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Pashinyan's wife aims at Azerbaijani child (Our editorial)



It took only a year and a half for the Pashinyan government to throw off its peacekeeping robes and put on military armour, resorting to aggressively uncompromising rhetoric, embarking on the path of a new Armenian militarism. The peace-loving declarations turned out to be intricate decorations, and the soporific peacekeeping initiatives were dispelled by the dusty storm raised by the roar of artillery during the July war.

At the dawn of Pashinyan's rule, Anna Hakobyan appeared in Karabakh with a bouquet of flowers

Literally six months ago, Pashinyan, born of the vicious revolution of love, boasted in his characteristic squeaky-tongue-tied manner of his surrogate plan to solve the Karabakh problem in accordance with the interests of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Karabakh. Pashinyan proudly beat himself on the chest: 'I am the first who spoke about the interests of the Azerbaijani people.' Yes, even a few months ago the pro-Western government called for the acceleration of civil diplomacy and the reconciliation of warring nations. And Anna Hakobyan, a comrade-in-arms of the leader of the revolution, a kind of home-grown Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya of modern Armenia, was imposing a dialogue on the first lady of Azerbaijan, establishing an amorphous campaign 'Women for Peace.' Anna Hakobyan, walking instead of (talking about a family journalistic contract) and with her husband (the newly-minted lady pursues the prime minister-husband like a shadow), cherished the dream of Azerbaijani mugham in Karabakh, cultivating the pacifist idea of mothers who are against war. It was Hakobyan who in 2018, surrounded by well-known women from Armenia and Russia, appeared near the Armenian and Azerbaijani trenches with an anti-militarist idea.

What then happened to Ms Hakobyan, that she was suddenly reborn from a cosmopolitan pacifist into an angry militarist? Why did internationalism suddenly give way to interventionism?

A year later, Hakobyan appeared in Karabakh with a machine gun, aiming at peaceful Azerbaijani villages

On the eve, Hakobyan committed sheer extravagance, causing bewilderment even among the liberal Armenian public. Anna Hakobyan with traditional activists from the 'Women for Peace' party, dressed in the camouflage uniform of the Armenian special forces, underwent special combat training in one of the fortified areas of Karabakh. The first lady of Armenia, flaunting a Kalashnikov assault rifle, was aiming from the trench towards peaceful Azerbaijani villages. It seems that Ms Hakobyan has forgotten that behind the occupation wasteland occupied by the Armenian troops there are Azerbaijani settlements densely populated with civilians. 'This is not for the sake of war, but in order to prove that there is no alternative to peace.' So cynically and mockingly Hakobyan commented on her photo session in the trenches... within the framework of the 'Women for Peace' program. 'A lot of Armenian women are ready to take up arms to protect children,' added the camouflaged first lady. Forgetting to say that for this you will have to kill Azerbaijani children. And there is no doubt about that, given the aggressive offensive of the Armenian troops during the recent short-term July war. And Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a representative of the country allied with Armenia, with his statement left no room for doubts of the hesitant. Lavrov openly stated that Armenia violated the ceasefire and the status quo on the border, and Armenian troops rushed to seize the height where the Azerbaijani soldiers were stationed.

In unison with Anna Hakobyan, the newly-minted leader of the Karabakh separatists, formerly Askeran bank clerk Arayik Harutyunyan, spoke out, recognising the true and ultimate goal of the occupation policy: the annexation of the unrecognised Karabakh by the state of Armenia. This statement by the Karabakh separatists exposes yet another lie of Pashinyan and his government of revolutionary love, calling on Azerbaijan to sit down at the negotiating table with the Karabakh separatists. So if the decorative 'authorities' of the quasi-separatists (the Karabakh combatants who have declared their ultimate goal of unification with another state are not a classical separatist entity) declare their intention to unite with Armenia, what is the point of the Azerbaijani government to negotiate with a nonexistent institution?!

Arayik Harutyunyan stated that he is a screen. Pashinyan invites Azerbaijan to negotiate with the screen

After all, the occupying power in Karabakh considers itself a part of Armenia, with which Azerbaijan is negotiating. Another intricacy, another trick, another farce... That is, Kocharyan, who was directly involved in the barbaric Nazi cleansing of Azerbaijani lands, is much more honest and fair than the faceless Pashinyan couple. In any case, unlike Nikol Pashinyan, who was vainly convincing Azerbaijan and the mediators of the need and no alternative to negotiations with the puppet Karabakh government, which openly declares its intention to join Armenia, Kocharyan did not set such preconditions, assuming the representative functions of the Armenian community of Karabakh... And Bella Kocharyan didn’t appear with a rifle in the pillboxes under the infamous cynical signboard 'Women for Peace in Karabakh.'

Alas, Azerbaijan, like the reasonable part of the Armenian society, faces a violent, immoral, dishonest and shameless political force, seized by an unbridled thirst for power and ready for any adventurous intrigues to preserve its personal domination. Being in opposition, Pashinyan promised his people a miraculous economic renaissance, a polyarchic democracy, a momentary deliverance from the powder keg of Karabakh. The results of the two-year rule were disastrous for Armenia. The smell of revolution has disappeared. Naked populism with a naked prime minister remained. And the country is still languishing in poverty and inequality. Moreover, having dealt with the opposition and opponents with draconian authoritarian methods, the guardian of direct street democracy, Pashinyan, buried the hopes for accelerated reforms born of the revolution. The Armenians hoped to get their own Saakashvil - the executor of the clan-corruption pyramid - but instead they faced a two-headed bearded hydra, who was looking for the tobacco and diamond smuggling business of their predecessors - field commanders. And the window to the West and Europe, promised by Pashinyan, for some reason came out to the unsightly Valdai. All the same vassal dependence on the metropolis. The illusory hope for the peace promised by Pashinyan with Azerbaijan also dissipated. The same zinc coffins are carried from Karabakh to Yerevan. And Pashinyan himself is driving the last nails into the coffin of the peace agreement with Azerbaijan. Not to mention the terrible cold war with Turkey, with which Sargsyan signed the notorious 'Zurich agreements.' Oddly enough, during the reign of Kocharyan and Sargsyan there were much more hopes for a just peace than with the absurd cub of a lost revolution.

Pashinyan returned Armenia to its starting point. Yerevan wants war

Pashinyan's adventurous reckless, openly failed policy led Armenia into a new hopeless impasse. It all ended with the new Armenian sparapet returning to the starting point of 1988. At the very dawn of the Karabakh conflict, the Dashnak bearded men, rejecting bad peace, frightened peaceful Azerbaijanis with homemade guns. Now the bearded Pashinyan chooses a good quarrel, sending his wife to kill Azerbaijani children from the machine gun of Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov...

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