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If you don't want Azerbaijan to get sick, stay at home! (Leading article)



Misfortune has knocked on the door of our house. Of course, in a modern global and unified, but diverse world, united by an endless process of political, economic, religious and cultural integration, the value of a single spiritual home is a fundamental sociological category. Mankind has reached an understanding and awareness of its historically established inextricable community. The superman built the super-world. And the tendency of alienation of the state, an attempt to separate self-existence is a challenge, if not a threat to the foundations of the world order, which today is being destroyed before our eyes.

Everything is going to hell! Visa and economic integration zones, conditional and transparent borders, geopolitical coalitions and geo-economic arteries. In a word, in a matter of days, all the gains of the era of the European coal and steel union are levelled. Whole unions and integrations are collapsing. The bat virus, symbolising the gloom on Earth, mutated into an image of mortal danger hanging over people. In a very short time, the powerful super-world, adorned with the all-overwhelming scenery of civilisation, seemed to have turned into an empty, miserable feudal court, frightened by the fury of the oncoming ruthless bubonic plague of the Middle Ages.

Bat personifies today's gloom on Earth

The super-world turned out to be shaky, fragile and unprepared to deal with an incomprehensible natural phenomenon. After all, the superman has left nature, has renounced his natural environment. For the first time, a man stepped back. And he woke up some genetic code of fear, which is more typical for pre-feudal man. Fear of an unknown, incomprehensible, sporadic phenomenon. Fear of losing the illusion of eternity and superpower.

Never in history has man been so afraid of death. Perhaps because he had not used such benefits as in a society of super-consumption. Within a few weeks, the virus that causes an infection of the respiratory tract, which originated in the distant Hubei province of China, took to flight all of humanity, instantly burying the idea of a single global home, carried through centuries.

We are so easily accustomed to a good life that we are afraid to lose everything in an instant

But once, many centuries ago, people did not suspect in the the bubonic plague, which was raging in the steppes of the citadel of the immortal Kubla Khan in Khanbalik (modern Beijing), a threat to life for hundreds of thousands of people. The echo of death swept through the cities of Europe much later, after decades. The world was different, divided and separate. But then, in Hebei almost 90 per cent of the population died. But people with a delightful sense of victory survived, did not break. How miserable and pitiful is the present canvas of the modern world, filled with gloomy colours? Panic fear of a virus similar to the flu, which at the height of the epidemic has already been defeated by more than one hundred thousand people on a multi-billion planet...

* * *

We somehow suddenly woke up in a completely different, fragmented, divided and isolated world. For the first time in its short history, the third Republic of Azerbaijan has faced a new, hitherto unknown threat of a strange infection, which has taken on the character of a pandemic and caused the mobilisation of all state and public institutions. Quite unexpectedly, we, like most other peoples of the earth, were ordered, as if in a Chinese proverb, to look for a black cat in a dark room. And no one knows, is there really this cat in this room ? A strange Wuhan disease, passing the harbour of South Asian tigers and billions of India, was found quite unexpectedly exactly at our borders, at the very end of the ancient Silk Road, in neighbouring Iran. Inexplicably, this same flu-like virus galloped across Europe, turning the careless and unsuspecting wandering Italy into a mirage country, an empty desert, a gloomy lifeless space, the hopelessness of dead cities.

Angels of death over Italian ghost towns

It is inconceivable, but the selective geography of the walking wind of the epidemic was bewildering, especially in the light of confusing estimates of experienced people: someone saw this as the power of biological weapons, someone was lamented by the mindless behaviour of sellers in the Wuhan seafood market, someone inspired parallels with permanent outbreaks of identical coronoid viruses in the past - be it bird flu or the swine flu epidemic. And, of course, we were lost in riddles and conjectures about the nature of the emergence of this scourge and its not imaginary, but real threats.

And realising the threatening nature and danger of the Wuhan disease that has crossed our borders, Azerbaijan has put in place its administrative and mobilisation system. I repeat, the young republic has faced such a test for the first time. The government immediately restricted the regime on the border with Iran. However, making sure that this measure was not enough, it made an unprecedented decision to close the state border.

Coronavirus is not a bubonic plague, misfortune does not take the lives of millions, but for the first time after the damned Spanish flu which killed a third of the planet's population a hundred years ago, in the era of super-medicine, humanity, which defeated microbes and bacteria in the last century, faced an easily transmitted virus that threatens the immune system of people. The Azerbaijani government and President Ilham Aliyev himself have determined the highest value and spiritual landmark - human capital. The health and welfare of the nation is at the forefront and above all. It was in Azerbaijan that for the first time classes in schools and universities, mass events were cancelled. A few days later, the activities of educational institutions were suspended by governments of other countries too.

As soon as possible, on the initiative of Ilham Aliyev, an operational governmental headquarters for combating coronavirus was created. At the head of the headquarters stood the prime minister himself. And the new body in daily tense mode threw all its forces into the fight against this evil.

Aliyev throws all his forces to fight the scourge

In Baku and in different parts of the country, 'white men' appeared, ambulances, teams of doctors who arrive at the first call of people who suspected themselves of manifesting a terrible disease. Opened special quarantines for suspected coronavirus victims. The presence of the virus was established using the experimental method of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) - a molecular biology methodology that allows you to establish the disease at the DNA level. All laboratory tests were and are free of charge.

Azerbaijan has a unique laboratory - the Republican Anti-Plague Station of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, which is ahead of many such institutions in other countries, including the Lugar laboratory in Georgia, in terms of its equipment, personnel potential, and laboratory capabilities. This station works on 50 dangerous infections. On the basis of its laboratories, research is carried out and training of specialists is carried out. Patients from various clinics turn to the Republican Anti-Plague Station to check their blood and tissue samples for the presence of hepatitis viruses, measles, rubella, intestinal and pulmonary infections, etc. Foreigners living in Azerbaijan trust the results of analyses of this particular station.

In no country in the world, including European ones, has this method of analysis been carried out at the expense of the state! In a matter of days, systemic disinfection work was carried out throughout the country...

The Azerbaijani government took care of every citizen and person. Azerbaijan, unlike many European countries, has chosen a methodology for effectively resisting the epidemic. If in Britain or Italy the authorities threw hopeless old people to die, saving those who could still survive, then in Azerbaijan they fought and are fighting for everyone's life. Having lost hope, people entered the infirmaries, and the doctors fought for their lives until the very end. How many saved lives! Life, life, life... And how cynically drooping the leaders of Western governments came forward with a hopeless farewell: 'Many of you will lose your relatives and friends!' While the Azerbaijani president declared with dignity that he will fight for the life and health of every Azerbaijani. Ilham Aliyev is not used to retreat. A leader born to fight for big and even small victories. But is the life of at least one person saved a small victory?

Aliyev will fight for the life of every Azerbaijani

The corona-regime or corona-order -- history will still give a name and an assessment of this milestone in the history of mankind -- disrupted the whole structure of our life order and world order. Trains stopped, planes landed, factories, newspapers, liners fell silent...

For the first time in 30 years of its sovereign history, Azerbaijan, like many other states, was forced to lock its borders. And this is during the raging world energy crisis, which overtook not only oil countries, but also superpowers, setting the tone for world politics. Oil price has devalued more than 50%. Before our eyes, an unprecedented collapse of world stock exchanges took place. Economies of large countries are bursting at the seams. The national currencies of Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey are turning to smithereens... History is silent about Armenia, because so far no government of this long-suffering country has managed to build a self-sufficient economy. And in this cycle of trials and tribulations, the energy country of Azerbaijan not only demonstrates the strength of its economic system, the inviolability of political stability, but also the resilience of the national currency. Paradoxically, amid the deserted food shelves in Paris, London and Geneva, swept away by panicky Europeans, the abundance in Baku network markets eloquently testifies to the correctly calibrated, successful economic policy of Ilham Aliyev's government.

Empty shelves in London

Azerbaijani government has calculated everything. Abundance will be until the last day of the crisis

Azerbaijan is ready for any option and scenario for the development of the crisis. However, the confident, calm, wise leader of the nation Ilham Aliyev should be supported by responsible social institutions and the public of the whole country.

Yes, the fight against the ubiquitous Wuhan misfortune does not stop. However, without civic self-awareness and understanding of the real danger that threatens the welfare and health of the whole nation, a phantom ailment cannot be overcome. The state and the president have done everything to stop the terrible disease at our borders. Now it is up to society. Indeed, a whole era of enlightenment and renaissance separates us from the victims of the bubonic plague. The epidemic can be defeated only in the case of individual resistance of each, but with the civil consolidation of all. Society, using the example of the tragic Italian drama -- an irrational, frivolous, careless, almost pagan attitude to one's own life -- should realise that windy and reckless attitude to one's future can only lead to a disaster. In the end, personal hygiene, pandemic safety rules and the will to live, thirst, if you want, for life are eternal and unshakeable values of social culture...

Alas, the declassified underground circles and the marginal network riffraff, crowded in the ranks of the old believer National Council, scrupulously, under a magnifying glass, considers every action of the government in the fight against the misfortune that came from China. Political marginals enthusiastically met the first zinc coffin - the victim of the ill-fated epidemic. With the same emotion, Karimli's riffraff are greeting coffins from the Karabakh front: not every day there is an informational occasion for attacks on the authorities.

And with what gloating these political bits met the news of falling oil prices. Karimli and others like him rejoiced, gloated, started a wild death dance, foreshadowing their country an early death. How should one despise one's own country, one's own people, expressing one's innermost dream - finally, to enjoy a longed-for dream - to see his country in ruins and poverty.

Ali Karimli rejoices and calls for chaos

And these sloppy network couch heroes turned the global struggle against the pandemic into a matter of exclusively Azerbaijani political rhetoric.

The foreign wing of the opposition and the vicious vile circle of couch heroes have directed all their thoughts and forces in the name of one goal: the creation of a panic atmosphere in society. Karimli and the Popular Front Party are focused on creating chaos in the country, undermining the foundations of the regime of political stability. And I am very surprised by the tolerance of our law enforcement agencies. How so? All the leading world leaders, Trump, Macron, Merkel urge their peoples to adopt the rules and laws of wartime. Macron said so openly: 'France is at war!' Unfortunately, the war did not pass by Azerbaijan. And in the war-torn republic of Azerbaijan, a well-laid fifth column has been formed, which is trying to treacherously take advantage of the natural disaster, stepping on the well-being of society and the stability of state institutions. Slyly, treacherously. Unscrupulous demons have lost the last remnants of conscience.

History has taught a lot, and there is no doubt that humanity will come out of this test with honour, but the whole question is different: what price will have to pay those who want to use tragedy as an instrument of political struggle? Like those who are now trying to tear up Pandora's box. In many countries that, like us, have faced this scourge, governments have introduced strict laws and regulations against those who provoke the situation, recklessly go against the tide, foolishly denying the problem. If people who are not taught social and political culture do not accept good calls and beliefs, then those who are rejected by law should be punished. In China, violators of the regime will face tough punishment: 10 years in prison or execution. In Italy - 3 months in prison. In South Korea - 1 year of imprisonment, and in Singapore - 6 months of arrest. In Israel, they imposed a rather severe punishment - 7 years of strict regime, and in Uzbekistan - 9 years of prison... France and Italy impose tough measures, banning the appearance of people on the streets without the need and good reason. Apparently, Azerbaijan needs to start applying the requirements of its criminal punishment in relation to those who violate and provoke others to violate the rules and laws of special times. Is it not difficult to understand that an insidious disease passes through communication? 'How to survive?' tens of thousands inquire in the virtual world. Stop communicating. Lock yourself at home. Strictly observe the principles of hygiene. And start living the laws of war time...

Deja vu: the black death of the Middle Ages

Alas, the seriousness and significance of the danger looming over thousands of Azerbaijanis is not realised by our peers. Journalists and bloggers must clearly express conscience of the nation, and the nation is in danger, so why to breed political populism on the bones of one's own people? Dear Colleagues! The fate of our nation is at stake. Write the truth, tear the fakes to shreds and suppress your panic fear. There is no room for rumours and misinformation!

* * *

After the terrifying Florentine bubonic plague, the Decameron masterpiece came out from under the pen of the great Bocaccio mourning the terrible tragedy, revealing the social flaws and problematic aspects of medieval Italian society. Bocaccio reproached the lost people. And today's Italians have not gone so far from their unenlightened ancestors. Today's Italians, having chosen the way of denying the problem -- so liked by weak men -- were trapped. They were asked only about one thing: 'If you want to serve Italy, stay at home!' Stay at home without spreading the plague. One wants to appeal to the millions of our compatriots who have chosen one of the most primitive methods of protecting their own psyche by denying the problem, with an exclamation: 'If you don't want Azerbaijan to get sick, stay at home!'

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