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West declares: Pashinyan is allowed to stifle democracy! (Our comment)



Nikol Pashinyan lacked the strength to win the war and implement the ambitions of the ruling clique of Yerevan. But enough to fight the protesting people. Moreover, his western breadwinners and puppeteers allowed him to deal with the dissatisfied.

Opposition leader Gagik Tsarukyan was again detained by order of the authorities

The punitive machine of Armenia in the fight against those opposing Pashinyan is gaining momentum and anger.

- The National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia has arrested the former deputy speaker of the parliament Eduard Sharmazanov on charges of organising an illegal meeting.

- The National Security Service of Armenia detained the former director of the NSS, the leader of the Rodina party Artur Vanetsyan, the leader of the Prosperous Armenia party Gagik Tsarukyan, the press secretary of Eduard Sharmazanov, the former deputy speaker Ara Sahakyan.

- On Thursday night, November 12, law enforcement agencies of Armenia detained another active organiser of the protest movement for the overthrow of Nikol Pashinyan's government - a member of the leadership of the Dashnaktsutyun party Ishkhan Saghatelyan.

Combat detachments attacked Vardan Atabekyan's house

- Deputy of the 'Prosperous Armenia' faction Naira Zohrabyan said that she received threats, including threats to her life, and if something happens to her, then Nikol Pashinyan is primarily responsible for this.

- MP Vardan Atabekyan, a member of the ruling My Step faction, declared his disagreement with the capitulation act signed by Nikol Pashinyan, and several hours later unknown militants attacked his house.

Similar reports about the unfolding campaign of mass repression against the opponents of the Yerevan clique and the pro-Soros government of Pashinyan, who lead it, are delivered by the news every hour. Moreover, Pashinyan's stormtroopers and the police are already moving from targeted actions by the special services to mass intimidation.

'For several days now we have been receiving alarming signals from refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh that minor government officials prohibit them from participating in rallies demanding Nikol Pashinyan's resignation.

Governors, heads of districts, owners of various shelters where residents of Nagorno-Karabakh found refuge, warned them that if they saw anyone participating in the protest, they would be deprived of their residence. Yesterday we called all the governors one by one to get clarifications on this news, but no one answered our calls,' an Armenian newspaper writes.

Pashinyan summons all police to Yerevan

What is happening now in Armenia is quite explainable and, humanly, even understandable. The authorities promised the people a victorious war, with little blood and on foreign territory, painted how great Armenia would become after this victory and what paradise life would come.

But it turned out that the national leader was brave only in words. The 'mighty and invincible' Armenian army existed only on paper and in the fantasies of local jingoistic patriots, the rest of the world for some reason did not rush to help, and the 'occupier' Russia for some reason refused to fight for Armenian interests to the last soldier.

The collapse, the spectre of a humanitarian catastrophe and the pungent bitterness of hopes shattered by the Azerbaijani Army thickened over Armenia, causing a surge of anger and protest. Moreover, those responsible for the tragedy that brought the country to the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe do not consider themselves as such. And they intend to steer further, to new, if one may say so, heights of failures and other 'tactical retreats to improve positions.'

It was here that the moment of truth came. Instead of an honest conversation with the people and opponents, analysing the reasons for the defeat and the crisis, the regime's watchdogs - policemen, stormtroopers, hastily recruited from among the marginals and criminals, as well as the secret police - were sent down on political opponents and protesters.

And what is interesting is that the West, which yesterday was tearing its hair in hysterics over the 'Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression,' getting into a polyphonic scream over the suffering of the Armenian people, is silent in the midst of the repressions of the Yerevan clique against this very people. Dead silent. Like fish or octopuses.

Western political romance with Macron - indulgence for petty repression

In today's conversation between Pashinyan and Macron, the French president and Yerevan's best friend did not hint at the lawlessness committed by the Armenian authorities against civilians and opposition politicians. Silence is a sign of consent, should it be so understood?

Yes, most likely, it is so. This is a tragedy for Armenia, Pashinyan and his hop company. For his western patrons and sponsors, it is still quite a subject suitable for subsequent use. The western establishment is generally not squeamish: 'Yes, he is a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch.' That's why he must remain in power, and that's it. He has not yet completed all the tasks, he has not paid all the advances - let him work it out.

And those who disagree with their opinion will be beaten with police truncheons, stormtrooper knuckles and special forces boots right down the throat. Together with the teeth. Not only socio-economic disasters are gathering over Armenia. Local fascism is spreading its wings over it - with the full approval and blessing of the West, for which the Armenians prayed so earnestly yesterday.

Where does the whole contingent of Western human rights organisations look at, these inveterate critics of the Azerbaijani government - from Human Rights Watch to Amnesty International? Why are they not talking about the total violation of the rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, about the arrest of leaders of parliamentary factions on the air of Western TV channels? We do not hear the prosecutor like sharp questions from BBC correspondents! The secretary general of the Council of Europe is also silent. The voice of High Commissioner Dunja Mijatovic did not reach us either. And the European Parliament is not worried about the arrests of deputies. Or is Azerbaijan alone a target of Western criticism? The Azerbaijani oppositionists who portrayed Pashinyan on the icons of revolutionary democracy also disappeared somewhere. Jamil Hasanli and Ali Karimli fell asleep and woke up with this icon...

Pashinyan cracks down on the opposition and dissenters using unspoken methods of ferocious Latin American dictators. But the silence of the West lasted too long... The West is puzzled only by the fate of Pashinyan's bargaining chip - the Karabakh Armenians. The West is offended only by the participation of Russia and Turkey in the peace process. The West feels vulnerable and oppressed that politicians from another world have acted in the guise of peacekeepers.

Meanwhile, the West does not understand that the Karabakh Armenians are really running away! But not from the Azerbaijani authorities, but from the dictatorship of Pashinyan! It is noteworthy that, as stated by the Armenian political scientist Stepan Danielyan, 'most of the Karabakh Armenians want to emigrate to Russia,' and forever so. This is the most objective assessment of the consistency of the ruling Armenian elites - people are running away from them. Understanding perfectly well that with this clique their children and themselves, and indeed the whole of Armenia, have no future. It's just that in Russia they are not needed. Let them settle down where their homeland is, cleaning it from the dirt at the top on their own.

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