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'If my people choose these leaders, I will go against my people' (Inspired by Mamardashvili)



Once in my youth, I was deeply shocked by the tragic memories of one of the few Spanish republicans who had survived the Civil War and the resistance to Franco, dramatically conveying the blind hopeless struggle of a whole generation of nameless heroes. Years later, I was destined to feel within a few hours the half-century historical tragedy of an entire people. The fatal stone-paved path to the gloomy Valley of the Fallen -- where from the Spanish socialists achieved the exhumation of the remains of Franco -- leads to a Roman Catholic church.

On the path to the Valley of the Fallen

And all around are the unnamed remains of Republican prisoners who made their way to the top of the hill at the cost of their hard labour, at the cost of their lives, at the cost of their innumerable suffering, making their way to the future basilica of their great punisher. For decades, an entire generation has struggled and fought without hope. World orders collapsed, great wars went on, borders were redrawn, and these tens of thousands of people who died in the fields of slave labour believed in the victory of their ideals. They died with this faith. They were building the basilica of a ruler whom they truly despised.

Yes, there are moments in history when entire generations are struggling without hope. But these generations are not depleted of strength, and faith does not decrease. An entire generation of Spanish Republicans for about 30 years believed in the victory of their ideals. The vast majority died in prisons. But that same unfortunate handful of nameless heroes survived, realising their defeat. Were they disappointed in their struggle during the accession to the throne of the young prince Juan Carlos?! No. For decades, the Republicans nurtured the belief in a hopeless struggle... It was a worthy defeat.

Why did I remember the Spanish Republicans? Although I could recall the equally martyrically hopeless struggle of the Irish Republicans -- heroes of the dramatic hunger strike in Maze prison... The history of the last century is replete with pages of selfless struggle of whole generations drugged with ideals. History judges everyone. They say history does not judge the winners. But history is also full of humility towards the losers. However, history is ruthless to those who do not want to learn its lessons.

The forced preface to our today's story about a new resonant meeting of one political force in Azerbaijan should convince us that the confrontation of two social forces is not an opposition between good and evil. And in general, thinking about the philosophy of the question: what is good and what is evil?!

Watching the new trickery of a mediocre handful of 'surviving liberals,' there is a feeling of hopelessness and a sense of despair. After all, any society has the right to an alternative, right?! And why did the Lord doom our people to such a faceless alternative in the filthy image of Jamil Hasanli, Gultekin Hajibeyli, Vidadi Mirkamal, Vagit Maharramli and other foolish people who claim the supreme power in the country? Rather, this vicious cycle, called the National Council, is not a contender for power, but a political executor of our society.

Path to Valley of the Fallen

In such a fateful period for the country -- extreme tension on the border with Armenia, in the most difficult international situation and against the backdrop of a boiling Caucasian powder keg, economic turmoil caused by the global pandemic -- the main council of opposition forces is arranging a cheap farce at its meeting. This transcript can become a shameful political epitaph on the conditional common grave of those buried alive who deserved a pillory.

Political upstarts make fun of each other, mock their own people, joke and are sarcastic, indulging in a long debate about the cyclicity of mating and insemination of cows! The subject of debate is the black riot in America, the Boston tea party, the head and legs of the editor-in-chief of the opposition wall newspaper, food in the kitchen of Ali Karimli... Party members of the kitchen recluse of the Putilov barracks, leader of the opposition Popular Front Party Ali Karimli, seem to describe the well-known Soviet picture of 'a leader in a hut.'

Only in the new century the leader is left without the Internet and access to the virtual world. What prevents the leader from leaving his apartment, allegedly turned into the Aquarium by the special services, and joining his supporters from the street, from the yard, from the apartment of friends and relatives? Or has Karimli got used to the image of a 'leader in a hut,' waiting for the storming of the Winter Palace, guarded by only defenceless cadets?! What a cheap parody?! What a cheap farce? Unreality? Irrationalism? What is it? But the frontists sincerely believe in the infallibility of their leader: there is food, and spiritual food inspires Karimli in his striving for a sacrificial struggle with power. And, of course, he, like the leader, sits in a hut, clinging to... no, not to Zinovyev. But to the wall.

This is how Karimli is waiting for the revolution

Yes, and the party activist also counts the number of likes or bots in support of the leader. Sheer trash!

Disgusting sight. Some kind of disgusting riffraff with crooked faces at gatherings in a mildewed, rusty gazebo. And these spiritually feral provincials drink cold unboiled tea in cracked glasses. How not to remember the immortal words of the great Mamardashvili that 'if my people choose this leader, I will go against my people!'

It is unthinkable to even imagine these fallen people on the Olympus of power. These people live in the Valley of the Fallen. Deserving neither a magnificent death nor proud defeats. These politicians deserve to be forgotten. Because they do not have and never have had ideals. Their ideal is the golden calf, about which Gultekin Hajiyeva talks so reverently. The tablets of our destiny oblige us to break this golden calf. Unfortunate ones buried alive in the Valley of the Fallen.

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