all? These insignificant quasi-leaders, who fell out of the lousy frontcoat of Elchibey, were unable to explain to the ambassadors of the Liberal International and the ordinary consuls of the revolution the collapse of the ideas of a permanent color revolution in Azerbaijan... The government provided the people with freedom of choice, free Internet, freedom of self-organization, freedom of assembly. But in the fateful moment on the free square, under the banner of the revolution, only a few thousand fighters went, taking responsibility for the fate of the people. But the people themselves did not follow the revolution. The people were asked, and the same people chose their government. Quasi-leaders beat the alarm, accusing the authorities of stealing the popular voice. But why didn’t the people themselves defend themselves? None of the leaders in the rancid frontist overcoat withstood before this question...

Even back in 2003, people didn’t go to the protest squares

Is Ambassador Jankauskas knowledgeable of our eventful history? And why did the EU ambassador go against the will of the people, against its choice, aspirations and expression of will? The ambassador demands an area for a bunch of rebels? The ambassador wants to free those who promise to turn Baku into Beirut, and Azerbaijan into Lebanon? And, finally, the main defining question, the most burning one, in order to determine external friends and external enemies. Solidarity with extremists who have yet another stability challenge, which, according to liberal Obama, is undoubtedly above democracy, was shown by ambassador alone, or the thirst to turn pacified Baku into a Syrian theater of political fire torments the souls of greater Brussels nobles? Answer !!!

We don't know whether the ambassador will be able to find the strength to answer our questions. But we will not miss the opportunity to satisfy the curiosity of the EU ambassador regarding the fate of the upcoming opposition rally. Either on November 2, Karimli with his group will retire to Lokbatan, where the police will ensure the complete safety of the rally authorized by the authorities. Or if extremists rush to the center of the capital again, then they will face an even tougher rebuff from the police. An illegal demonstration is dispersed in London, Paris and Berlin. Extremists will be beaten and thrown out of the center of the capital, just as left-wing activists, "yellow vests", Blockupy and Occupy in Frankfurt, Paris and Brussels...

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