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Paris needs war in Karabakh (Leading article)



The French moved like dark clouds... Each statement of the troublemaker from Lorient, the renegade socialist Le Drian (in the literal sense of the word, for the head of the Foreign Ministry left the Socialist Party) and the former Social Democratic Party member Macron, keen on the idea of a progressive republic, evokes the most dramatic associations with the work of the Caucasian exiled poet Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov. About the villain-aggressor French.

During the second Karabakh war, French diplomacy behaved in such a bad way that in our minds it was identified with the shameless Armenian diplomacy of the Eduard Nalbandyan period. In comparison with French Jacobin diplomacy, the statements of Pashinyan and even Mnatsakanyan are shy compromise wishes for the peaceful coexistence of the two peoples. Who are we fighting with? France or Armenia? From the confessions of the leaders of the Armenian political establishment, it is clear that the Armenian government at the beginning of the war was trying to persuade its adversaries and opponents in the parliament to cede 7 districts illegally held by the occupation forces to Azerbaijan.

Macron makes vow to war in Karabakh

However, Macron longs to become more Gregorian than Catholicos Garegin himself. France literally insists on revising the Moscow agreement: in unison with the marginal loud mouths from the pro-Russian opposition in Yerevan, whom the Kremlin itself has disowned. What is the purpose of the Elysee Palace? Paris is throwing the artsakh political and criminal small fry on the scales, sacrificing a key player in the regional policy - Azerbaijan.

As it became known to Azeri Daily from diplomatic sources, the Paris City Hall, on the initiative of the granddaughter of a Spanish communist, the current mayor of Paris, Anna Hidalgo, is preparing for the recognition of the 'NKR.' Paris, as you know, forms both a commune and a department, which is governed by the Paris Council, headed by Mayor Anna Hidalgo. The so-called Girondist swamp in the Council are representatives of the Macron movement 'La République En Marche!' Several months ago, Hidalgo appointed as her first deputy one of the leaders of the Armenian community in Paris, the daughter of well-known French Armenians businessman Ara Toranian and journalist Valerie Toranian - Anush Toranian. And this choice was predetermined by the rather close interaction of Hidalgo not with one Armenian community in Paris, but also with the political elite of Armenia itself.

From 2015 to 2018, honouring then President Serzh Sargsyan, the best friend of French Armenians, the granddaughter of a Spanish communist, visited Armenia four times. All of Hidalgo's speeches are permeated with the deepest hatred of Azerbaijan, turkophobia and deep belief in the segregated supernatural chosenness of the Armenian nation. To tell the truth, Hidalgo would have liked the high and honorary position of the mayor of Yerevan more than the modest inconvenient post of the Paris mayor. She appears everywhere, where something hints at a trivial Armenian genocidal saga: at the opening of a pro-Armenian centre with a representative office in Khankendi, and at the consecration of an Armenian temple, and at the commemoration of Valerie Toranian's grandfather, who had been shooting in the backs of Ottoman dignitaries... In Parisian salons, evil tongues are speaking about the unlimited influence of the Hidalgo-Toranian duet on the Elysee Palace and the Armenian agenda of French politics.

Anna Hidalgo was crazy about intellectual Sargsyan

It is rather difficult to understand and accept the logic of the reckless French diplomacy. Even if it is under the influence of the granddaughters of anti-Franco communists and terrorists from Nemesis. What was Macron's goal? Achieve a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement? Russia and Turkey brilliantly coped with this task. The war has been suspended, the warring parties are divided by peacekeeping troops, and the return of refugees to cities and towns has begun. A new civil and administrative power is being formed within the framework of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Putin publicly declared: 'The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict no longer exists!' Ilham Aliyev in his address to the people announced the completion of the Karabakh settlement. Pashinyan, in his speeches, urges people to come to terms with reality and start from scratch. Life goes on as usual, Azerbaijanis and Armenians dream of a future peaceful life, prosperity and development. Communications will be opened soon, communication routes will be restored, from the Azerbaijani Yevlakh it will be possible to ride to some Armenian village of Karabakh... The region is returning to a carefree life forgotten and broken by the war.

What does Macron want?! What does France want? Peace and tranquillity in Karabakh bother and worry France. The French Foreign Ministry constantly, day and night, demands from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia to meet under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group. The question is: what will the Minsk Group be discussing? The internal political crisis in Minsk? Or Karabakh? And what to discuss if the Karabakh problem is settled?! What to talk about? A phased settlement plan and de-occupation of 7 districts? Azerbaijan has already fulfilled most of the Madrid principles and achieved their implementation. There is no status of Karabakh and will not be, Azerbaijan has returned under its control seven districts adjacent to Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as the cradle of Azerbaijani culture and its spiritual capital - Shusha... There is also a guarantor of this fragile but stable peace. Russia and Turkey!

The last point of the Minsk process has been fulfilled - peacekeepers are in Karabakh!

However, the rebellious France is looking for a storm - a holy place in the row in which Azerbaijan does not want to see it. But Macron is trying to squeeze into this row. Why and with what? With his proposal to recognise the independence of the virtual separatist and almost non-existent 'NKR'?! Is Macron hungry for war? Pashinyan, Tonoyan, the military leaders and the General Staff of Armenia loudly declare that Russia miraculously saved the 30,000-strong Armenian army from complete destruction.

Pashinyan and even the leader of the separatists himself, Arayik Harutyunyan, argue that if it were not for Russia's intervention, Stepanakert (Khankendi) would have fallen. The liberation of this city was a matter of a few hours. Azerbaijani soldiers were stopped at the doorstep to the city. And Macron demands from Armenia to continue military operations. How else can one interpret the desperate desire to achieve radicalisation of the Armenian community of Karabakh? There is peace in Karabakh now. But Macron and France are hungry for war. Otherwise, why recognise something that no longer exists? Why recognise the Armenian separatist entity, if Armenia itself opposes this recognition?

The Elysee Palace cannot understand and accept the reality that is cruel for the Armenian diaspora: the protege of the West, Pashinyan, signed an act of surrender! Armenia does not want and is not ready for war. Why would Macron force Yerevan into a new bloodshed? So that 5 thousand more Armenian soldiers die in the Karabakh fields?

Macron doesn't care about a father's grief in Yerevan, after all, the Frenchman does not mourn his deceased son

In the current completely new situation, Paris and also Washington, probably with regret, but sincerely must admit the main given of the new status quo: the United States and France have found themselves outside the Caucasian game. The two western capitals have completely exhausted the 30-year limit of patience and the credit of trust of the peoples suffering from war. And now Macron, with his dishonest and immoral attempt to kindle a new fire of war, in a disgusting way, repeats the insinuation of the French newspaper - Jaurès's L'Humanité of thirty years ago - for the first time in November 1987, theses on the historical pattern of the separation of Nagorno-Karabakh from Azerbaijan were published in a Paris printing house. The war began with the notorious scandalous interview of academician Aganbegyan in a French newspaper that played out a great tragedy far from Paris. With this shot, the collapse of the grandiose Soviet system began. Who is Macron shooting at today? And why is the West doing its best not to let the fire of the Karabakh war to be extinguished?!

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