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Opposition attacks government with slogans of sexism(Almost according to Michel Foucault)



Yesterday, a small group of so-called Azerbaijani feminists, led by former deputy candidate Rabia Mammadova, held a protest rally in the old crowded Baku Parapet Square, which since late Soviet times has been called Fountain Square. Parapet is a favourite place for general festivities. And all the marginal sect organisations, including the national democrat opposition, are trying in vain to break into this very square, which is so frequented by the Baku people. Not only to attract attention. But also in order to create a spectacular picture of a popular rally of indignation and protest. Political technology, which has fallen on edge, the protesters rub themselves into the crowd, shouting slogans and curses among unsuspecting passersby. And the police, which suppresses the illegal action, is forced to cordon off this whole hustle and bustle. How to understand, who is a random passer-by, and who is a participant in an unauthorised action?

Lipstick feminism as a new phenomenon in Azerbaijan

The girls who unexpectedly surfaced on Parapet are carriers of the so-called lipstick feminism, the third ugly wave of advocates of gender equality. Although Rabiya Mammadova herself, in general, can be attributed to the representatives of the second wave, who strongly reject the manifestation of femininity. Rabiya can easily be confused with a pumped up man from a distant periphery. And above the head of this rude masculine creature the main slogan of the participants of the action was revealed: 'To whom I want, I give.' Do you understand everything? In the centre of the patriarchal Muslim capital with traditionalist foundations, strange lipstick feminists appear with the slogans of free sexism. Typical primitivisation of social frames. And these supporters of Michel Foucault, the founding father of the sexual feminist movement, are turning their anger against the government. But how could it be otherwise, because according to Foucault's theory, sexuality is the source of political struggle. Foucault's delusions subsequently received a second life in the theoretical research of the British sociologist Catherine Hakim. This sociologist went even further than the French philosopher, proposing to the female part of the planet a new definition: erotic capital. That is, according to the conclusion of Hakim, a woman in her political activity and struggle for power should primarily use natural endowment and sexual attractiveness. The spouse of the deputy chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Zumrud Yagmur was in the front ranks of the protesters. And next to her some young girl raised a poster: 'I won't raise a child, but I'll have a fling at night.' Just imagine the scale of moral decay and licentiousness! An equally immoral poster 'Vagina is mine, I'll give it to whom I want' was carried in the hands of another recent opposition candidate Vafa Nagiyeva...

The obvious call for the corruption of public morality

And this ugly scene was timed to coincide with World Women's Day - 8 March. What does lipstick feminism and the propaganda of sexism have to do with the holy ideals of the Communists of the Socialist International, who sacrificed their lives on the altar of liberation of women fighting for suffrage and improving working conditions, one can only guess.

And the ideological inspirer of this political striptease was the freelancer Khadija Ismayilova, infamous in Azerbaijan and beyond. Of course, Ms Ismayilova cannot boast of her erotic capital, nature has rested here, however, Ismayilova has devoted the last ten years of her bright life to the fight against pseudo-Victorian prejudices about pornography. Ms Ismayilova tried her best to eradicate social stigma from public consciousness that pornography is evil. Incidentally, last year, Khadija Ismayilova was in the forefront of feminists. This year, one of the founders of Azerbaijani lipstick feminism broadcast an action on her Facebook page.

The movement of lipstick feminism was supported by the leader of the national democrats, Ali Karimli. Oppositionist condemned the impolite attitude of the police dumbfounded by slogans of the emancipated supporters of the Popular Front, reproaching the law enforcers for excessive strictness of morals.

Khadija Ismayilova tries to prove that pornography is not evil

Let's move on. If someone, including representatives of the ruling elite, considers yesterday's action a manifestation of the free will of young politicised girls who were passionate about the ideas of the European sexual revolution of forty years ago, then they are sincerely and deeply mistaken. Of course, the glaring voice of the opposition on the wave of lipstick feminism born last year is a well-developed political project.

We will not be unfounded and turn to the speech of George Soros, one of the main ideological inspirers of the colour and social revolutions.

At the end of 2017, the billionaire philanthropist himself on his website openly admitted that he had spent over $3 billion over the past 30 years protecting the rights of lipstick feminism, the LGBT community, and sex workers. Soros spent another 2.5 billion dollars on special educational programs, in particular in post-Soviet countries and the Middle East, which affirm in the public mind the ideas of cosmopolitanism and the notorious 'gender equality.' By the way, theocratic Israel did not allow this Hungarian Jew into its borders, which caused undeserved hostility.

All these conceptual designs of the Hungarian Jew, who was also damned in his historical homeland in Budapest, supported the implementation of conceptual programs aimed at destroying traditionalist values, public morality, family principles, as well as promoting freedom of gender choice... and lipstick feminism, sexuality education, drug legalisation. That is, we are talking about a program for the formation of an easily manipulated globalist network - a convenient social base among young people. Most actively Soros' foundations worked in this direction in Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Mexico and, of course, Georgia, and in many other countries.

There is a political and ideological sabotage. We are talking about the Overton Window model, which implies the formation of discourses and social bases that are politically safe for the authorities, at first glance. And, of course, the seemingly politically safe and, in a sense, vague discourses then transform into serious topical issues on the political agenda. It all depends on the degree and extent of social change.

Official symbol of lipstick feminism

In the hands of the participants of the action symbols of lipstick feminism

Say, today one of the main problems on the agenda is the legalisation of unauthorised protests. The Azerbaijani government, like any other civilised political elite, based on the requirements of the law, provides the opposition with a specially designated area for public protests, more precisely, a large stadium. However, the opposition insists on holding actions in central densely populated areas. Harmless from the point of view of political danger and challenges, the actions of lipstick feminists in forbidden places do not cause an overly angry reaction of the authorities. You'll think about what to expect from slogans demanding the degradation of public morality. They didn't take it seriously, and so they did not meet this action with hostility. But there appears a habit of holding such actions in the centre of the capital. Over the past six months, this is the second unexpected, but planned and held protest action. So, quite imperceptibly, feminist slogans can give way to political and even anti-government ones.

Here is the political slogan of yesterday's action

Moreover, several slogans yesterday, on 8 March, in the hands of wretched feminists were clearly anti-government in nature...

Thus, yesterday's protest rally is an unnatural and unexpected phenomenon in the public and political life of the country. We were shown how technologies for influencing public opinion can be launched with far-reaching vicious goals...

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