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Red coronavirus in Ali Karimli's kitchen (Day reflections)



Azerbaijani opposition has turned into one big kitchen. Albeit a dissident one, similar to the famous Moscow kitchen of the Borisovs from the Brezhnev era. However, its's just that in the new millennium, in the conditions of a new multi-polar world, which undermined the basic axiological attitudes of the Western community, a retrograde dissident kitchen is a comic spectacle.

Borisovs kitchen

The moral transit of the Western world, which eroded the dominant spiritual and ideological value orientations and split a single value space, is reflected in the adoption of political decisions. The social responsibility of the authorities, aimed at strengthening a stable and predictable political system, is much more important for the actors of the world political system than the manifestation and expression of individual freedoms. People went against the wind at the wrong time... Yes, this is a new milestone, a new dividing line, a new philosophy of the political world... Predictability and stability in the conditions of severe confrontation for world political and economic domination are becoming more urgent than the sudden appearance in the West of a dissident with revelations about the reigning Gulag.

The Azerbaijani opposition, which is still counting on world liberal solidarity and the illusory locomotives of ghostly permanent revolutions, is not able to recognise this major global political transformation.

National democrats are short-sighted and flawed politicians who do not understand, and cannot reconcile themselves to the realities of world politics. And political evolution brutally dealt with the heroes of a forgotten world. The policy of blind denial and indiscriminate protest has brought the so-called spokesmen of inert public protest into Borisov's kitchen. A handful of people, consolidated in their blind hatred of power in decorative paper-virtual organisations, limited political activity and the struggle to ridiculous, foolish and meaningless conversations in the kitchen of modern Borisov - Ali Karimli.

Two more videos of the virtual conversation of a handful of enemies of power scattered throughout the countries of the Western world appeared on the network. Recently, the kitchen revolutionary committee conducts its meetings on the air. Funny sight. And if earlier we thought that the opposition was engaged in heated theoretical battles about turning 'the world imperialist war into a civil and fratricidal war,' then the meeting put up on the net completely deceived our expectations. Ordinary gossiping!

Jamil Hasanli, head of the National Council, peered out from a window in Washington. Here is Ganimat Zahid from France. And Rahim Hajiyev is the permanent warrior of Karimli, who also settled in the West. Somewhere on the sofa lay the leader of the Islamic Party. Activists of the Baku protest joined the comrades from the revolutionary committee. The same opportunist Gultekin Hajibayli and other party comrades.

Oppositionists are discussing a call by the authorities to start a political dialogue around the country's crucial problems. A few months ago, the president called on all political forces to begin such a dialogue. It would seem that this great idea, a long-awaited initiative is the path to a national consensus, which every civilised opposition force longs for.

Gathering of the kitchen revolutionary committee

But here the ideological leader of the opposition, besides, it seems, a scientist and professor of history, Jamil Hasanli, mockingly discusses a political dialogue. Moreover, he calls rags those forces that have sat down with the authorities at the same negotiating table. 'Those who accepted this offer are rags used to clean shoes,' thus strange professor of modern history resorts to his favourite jargon. The question is: after all, the call for dialogue is a vivid manifestation of Western political culture, with the goal of harmonising political and social relations. Does it mean to turn into a floor or shoe rag if one sits at a round table with government officials?

However, Gultekin Hajibeyli went even further, giggling, telling the members of the kitchen revolutionary committee about the difference between a cow and a bull. The bull, according to the former rulling party ally, must be held by the horns!

And in this disgusting atmosphere of low-grade political culture, the voice of the wanderer Rahim Hajiyev is the voice of one crying in the desert. R. Hajiyev, referring to conversations with Western diplomats, emphasises that according to their assessments, the Azerbaijani opposition is undisciplined, they speak a lot and not on the subject. The level of thinking of the opposition manifests itself not only in a conversation with Western diplomats, but also during scolding in the kitchen of A. Karimli, who was rather more silent and sarcastically smiling.

What kind of nausea is caused by the atmosphere at a meeting of the Supreme Council of the Popular Front itself?! The second video from the meeting of the supreme body of the Karimli's party is simply disgusting. A little-educated riffraff, some obscene rural shoes, strange faces to put it mildly... How did this wild element invade Azerbaijani politics? And was it politics? How's the Russian classic wrote? Honour will be humbled, and baseness will increase, and ungodly houses will turn into public gatherings. And the face of the political generation will become so terrible.

Wild element near Karimli

This terrible rabble discusses the situation in the camp of the opposition. They talk about some faceless Musavatists - activists of another radical opposition party - calling one of them a drunkard and the other a 'foot scrub' (this is about opposition journalist Mustafa Hajibeyli)... Oh my God! What epithets?! On air there is only abuse and gossip. Companions of Karimli think how to crush the rival political party in networks. That is, this red plague, more precisely the red coronavirus, is not ready for dialogue with just the authorities, but also with another wing of the irreconcilable opposition. The question is, how is this political shell going to find a place in the social structure and change the political status quo? With what thoughts? With what face? At the same time, one of the participants in the discussion calls Musavat - the eternal enemy of the frontists - a faceless party and political trash.

After this soul-crushing disgusting scene, one fears for the future of the country. The realisation comes that this kitchen has nothing to do with the endless intellectual and spiritual conversations of Soviet dissidents. This is just a degenerate form of pseudo-democratic thought and a whim of basement mob...

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