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Authorities don't need Tofig Yagublu (Leading article)



A few days ago, in a residential area of the Azerbaijani capital, a strange incident occurred with the participation of a well-known opposition leader, Tofig Yagublu. Jagublu's car was scratched by a car, in which there was the Jabrayilovs couple. One of the leaders of the Musavat party and simultaneously an associate of the sworn enemy of the Musavatists - Ali Karimli - Tofig Yagublu was driving a Japanese car Toyota Corolla. But the Jabrayilovs got into an accident on their decrepit Soviet Lada 2107. Later, the Ministry of Internal Affairs found that the incident was due to the fault of Tofig Yagublu. The car of the oppositionist inadvertently crashed into the old Soviet Lada. Conflict erupted. Word for word, and according to Interior Ministry spokesman Ehsan Zahid, Tofig Yagublu attacked Elkhan Jabrayilov and his wife Javahir with fists. The scuffle acquired such a nervous and emotional character that, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, T. Yagublu got out a wrench. And he began to beat the married couple with this tool for tightening bolts intended for his Japanese car. The court found the charges against Yagublu to be well-founded and sent the oppositionist to jail. Whether Yagublu is guilty or not, the investigation and the court will sort out.

Court arrested Tofig Yagublu

We are in this matter more interested in the politicisation of the conflict of two citizens in a residential area. The most zealous and irreconcilable opposition leaders, in particular the National Council of Ali Karimli, immediately tried to link the incident and the arrest of Yagublu with the holiday address of President Ilham Aliyev to the people on the occasion of Novruz Bayram.

In his holiday address, Ilham Aliyev, worried about the spread of the global coronavirus pandemic in Azerbaijan, described in detail the measures taken by the government to combat the scourge of the new millennium. And as the head of state, responsible for stability and peace prevailing in society, he expressed his fears about the increasing insinuations and evil philippics of the leaders of the theory 'the goal justifies the means': the irreconcilable and dissenting almost saw the Azerbaijani authorities guilty of developing coronavirus. The president, in a calm, restrained and rational spirit, warned society about a new threat: networked rogue informals can take advantage of the challenges of a new coronavirus regime, playing on the bare nerves of Azerbaijan, which has plunged, like the whole world, into depression. Depression is easily explainable, mankind has frozen in anticipation of a fight against the scourge that daily kills thousands of people in the West, in Iran, China... And the president called this political class of collaborators with the Franco cliché of the 'Fifth Column.' Ilham Aliyev in his speeches often and justly repeats that the sources of the threat of destabilisation in Azerbaijan are located outside the country. The authorities are in total control within teh country. There are no threats and challenges, especially in light of the sky-high credit of confidence in the president. And the marginalised class took this message, important in its political significance, as a call for isolation and arrest of oppositionists.

Ilham Aliyev spoke of isolation. But it is about the political and social isolation of those forces that, in a special situation caused by the danger of the spread of overseas infection, can try to upset political calm. Why, then, does the opposition consider itself a rebel force craving for a storm? After all, speaking of national values and consolidation in the fight against the threatening virus, Ilham Aliyev called for unity and consolidation, for the establishment of a civil and political agreement, and the reflection of danger by joint common forces. In his holiday address, Ilham Aliyev again called for an active political dialogue and regretted the unwillingness and resistance of a number of national democrat forces, who did not deign to accept the extended hand of the authorities.

For the first time in the history of the Third Republic, the government in the person of Ilham Aliyev from a high parliamentary platform offered all opposition forces a political dialogue, a policy of compromise and consolidation in the name of improving the political climate in the country. The president called for moving away from confrontation, choosing constructivism as a new platform for political pluralism, a social contract, an intellectual community for the creation and evolutionary improvement of the political system, and the formation of a qualitatively new structure of relations between the authorities and the opposition. The president called for the formation of new functional political elites with value orientations that are more susceptible to social changes. For the first time since 1991, a representative of the political opposition was elected to the presidium of the country's parliament, and Erkin Gadirli, one of the main critics of the government, joined the leadership of the parliamentary committee on legal issues.

... everything around the holiday address of Ilham Aliyev

As the further development of events showed, the March theses of Ilham Aliyev were not only declarative in nature, but expressed the true mindset of the ruling elite to create a synthetic basis for a new political system for interaction, mutual understanding and mutual enrichment of all real political forces. A senior representative of the Presidential Administration, Adalat Valiyev met with all the political forces, including the most radical leaders of the national democrat and liberal opposition. Ilgar Mammadov, Igbal Agazadeh, Ali Aliyev and many other consistent critics of those in power visited the administration.

It's quite remarkable, immediately after the president's appeal to the people, at the same time that the freak frontists, who raised hell in the net, anticipating the isolation of 'fighters for the people's cause,' one of the leaders of the opposition Ilgar Mammadov openly declared: this is not about us, let those answer who consider themselves the fifth column. Mammadov, sometimes an advocate of a revolutionary development scenario, who was blind from hostility to power, supported a new conceptual vision of the authorities, declaring his REAL a parliamentary party.

Only the political riffraff refused negotiations with the authorities: miserable atavistic remnants, pieces of the rotten and decayed Elchebey's cohort, for whom to this day the source of government is not the people, elections and parliamentary struggle, but the street, barricades and confrontation. The revolution at all costs. And even by the power of the contagious Wuhan disease.

In the conditions of a new political era and new rules of coexistence, or rather, co-optation of the opposition into the ruling elite, the authorities had no motive for the deliberate arrest of Tofig Yagublu.

First, Yagublu is not a locomotive of the resistance movement, and does not pose any threat and danger. A mediocre, colourless, poorly educated political activist without special talents and public speaking skills. Ordinary middling. Mediocre handler. A provincial who settled in the second echelon of the opposition nomenclature. Yagublu in his own party with a bang lost the election of the Musavat's leader! What kind of political authority of this person can we talk about?

Second, until recently, Yagublu was serving a prison term for the acclaimed Ismayilli events. And he was released long before the second person involved in the 'sensational spontaneous uprising' - Ilgar Mammadov. If the government believed that Yagublu out of prison was a threat to public order and well-being, would it liberate him? Moreover, the authorities also released Yagublu's son-in-law, Ali Karimli's deputy - Seymur Hazi. If the authorities were so eager to imprison Yagublu, then they would not have missed the opportunity to isolate the imaginary troublemaker during last October's protest rally of Karimli. On the contrary, after the administrative arrest of the troublemaker, the noisy assistant of Karimli, along with other opposition members, was released.

The lumpenized retrogrades have a new net cult. Martyr for the cause of workers with a wrench in his hands. Remember how in an old and well-forgotten Bolshevik poster from the late Leninist era - a revolutionary with a wrench, picking up the fallen banner of the revolution. As regrettable may it be for the newborn neo-Bolshevik factional-Facebook class, it seems that this hole-ridden decrepit banner will lie on the eternal Azerbaijani land for many decades to come...

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