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Yunus left for Armenia to get a book (Leading article)



Long permanent pseudo-revolutionary struggle of the Azerbaijani opposition for power was inextricably linked with the human rights platform. Some kind of muddy sluggish transition from a political form to a human rights one and the same whitish, but demoniac backflow from a political hypostasis to an unformed half-hearted, imperfect dissidentism. The epic form of this reincarnation has been the Yunus couple.

Surprisingly, over the past year, nothing has been heard of either the martyr Leyla Yunus, nor her legendary squire Arif Yunusov, although other human rights activists have criticised the Azerbaijani government for the presence of mythical political prisoners, as Mr Slutsky figuratively put it the day before.

Leyla Yunus on V.I. Lenin Square, 1988

Almost a year ago, another amazing, almost Stendhal like metamorphosis occurred with Leyla Yunus. She once again revised the place of the National Democrat political cult - Elchibey - in our recent history. And the umpteenth time in just a quarter of a century. This time, Yunus recognised Elchibey as a base agent of the Soviet KGB, who in the last years of his life faithfully served the Aliyev philosophy of statehood. Yunus disowned the national democrats. And the followers of the Elchibey idea cursed the opportunist. At the end of the last century, Yunus at least twice revised her attitude to Elchibeyism: from apologetics to rebuke.

One of the founders of the Popular Front, a few days before the bloody January, condemning the political adventure of the Elchibey guard to overthrow the legitimate Soviet regime, slamming the door loudly, left the movement, joining the Social Democratic Party. And in the same unceremonious way, after Elchibey's coming to power, broke up with like-minded people to take up the tiny position of head of the press-centre of the Defence Ministry in the new rebel government. Yunus swore allegiance to Elchibey. In order to break this oath later. With the escape of the rebellious president, Yunus has once again been reviewing the role and place in the history of the troublemaker of Azerbaijan. She again anathematised him. Just to pass again under the banners of his followers after some time... And this frantically endless riding on a ferris wheel was accompanied by jumping from the political field to the human rights ranks of those who disagree.

Yunus with President Elchibey

Finally, after the onset of general depression and a state of alienation caused by the logical historical defeat of the colourless and mediocre epigon of Elchibey - Isa Gambar - another amazing metamorphosis occurred with Yunus. Together with Eldar Zeynalov and his possessed flame, Leyla Yunus and her husband-conflictologist laid the foundation for the notorious public corruption. For the first time in the history of the human rights movement, dissidents got involved in dirty trading with lists of fictitious political prisoners. In the sour 2000s, Yunus turned into the target of her own colleagues in the human rights workshop: corruption scandals surrounding the loud names of political prisoners-ministers shocked the country. Then the human rights activist was accused of stealing Western grants...

And this dirty path of infamy and dishonour led Yunus to a Baku prison. There was a new reincarnation of the martyr, who took up the epistolary genre of describing her torment, drawing parallels with the great martyrs of the Soviet Gulag Solzhenitsyn and Grossman, the Kalym recluse Shalamov, the sufferer Sakharov... However, the fleeting months later, ending the historical reincarnation, Yunus returned to the boring days of a usual prison life and turned to the documentary epistolary genre - filling up the president's office with self-derogatory letters with a plea for forgiveness. They have taken pity and forgiven her. And having shown impeccable acting, worthy of Taganka theatre, Yunus, dressed in dirty sackcloth, in torn shreds and rags, with unkempt grey hair sticking out in different directions, appeared before the caring audience in search of compassion. Everyone took pity and forgave her.

Yunus acting worthy of Taganka theatre

And again, fury and trivial cynicism. Yunus, having left Baku and landing in the distant Netherlands, in an expensive French suit, with a cute hairstyle and bunches of dyed hair, imposingly and elegantly declared: 'It was a manoeuvre to save oneself from dictatorship!'

Yunus is a one-of-a-kind politician who provoked a consolidated sense of hostility and disgust. And it's not just about cynicism. On her life path paved with bad intentions, she was able to give up anything, including the national question.

Yunus will forever remain in Azerbaijani memory as a politician who during the days of the legendary special operation 'Ring' - the sweeping of Armenian militant bearded men in Chaykend during the rule of President Ayaz Mutalibov, along with another frontist - Hikmet Hajizadeh (another unnatural phenomenon in our politics), in the Baltic states was ringing the alarm, urging the international community to cool and condemn Azerbaijan for the 'mass deportation of Armenians.' She charged the president with the fight against illegal Armenian armed groups and demanded his resignation. Decades later, the same Yunus also opposed the victorious blitzkrieg of the Azerbaijani army during the April war. And she demanded the resignation of another president. Moreover, it was Yunus who consistently cultivated in Azerbaijani public opinion of the idea of inter-ethnic reconciliation without a fair political settlement of the conflict.

Yunus tells Armenian MPs about problems in Baku

By and large, being rejected by the authorities and branded by like-minded national democrats, Yunus cut off her path to Azerbaijan. But life goes on, and in the distant Netherlands, the Yunus couple is simply obliged to make ends meet. They will not be able to start all over again. And the couple continued the exploitation of 'Azerbaijani lawlessness,' but in a slightly different perspective - through the Armenian prism of attitude.

Yunus returned to her beloved, heartbreaking lyric-dramatic story of her martyrdom in the 'Azerbaijani Gulag,' publishing with her husband, an appendage-conflictologist, the memoirs 'From the Soviet Gulag to the Azerbaijani Prison.' The book was published with Armenian money in Poland in the KEW printing house. Returning to the properly exploited dissident path, the Yunus appear before the European public in the form of sufferers who described 'their own unreformed life story.' Of course, the couple appears in the guise of dirty performers of the supreme will of the customer of the 'monumental work' - libelists trying to discredit the Azerbaijani government. With the support of Armenian sponsors, the Yunus couple managed to reprint several times the paranoid story of the embodiment of Stalinism in the modern era. However, the paranoiac story is dedicated not only to the resettlement of Stalin's souls and murderers into the new millennium - the book tells about the ordeals and torments of Arif Yunusov himself, who in one chapter talks about his roots, his mother - Arshalus Arsenovna, about intolerance and prejudice of Azerbaijanis towards Armenians.

According to the precepts of mother Arshalus

And in the near future, with the support of their partner in Yerevan, the former head of the Armenian special services, David Shakhnazaryan, the Yunus are preparing to sell the story of 'terrifying Azerbaijani reality' from the bookstores of Armenia.

Maybe it was not worth turning over this shameful page from the scruffy past of Azerbaijani frontism, because its heroes remained below the line of no return. Do we recall, say, another character of the Elchibey tribune from Lenin Square - Alikram Humbatov, who chose collaboration as the source of a new struggle against Azerbaijan? No, still it was worth telling about the false memoirs and a new turn in the fate of Yunus. Indeed, for some, the annoying accusations by the Azerbaijani authorities of the pro-Armenian stance of the Yunus couple might seem like an unnecessary political hyperbole. The country should know everything about its traitors... Now the Yunus have left for Armenia forever, never to return to Azerbaijan.

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