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Armenians want to imprison whole newspaper... (Or how Armenians outsmarted themselves with Karabakh)



I hasten to congratulate all world Azerbaijanis with amazing news: the Armenians are going to imprison the most popular Moscow 'Nezavisimaya Gazeta,' and at the same time all those who are somehow connected with the publication of the article 'Sumgayit Tragedy.'

We will not dwell on the content of the mentioned newspaper material. Even without that, every resident of Azerbaijan, as well as Armenia, knows what is at stake. I decided to take up a pen on this subject due to the fact that the Armenian side roared violently, protested as if for the first time it heard this famous name 'Sumgayit.' This city before Eduard Grigoryan and his friends staged pogroms and raped several of his compatriots, was known as Komsomolsk-on-the Caspian Sea and was famous for its youth traditions: festivals, friendly meetings, the multi-ethnic character of the population. Then it was called an internationalist characteristic.

I don't know how others, but personally I always liked just such Soviet cities, in them a citizen of any ethnicity felt like a Soviet person. The first time, faith in this observation of mine was shaken by my Moscow colleague from Tbilisi Armenians, one Artur Gevorgyan. 'And what's so good about it? A city, like a person, must have its own ethnicity,' he said. 'You're right, if you mean only the cities of Armenia,' I replied. 'The rest of the world is moving in a different direction.'

Sumgayit, 1970s

Nevertheless, I am far from thinking that the latest history has confirmed my vision of the advantages of the multi-ethnic existence of cities in the territory of the former USSR. Everything just looks quite the opposite. I can be comforted by the fact that neither in America nor in Europe they are going to take advantage of the sad experience of the USSR, which, with the help of Armenians, has exchanged cohabitation of people of different ethnicity for a society of frenzied nationalists. In connection with these thoughts, I recall the conversation of several directors from neighbouring Transcaucasian factories who took part in the traditional exchange of production experience in Baku. Having listened to the Russian speech of a clearly multi-ethnic audience in a restaurant, a guest from Georgia, it seemed to me, with a certain degree of envy remarked: 'Everybody speaks Russian. This, of course, is strange, but nonetheless pleasant.'

'But in our country, we can say that 99 per cent of the inhabitants speak Armenian,' the guest from Yerevan continued. 'Return to your capital as soon as possible, and then its population will become Armenian 100 per cent,' the Tbilisi resident parried with anger.

Later Azerbaijanis had to see a lot of things, and almost three decades after the last Azerbaijani left Yerevan, the Armenian diplomat in Moscow intends to prosecute the popular 'Nezavisimaya Gazeta' newspaper, its editor and other newspaper men for publishing the article 'Sumgait tragedy: How it started and how it was.' The Armenian avengers, probably, will get to the author of the article Lev Askerov, and it won't be long after that for me, Rasim Agayev, to be 'brought to justice.' They will establish that I have been friends with Lev since childhood, more than once wrote about the Armenian conspiracy not only against Azerbaijan, but first of all, and mainly against Russia.

Judge for yourself: the Americans pushed the idea of perestroika to Gorbachev, and they immediately supported the aggressive claims of the Armenians to the ancestral territories of Azerbaijan.

Gorbachev in Armenia, 1988

Then the process of sovereignty went all over the Soviet country. The Americans have achieved their goal — the USSR has ceased to exist. But what about the Armenians? Nothing. Having seized Azerbaijani lands, they do not know what to do with this baggage further. And they really want to eat. But it's not possible to get anything to eat from Karabakh. The Armenians are again out of habit go with questions to Moscow. And there's no Gorbachev there any longer. But Putin is not interested in Karabakh. And why should he quarrel with the Azerbaijanis. They also reached an understanding with the Americans.

'And how suddenly it all changed. What are we Armenians fighting with the Azerbaijanis for? Relations with everyone were ruined and as a result, as we were hungry, so we remained,' ordinary Armenians ask unanswered questions. However, it cannot be said that the Hayastanis [Armenians] fell into such a hopeless situation. There is a way out and at the same time it has been repeatedly tested by the Armenians since their 'Great Hayastan' had been smashed centuries ago. It is necessary, as they used to say in olden times, to harness the horses and rush wherever your eyes look. And in recent years, eyes have been burning exclusively in the Russian direction. There are now more Armenians accumulated there than in Europe and even America!

So the Armenians disperse again around the world. You can, of course, sing an old song that the Turks or Azerbaijanis are to blame. But who will believe this today?

On one of the Armenian sites that published data on the number of Armenians in the world, one of the readers bitterly wrote: 'For about 50 years they say about 11 million Armenians! Over these years no one died and wasn't born?'

It's time to wait a little longer and it will be possible to observe the rallies throughout the former Soviet Union with the demand of the Armenians to return their homeland to them. And they say that the Armenians are the smartest and most cunning. On the other hand, they outsmarted themselves with this Karabakh...

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