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Terrorist action of Armenia against Azerbaijan (Stop, while it's not too late!)



Armenia is bombing peaceful Azerbaijani cities, forcing Azerbaijan to an asymmetric response. For the first time in the history of the Karabakh war, Yerevan resorted to war with the civilian population, shelling Azerbaijani cities with medium-range ballistic missiles. Yerevan violates not only international law, expressed by conventions that have lost their meaning and influence on real world politics, but also unwritten universal rules and values.

For the first time in history: Armenia shoots medium-range missiles at Azerbaijan!

After all, the arsenal of weapons and missiles in Azerbaijan far exceeds the military potential of Armenia. So much so that Azerbaijan can turn all the main cities of Armenia into dust. But the war with the Armenian people is not included in the plans and tasks of the Azerbaijani government. Moreover, official Baku realises that with such terrorist acts, which constitute the military state policy of the Pashinyan government, the Tonoyan military clique is trying to provoke a retaliatory strike, presenting the Europeans and the civilised part of the world with a new 'Armenian genocide' carried out by 'barbaric Azerbaijan' in alliance with 'Janissaries.' Quite recently, Margarita Simonyan wrote about this with an anxious and sincere spirit, reproaching Pashinyan for betraying Moscow and the legacy of her late grandmother.

Azerbaijan is limited to the Karabakh theatre of operations. We do not need a war with Armenia and the Armenian people, because this war was not started by the Azerbaijanis. Remember, on the very first day of the start of the anti-terrorist operation, the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan made an open appeal to its citizens - the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh. Civilians were asked to move away from military infrastructure and positions of the occupying army and separatist administrative buildings. Azerbaijan began to strike only at military units, engineering structures, and defence echelons of the separatist troops. Of course, civilians could have suffered during the hostilities. A bullet is a fool, only a bayonet is a fine fellow.

Azerbaijan's goal is not peaceful Armenians, but Armenian tanks

But the Azerbaijani Army did not deliver a targeted strike against the civilian population, especially of Armenia. There was a legitimate military operation in territories outside the zone of residence of the Armenian population - in ghost towns, where only soldiers of the Armenian army were stationed. How did Armenia respond to the anti-terrorist operation of Baku?! With state terrorism! Modern ballistic missiles are fired at densely populated areas - sleeping quarters, markets, schools, administrative buildings. Over 2 thousand missiles and bombs were dropped on just one city - Terter! Armenians shoot at peaceful Azerbaijanis, Azerbaijan continues to shoot only at Armenian military.

But yesterday Armenia crossed the red line. The suburbs of Baku are already being shelled. Another target has been designated - the Mingechevir hydro-electric power station. Armenia does not hide its anti-human and vile plans to cause a humanitarian catastrophe in Azerbaijan. God had mercy, the Azerbaijani air defence system worked professionally. However, it seems that Pashinyan and his entourage have completely lost the measure of responsibility. And they are trying to grab hold of the last straw, any gamble, in order to prevent the imminent global political collapse in Yerevan. Pashinyan and his entourage will have to answer for all their crimes. And first of all, before its own people. And what if the nerves of the Azerbaijani government fail and Baku responds in the same reckless and irresponsible way?! Don't Pashinyan and his entourage understand what could happen to Armenia itself? After all, the region resembles one large powder keg.

Armenian rocket fell near the power unit of the Mingechevir hydro-electric power station

Before it's too late, Pashinyan needs to stop. First, to abandon the terrorist act of retaliation and confine oneself to the current theatre of operations. If Pashinyan decides to expand the area of hostilities, then Armenia will suffer first. Will suffer badly! Second, to finally accept the conditions of Azerbaijan and the Minsk Group and return to the negotiating table based on the format of the generally accepted 'Madrid principles.' Yesterday, Ilham Aliyev announced his last conditions. Unconditional withdrawal of troops from Azerbaijani cities outside the zone of Nagorno-Karabakh. Ilham Aliyev is ready to accept even a plan for the withdrawal of troops according to the schedule established and agreed by the parties. And finally, the definition of the status of Nagorno-Karabakh within the Azerbaijani state. But, of course, this is a matter for the future...

How does the Armenian side respond? The decorative separatist leader, expressing the interests of only one community of Karabakh - the Armenian one, does not represent the interests of the other, expelled from their places of residence - the Azerbaijani part of the civilian population. Moreover, Arayik Harutyunyan, with the support of Pashinyan, set out to turn the Azerbaijani shrine in Karabakh - Shusha into a separatist capital.

Pashinyan and Harutyunyan in Shusha. It was this adventurous duo that pulled the trigger of war

Pashinyan and Harutyunyan, perhaps without realising it themselves, pulled the trigger of the war with their adventurous and roguish policy of excluding the right of Azerbaijanis to live in the new Nagorno-Karabakh. That is, in its intention to challenge Azerbaijan on the path of a just war, this duo turned out to be more blasphemous and treacherous than the clan of the Karabakh field commanders Kocharyan and Sargsyan. None of the Armenian leaders spoke to Azerbaijan in such a disingenuous and humiliating manner. Pashinyan and Harutyunyan did everything to resume the war.

Now this duo is resorting to an active terrorist attack and rocket attacks on Azerbaijani cities, trying with the last bit of strength to stop the victorious offensive of Baku. At the same time, declaring as an ultimatum that they will wage the war until the entire Armenian people perish. Interesting, did you ask the Armenian people this? And, finally, how will Pashinyan and Harutyunyan explain to the Armenian people a missile salvo from Azerbaijan if Azerbaijan’s nerves cannot stand it?! Stop before it's too late!

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