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Mammadov, who betrayed his Motherland (Portrait against the background of treason)



To this day, I cannot understand, comprehend, accept and come to terms with the idea that for many years, or rather decades, a person and 'diplomat' named Arif Mammadov worked in the system of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry. And not only worked, but also successfully moved up the career ladder. One can understand the foolish head of the Foreign Ministry, Tofig Gasimov, who signed an order on the appointment of an ordinary Baku City Council employee to the position of an ordinary non-career courier in the Foreign Ministry system. However, it is difficult to understand and judge the respected Tofig Zulfugarov, under whose ministry the uneducated, tongue-tied and, as recent events show, insane Arif Mammadov took his first steps up the career ladder.

How did one of the most foolish people in Azerbaijan make a dizzying career at the Foreign Ministry?

At 35, a person who can be listened only for 5 minutes, no more, because after that cephalalgia sets in, in other words, a headache, is appointed to a high position at our embassy in Belgium. Didn't the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conduct interviews with candidates for high diplomatic positions? After listening to Arif Mammadov for a few minutes, one can understand that this is a typical oligophrenic. However, a person with congenital or acquired incomplete mental development in 2000 acquires the highest position in the hierarchy of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry. The minister in white socks - this is the nickname of the minister of strange affairs, a diplomat who looks like a Moor from distant Agjabadi - appoints Arif Mammadov to the position of Azerbaijan's representative to the European Union. A graduate of the Military Institute in Moscow, in other words, the GRU school, which the lesser-known Suvorov called a political aquarium, is appointed the representative of the newly formed sovereign state to the European Union, an organisation designed to expand and spread democratic and liberal borders. Thorough choice, don't tell! And a little later, another mediocre and foolish minister, Elmar Mammadyarov, having found his image and likeness in Arif Mammadov (how the two of them are similar to the absurd last party leader of Azerbaijan Abdurahman Vezirov!), directs him to master even higher expanses in the diplomatic field.

A few years later, Arif Mammadov, a graduate of the GRU school, openly admitted in one of his schizophrenic (in terms of repentance) video messages that he had been leaking all the correspondence of the Azerbaijani government to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland. In one of my investigations, I accidentally discovered that the former head of the Norwegian government, Jagland, at the time of his youth, was accused of having links with the Soviet KGB. As the Norwegian media wrote, Jagland, while working in the youth organisation of the Workers' Party of Norway, was accused of collaborating with the KGB as a reliable 'source of information' under the pseudonym 'Yuri.' It is quite characteristic that Arif Mammadov openly admits his collaboration not with Hammerberg or Gross, but precisely with Jagland. Probably, the conspiratorial work of Mammadov with Jagland was a banal accident. The Azerbaijani diplomat wanted to pour out his boiling heart to the first person he met in the person of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. But pay attention to the treacherous essence, meanness and cunning of a traitor and oath-breaker, who declared an open betrayal of the interests of his government and state. Rubbish! Let's assume, in the mind of Arif Mammadov there is a reassessment of values and he can no longer come to terms with the professed cynicism. There was a riot in the heart of the diplomat! What should a real human being do? Not a little man, but a true fighter for the rights of his people. Of course, loudly declare his resignation and disagreement with the government, whose policies he condemns. How does Arif Mammadov act, judging by his belated confessions? He turns into a petty agent, a silly informant, a pitiful accomplice to the ephemeral secret police...

At the same time, with the help of his Siamese twin Mammadyarov, Arif Mammadov was elevated in the field of international recognition. Mammadov became Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and teh Netherlands.

Mammadov, by his own admission, leaked information to a certain 'Yuri'

And now with the help from 'Yuri' Mammadov rose to become the coordinator of the information policy of the Council of Europe. He was the head of all kinds of committees, commissions and subcommittees of European structures, someone was strenuously opening doors for him and spreading carpets at the doorstep of all prestigious institutions. At one time, for the transformation of reputation and cosmetological democratisation of the appearance, Arif Mammadov also headed a section at the department for the protection of human rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. Apparently, Mammadyarov had great hopes for the man, who was not able to connect two words in any language of the world.

Listen to Arif Mammadov, and the personality, or more precisely, the lack of it, of a man ascended to diplomatic skies will appear before you in all its glory. A diplomat appointed to the highest positions, like the minister, cannot speak. Not writing! He can't talk. Communicate. And this faceless diplomatic being gets the right to represent Azerbaijan as a representative of the European Union in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. And only having the rank of ambassador of the European Union, Mammadov begins to replicate opposition declarations about the country, to which to this day he should owe his second birth. Apparently, the parents forgot about his existence!

Zulfugarov, Guliyev and Mammadyarov simply invented Mammadov. And he believed in the dream of the three ministers. In his chosenness and indisputability. This is what happens when an ignoramus gains power. At first, he could not dispose of power, and then of himself. So much so that he ultimately proclaimed Ali Karimli president, who of his own free will remained in his pro-government closet.

For several years now, the foolish, tongueless, pitiful Arif has been sitting in the apartment of the ex-ambassador to Brussels. Sometimes he turns to the people with his extravagance. Arif has long ceased to be noticed. He is uninteresting, illiterate, not erudite, poorly educated. He boasts only an apartment in an expensive area of Brussels, which he managed to earn on the embassy subsidies shared out with Mammadyarov. Arif Mammadov is an unfortunate past of our diplomacy, and it is time for everyone to forget about him. And even for 'Yuri.' However…

Arif's father, Zahid Mammadov, like his brother, died without seeing the shameful betrayal of an Azerbaijani

On the eve, Mammadov made a treacherous address dedicated to the tragic incident in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy. Let me remind you that a group of Azerbaijani patriots came out to the Azerbaijani Embassy with slogans condemning Armenian PM Pashinyan's policies. After the end of the protest action, the Azerbaijanis began to disperse peacefully, but in the alleys and behind the trees Armenian criminal scum was waiting for them. Athletic Armenians tracked down each of the Azerbaijanis, mobbed, beaten and filmed, then spreading the most burning footage on the network. Naturally, there was no man named Arif Mammadov among those who came to support Azerbaijan at the embassy. He appeared later. Online. But in a different guise 'Yuri's Tabaqui. Arif Mammadov openly stated that the Azerbaijani government is an accomplice of inter-ethnic strife in Brussels. And clashes with the Armenian diaspora are inspired by the authorities in order to distract the people in Baku from internal problems. What a scoundrel one must be to accuse the injured Azerbaijanis of actions that they did not commit after the massacre in Los Angeles and Brussels -- the whole of Azerbaijan had time to observe the Armenian barbarism, which directed all its anger at our compatriots! That is, Arif Mammadov accused Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani authorities and the Azerbaijani people of organising attacks on Armenian activists in Los Angeles and Brussels. Moreover, Mammadov accused the Azerbaijani special services of organising these attacks. And he openly stated that the next target after the Armenians is himself and other oppositionists. You are mistaken if you believe that Arif Mammadov limited himself to an ordinary address to the people. The ex-ambassador went to the Belgian police, wrote a complaint against the Azerbaijani authorities. No, not against the Armenians, who subjected Azerbaijani young boys and girls to mass beatings. But against the government of his country. Say, not the Armenians, but the Azerbaijani authorities are the organisers of the terror in European capitals. And Mammadov and the opposition, along with the Armenians, according to the ex-ambassador, are potential victims of the Aliyev regime.

But Arif Mamedov went even further. Addressing Azerbaijani youth and migrants, he urged them not to participate in rallies against Armenia and the Armenian diaspora. And he declared the State Committee for Diaspora Affairs, the special services of Azerbaijan and our embassy as enemies. Enemies of the Armenians and of Arif Mammadov himself...

Mammadov's appeal became the basis for the propaganda of the Pashinyan government. Arif Mammadov became a hero in the Armenian information field...

What remains to add? When Arif Mammadov first betrayed Azerbaijan in 2015 -- after that it became a habit -- his older brother, an employee of the commandant's office of the Presidential Administration, called me. He sobbed avidly. I, of course, reassured Mammadov's brother. But a man who has lived a long and difficult life, without further ado, uttered the words that I will remember for the rest of my life: 'My brother betrayed his homeland. I curse him forever and ever. But I want to ask you - how to live with the thought that my brother is a traitor? How can I live on?' Arif Mammadov's brother died some time later. He could not survive the betrayal of his brother... God took pity on him, a sincere and bright man, that he did not see this damned day either. But when I said goodbye, I still said to him: 'Those who know how painful it will never betray. You failed to instil a sense of homeland in Arif. It will never be painful for him." Mammadov's brother left mourning for him...

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