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Who hid Ali Karimli? (Sensational video)



The government lifted the veil of secrecy over the life of the most passionate part of the marginalised lumpen opposition, claiming supreme power in the country. Covert filming of a virtual discussion taken from the network showed us the entire flawed, incomplete inner world of people who appear in an odious image of a political alternative to power. You can throw aside the stereotypical representation of reality, based on a subjective attitude to reality. This is the unswerving right of a person's personal freedom in a post-feudal society. However, in contrast to the prepared, abstruse and public speeches of these politicians playing on the feelings of the crowd, we have before us the true image and socio-cultural level of politicians who manipulate public sentiments and social protest natural for any society.

These people not only represent a degenerated form of democracy, these 'figures' are deprived of moral culture, spiritual value, personal dignity, and elementary internal ethical instances. The veil has been lifted, before us are 'naked politicians.' The only universal value for these people is playing along with the crowd, expressing the mood of the crowd. They only say what the crowd wants to hear from them. No political enlightenment. Their element is big shocks and a thirst for planting in the country an intermediate form of a stormy revolutionary process. Until a new shock comes. The generation of informal politicians, born of a destructive revolution, turns into a foreign body during the evolutionary social development... But let's return to the moral portrait of Ali Karimli's kitchen bureaucracy.

* * *

National Council discusses the main problem of the country: defection of Mehman Aliyev

The meeting of the Revolutionary Military Council (Revcom) is devoted to the discussion of the moral character of a comrade-in-arms in the struggle against the authorities. And for some reason, the opposition was angered by the public activities of the director of the Turan news agency, Mehman Aliyev, one of the few decent and honest people in the opposition who, without exaggeration, can be classified as a representative of independent journalism. Mehman Aliyev is equidistant from both the authorities and the opposition. Yes, Mehman is a person who always goes against the wind. But at the same time, an experienced journalist, who carried his brainchild - Turan - through the whirlwinds of political processes, always expressed cautious and balanced assessments, rejecting radical formational changes. There were times when Mehman Aliyev completely took upon himself the information protection of the persecuted oppositionists. Not out of political sympathy, but out of a sense of solidarity.

So this is how the opposition elite assesses the activities and merits of their ally.

The brave false general of justice Vidadi Mirkamal, well-known to the reader from past reports, turns to the ideologist with the Trotskyist beard Ganimat Zahid with the question: 'This Mehman Aliyev is somehow unprincipled. What kind of curtsies is he doing towards the authorities?'

Ganimat Zahid sarcastically replies: 'Mehman Aliyev followed the path of Ilgar Mammadov, but he walked only halfway.'

Ganimat Zahid assures that Mehman Aliyev followed the path of Ilgar Mammadov

Forced digression

National Democrats accuse the leader of REAL, Ilgar Mammadov of opportunism and compromise. Probably, the National Democrats are not far from the truth, because after serving in prison for over four years, Mammadov deceived the expectations of the ochlocracy. And he rushed not to the barricades, but chose the form of constructive cooperation with the authorities. Although the electorate of the National Democrats expressed too high expectations. Indeed, before his high-profile arrest, Ilgar Mammadov, a supporter of the centrist-clan concept in Azerbaijani politics (indicated by Etibar Mammadov), was the most consistent critic of the National Democrats. It was naive to believe that Ilgar Mammadov, even after a head-on collision with the authorities, could stand on a par with Karimli and the National Council.

* * *

Well-known story: Ganimat Zahid drank the entire editorial office away

Ganimat Zahid believes that Mehman Aliyev chose the same path of compromise. In which he is certainly mistaken. Let's start with the fact that Ganimat Zahid has no moral right to judge the actions of Mehman Aliyev. At least based on personal qualities and moral character. The editorial office of the Azadlig newspaper was located in the neighbourhood, in the same headquarters with the Turan agency. And the journalistic brotherhood is well aware of the immoral actions of Ganimat Zahid, who entered into separate deals with oligarchs, officials and various branches of government. Ganimat Zahid is a businessman and has always worked with the 'drain.' Moreover, in the most difficult times for the newspaper's editorial office, he hid the payroll from his colleagues. In 2004, the police detained Ganimat Zahid along with representatives of the ancient profession and found over 15 thousand dollars in his bag. At the very time when the editorial staff and journalists of Azadlig literally lived in poverty and did not receive their salaries for months.

Mehman Aliyev worked on the same floor, and managed to preserve the independence of his publication in the most difficult period due to a correctly built editorial policy and advertising strategy. And today Ganimat Zahid allows himself to speak in such an obscene manner about Mehman Aliyev and Turan agency. Look, who's the judge!

* * *

Arbitrator Gultekin Hajiyeva decided to resolve the heated disputes. Is it worth reminding that Gultekin Hajiyeva spent all her juicy youth within the walls of the ruling party and the Milli Majlis (Parliament), in the circle of the Presidential Administration and bureaucracy! Having lost her mandate, privileges and status in the elite, Hajiyeva, out of a sense of animal revenge, went over to the National Democrats. But today Hajiyeva is the main arbiter of the opposition: 'I understand Vidadi Mirkamal's concern, but it is too early to compare Mehman Aliyev with Ilgar Mammadov.' Say, Mehman Aliyev has not yet completely lost face and political chastity.

The juicy youth of Ms Hajiyeva passed within the walls of government

And then the guardian of morality in politics rushes at another associate of Ilgar Mammadov - the well-known expert and economist Natig Jafarli: 'Avoid realists! You cannot imagine how disgusting, vile, low he is...' Oh-oh-oh! Poor, poor Natig! To be fair: Natig Jafarli is one of the few educated and professional experts in the opposition. Smart, well-read, literate, intelligent. However, Natig Jafarli, an ideological oppositionist, served a couple of months in prison and has consistently criticised the government's economic policy to this day.

Ganimat Zahid's reply is immediately heard: 'Natig Jafarli is ill-mannered!'

Someone utters an even more offensive word: 'Bastard!'

All those present in unison: 'Yes, yes, yes...'

However, the quarrelsome debate of the National Democrats is interrupted by the unexpected proposal of the false general from justice Vidadi Mirkamal: 'Maybe I should connect Ali Karimli to our meeting? Here he is online, with us.'

Forced digression

The unexpected remark of the false general raises many questions. For several months now, the opposition has been accusing the authorities of persecuting Ali Karimli. The National Council states that the authorities have completely cut down the Internet in Karimli's apartment, the leader is cut off from the world, de facto under house arrest... How does this happen? If the Internet is turned off in the apartment of the leader of the National Democrats, then how was Mirkamal going to connect Karimli to the virtual meeting? So, was it really just staging and imitation of bullying?

So who locked Karimli at home?

* * *

Vagit Maharramov, a member of the Central Committee of the frontists, takes the floor: 'In no case! Don't! Don't connect!'

What kind of insanity? If Ali Karimli has the opportunity to get involved in internal party debates, why does Maharramov insist not to involve his leader in the meeting of the National Council? And why don't the participants of the meeting ask the opinion of Karimli himself? Isn't he online? Is the retinue wagging the leader? And what are they hiding from the PFPA chairman? Who does not want his presence and why?

Without answering these questions, the National Democrats move on to the most important part of the unchanging agenda - banter over Rahim Hajiyev, nicknamed by party members a 'Goof.'

Vagit Maharramov: 'Rahim has serious information!' General laughter. Ganimat Zahid does what he loves, degrades his fellow party member and comrade-in-arms: 'What serious information can this Goof have? Rahim and serious information?'

Gultekin rolls around laughing. The meeting turns into a favourite format - the market square. It's good that it's virtual! Thank God, the authorities dispersed the Grocery Square. However, watch this video to understand the immutable truth of the authorities that dispersed the Grocery Square.

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