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Friendship is the new service (About results of Ilham Aliyev's new project)



President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in almost all his speeches emphasises that all the initiatives of the government are based on concern for the citizens of the country, their well-being. Each large-scale political or economic step is primarily aimed at improving the well-being of citizens. Therefore, today the answers to questions about the social development of the population must be sought not only in social programs, which, by the way, can be counted in dozens. Moreover, very large-scale ones both in terms of population coverage and financial capacity.

It is enough to note such important steps in the field of improving the well-being of the population as the successful result of the package of social reforms carried out by the head of state last year in two stages. These transformations have provided significant support for improving the well-being of more than 5 million citizens. In particular, a more than twofold increase in the minimum wage and the minimum size of pensions and social benefits was provided.

'Dost' became Aliyevs' main project in the past year

Hundreds of thousands of citizens and all banks of the country felt a great relief as a result of solving the problem of problem loans and their restructuring. True, the results of the year have not yet been summed up, but in accordance with the instruction of the head of state, families of martyrs and persons who have received disabilities due to participation in the war should be provided with 800 apartments, and 600 citizens with free cars. Not to mention several new rehabilitation and social services, as well as 10 thousand families who took advantage of the Self-Employment Program.

It seems that you should not delve into the statistics, which remained already in the last year. Much has been written about this, and all this will be continued in the beginning of the year, but, of course, in a new version, taking into account the ongoing reforms. Moreover, in this area, great innovative changes are coming. In particular, the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Sahil Babayev, is determined to turn DOST centres into a new brand of Azerbaijan.

And if the first national brand ASAN service is the brainchild of President Ilham Aliyev, the new DOST service was created on the initiative of First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva. This is a unique project in the field of rendering state social services, which allows rendering 126 services in the fields of employment, labour, social protection and social security from a single window. Sustainable and Operational Social Security Agency DOST (Dayanıqlı və Operativ Sosial Təminat Agentliyi) will provide services to 2.8 million people. In total, in 2019-2025, it is planned to open 31 DOST centres in Baku and the country's regions.

The service will provide services to 2.8 million people

Six months ago, the first DOST centre appeared, and today the agency plans to digitise 91 services out of 132 in this system. According to Babayev, one of the important goals of the electronic systems created by the ministry in various fields is to create an individual social program for every citizen as a result.

In accordance with the instructions of the head of state, within the framework of measures to improve administrative execution, the ministry took the necessary steps in the field of creating services for the population on electronic technologies. Of course, all these advantages of new innovative undertakings are difficult to evaluate immediately, but over time, people will certainly appreciate it.

So, the country's population has already managed to evaluate the portal 'e-Social,' which was first launched in September 2018 as a social population register, with more than 150 thousand active users. It gives citizens the opportunity to access the social information collected about them and use the services of employment, types of social security, etc. in a flexible mode. Last year, as the first proactive service, a transition to an automated mechanism for assigning pensions was made, and about 15 electronic appointment systems for social benefits and scholarships were developed and put into operation. A number of new electronic destination systems and referral services will also be launched this year. And after the completion of digitisation, directly electronic systems will form an individual social program for each citizen, where employment, social security and other opportunities of citizens will be determined, relevant proposals will be sent to them. All this will put an end to the excessive circulation of citizens in 'social security offices,' humiliation, begging from an arrogant official of a designated purpose, requisitions, etc.

Yes, DOST centres reflect the social policies of the government. There are reforms, innovations, the fight against corruption and bribery, new technologies, and the involvement of young people in this work, and the activities of volunteers. That is, these centres reflect the face of modern Azerbaijan, and, as the head of state said, the country should develop in this way. DOST services clearly demonstrate that the citizen of Azerbaijan is at the centre of the president's policy, and the principles of social justice and humanism are at the heart of the social policy pursued by him.

Ilham Aliyev always notes that a strong economy and strong social policy are priorities of the state course. His large-scale reforms demonstrate a transition to a new qualitative stage. And there is no doubt that important steps to ensure social security in the country will continue in the future.

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