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Washington and Paris demand share on Karabakh (Topical comment)



The United States and France want more clarity from Russia on the terms of a complete cessation of hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as on Turkey's role in the deal.

'They [Pompeo and Le Drian - Ed] spoke in detail about Nagorno-Karabakh. As co-chairs [of the OSCE Minsk Group], they shared a common view: that we remain committed to our role as co-chairs of the Minsk Group process... recognising the actions taken by Russia that led to a ceasefire that did indeed last for a week. But we also acknowledge that there are many issues that the Russians need to clarify, such as the parameters of the agreement, including the role of Turkey,' a senior US State Department official said at a press briefing.

'Merchant Babkin let out a howl. He was upset, you see, about his fur coat'

'Merchant Babkin let out a howl. He was upset, you see, about his fur coat,' you cannot say better than the classic about the reaction of Paris and Washington to what is happening in the South Caucasus. Because Trump and Macron really feel ripped off. Taking upon themselves the obligations of the co-chairs in the Minsk Group and doing really nothing there, only cutting off not too abundant political coupons, they suddenly found that there was no need for such 'wedding generals,' and the matter was managed without them.

For people who consider themselves to be the arbiters of the destinies of the world and any region the situation is offensive. Moreover, the main role in the peace process was played by those whom Washington and Paris would not like to let in at the common club table for the elite: Moscow and Ankara.

Therefore, the statement of Pompeo and Le Drian reads as follows: 'You did something there, okay. But now, send us for approval, we will review and approve. Although, not a fact that we will. And be sure to report what Turkey is doing there. We're worried here. And for the future, no activity without agreement with us.'

The question that Washington and Paris are now not really needed in the process of the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement does not even arise for Pompeo and Le Drian. Take out and give them a share, the size of which they will assign themselves. Otherwise problems will begin. This is such a simple interstate racketeering with the aim of adding a few more laurel leaves to the wreaths of the inhabitants of geopolitical Olympus, the arbiters of the world's destinies.

Changes in the world landscape during the pandemic are occurring at some absolutely unimaginable speed. But it looks like someone slept through them safely. The old world order is leaving, the old system of checks and balances in regional systems is changing the units of measurement, and the gears of the previously created international mechanisms - the same Minsk Group - are rusted, barely moving with a terrifying creak and are worthless.

The Minsk group is rusted and barely moves with a terrifying creak

If this is not seen in Washington and Paris, it is sad. But not only sad, because it is also dangerous. Vision problems could be solved by visiting an optometrist. But how to get rid of the problems of thinking when old approaches are being tried on new regional realities? By interfering in the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement process, Washington and Paris only create preconditions for its disruption.

This means, for new, even greater blood and instability in the South Caucasus. Their demands give local revenge-seekers false illusions that it is still possible to replay, illusions that can be paid for with only one thing: a new round of human suffering.

The peoples of the region, both for Washington and Paris, are nothing more than a bargaining chip in a big geopolitical game, tens, hundreds, thousands of human lives are a trifle that does not deserve attention, quite acceptable losses to maintain the status of 'arbiters of the world's destinies.'

In principle, they are completely indifferent to whether the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh ends, whether peace and prosperity come to these lands. The main thing is that Ankara and Moscow do not win, the main thing is that the game here does not turn into image losses and the loss of a block of shares, which the White House and the Elysee Palace have in any more or less noticeable conflict.

And now they demand to return this package to them immediately. Whether or not this return breaks down the peace process is of no concern to them. Nothing personal, just political business.

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