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Ara Abramyan wrote to Ilham Aliyev... and declared new war (Our reaction)



'After all, you need to be able not only to lose, but also to win. And you, having won the war, did not become the winner,' Ara Abramyan, President of the Union of Armenians of Russia wrote to the President of Azerbaijan. One of the leaders of the world Armenian diaspora in the most profane epistolary genre does not hide his deep despair after the crushing military-political defeat of his country and his people. After all, not only a matter of honour has been lost, but the whole history of the so-called liberation struggle of Armenians, presented in a packed archival cardboard under the heading 'The Armenian question. Top secret.'

Ilham Aliyev does not need to answer Ara Abramyan - Vladimir Putin answered Armenianship

The epistolary genre is in vogue among Armenian public and political figures. Everyone is writing, writing to everyone, now to the UN, now to UNESCO, now to Vladimir Putin, to Biden, and now they have even begun to write to President Ilham Aliyev. And unlike Ara Abramyan, the parents from Yerevan also appeal to the Azerbaijani president: the fathers and mothers of the innocent victims of the Karabakh war, who were left to fend for themselves by the failed Armenian state. They send Ilham Aliyev not dirty libels, but pleas and prayers. After all, a failed state called the Republic of Armenia left unarmed and untrained Armenian youths to die in the occupied territories in the name of the extravagant idea of ​​creating an Armenian kingdom within the boundaries established by ancient geographers and historians. Now the parents of thousands of dead and missing youths, appointed by the Armenian government as 'cannon fodder,' are asking Ilham Aliyev to help find and return their children.

What does Ara Abramyan write in his letter to Ilham Aliyev? It would be understandable if the letter of a man worried about the fate of his country and people contained proposals 'How can we fix Armenia up?' Especially after it, as a result of an adventurous policy and the blatant incompetence of those who ruled it over the past two decades, ended up on the verge of complete bankruptcy. But no. The uniqueness of these messages is that they are completely empty in their content from the point of view of building the future peace in Karabakh.

There are other Armenians who write to Ilham Aliyev

After reading this rather long and equally meaningless text, only one question arises: what did the author want to say? Simple logic and common sense tell: if you imagine yourself to be a politician, entrepreneur and public figure, use with benefit the fact of addressing the leader of the state that defeated your country on the battlefield. Use it for specific proposals for cooperation in finding ways out of the conflict.

Ara Abramyan writes to Ilham Aliyev that the new situation in Karabakh is a 'mine of delayed action' and reminds of the well-worn 'Kocharyan's formula' about the impossibility of two peoples living together. And Abramyan blames Ilham Aliyev and his alleged 'hatred for the Armenians' for this. According to Abramyan's logic, it turns out that it wasn't Armenia, which attacked Azerbaijani and its lands. No. From his logic it follows that Azerbaijan attacked Armenia, captured Syunik, Kapan, Tavush, reached Sevan lake, expelled the entire Armenian population from the occupied historical Azerbaijani regions. In addition, the entire civilian population was massacred in Goris. And Ilham Aliyev, in the spirit of Sargsyan, said in an interview with Briton Thomas de Waal: 'Before Goris, the Armenians believed that we were joking with them. And the Azerbaijanis will not be able to raise their hand against the peaceful Armenian population. It was necessary to break all this.' According to Abramyan's logic, it was Azerbaijan that threatened Yerevan with a new war and the seizure of new territories.

Ara Abrahamyan confused Ilham Aliyev with Serzh Sargsyan

The question is: how would the leader of Armenia behave if Azerbaijan committed such large-scale monstrous war and anti-human crimes on the territory of Ara Abramyan's country?

Why didn't we hear the repentance of the Armenian leaders? Why did they not apologise to the Azerbaijanis for the crimes committed at the level of state institutions and on behalf of the state of Armenia? After all, it was not ordinary militants from the terrorist ASALA, who were killing and slaughtering, but the soldiers of the Armenian national army. Believe me, admitting the crimes of one's country and repenting is not capitulation, but a manifestation of political wisdom and high morality. Did any German condemned Willie Brandt, who knelt at the memorial to the victims of the Jewish genocide? Ara Abramyan is jarred by the tone of Aliyev's speech in the first days after the bloody war, which claimed the lives of thousands of Azerbaijani youths who were liberating the lands of their own country. Our youths died on their own land, Armenians dies on foreign territories, and not even in the mountainous part of Karabakh! And after this bloody and fateful war, the Azerbaijani president should grovel to Armenian separatism and preach pacifism? Who laid the mine under Karabakh? Who went forward with arms and occupied whose land?

That is, calling things by their proper names, together with other representatives of the Armenian political elite, Abramyan and others like him are engaged in collective political self-gratification, demonstrating to the world the rags of the economy and political consciousness, as well as the infected wound of moral trauma.

Pay attention to the tone of the letter of Abramyan, who, apparently, convinces himself to this day that it was Azerbaijan that, having seized many regions of Armenia, expelled about 1 million Armenians from its hearths: 'Armenian industrialists, doctors, engineers, scientists and builders with their labour were gloryfying Baku. However, it is unlikely that Gulpenkyan or Mantashev, who created the Baku oil fields a hundred years ago, could have assumed that you, Mr Aliyev, not like these great patrons, would use the money received from oil production not for good deeds, but for the destruction of their descendants.'

Mr Abramyan is right about one thing: Azerbaijanis are an unusually tolerant and devilishly kind people, sometimes to the point of conformism and historical unconsciousness. The surnames of Gulpenkyan and Mantashev for Azerbaijanis, deprived of feelings of national domination and xenophobia, as well as segregation and discrimination, did not differ in any way from the names of Taghiyev, Ashurbeyov and Mukhtarov. Or, for that matter, Nobel, who earned his first capital in Baku. However, unfortunately, Mantashev continued to make millions from Baku oil even after the Armenians burned Shusha in 1905 and staged a massacre in Papravend. The Armenians continued to earn oil pounds and sit in the Azerbaijani Parliament even after the Dashnaks, having entered into an unprecedented alliance with the Armenian Bolsheviks under the leadership of the notorious Stepan Shaumyan, staged a monstrous massacre in Baku in March 1918.

In March 1918, Armenians were killing in Baku solely on ethnic grounds

A Bolshevik named Azizbeyov begged on his knees another Bolshevik named Shaumyan to stop the massacre. But Stepan, after whom the village of Khankendi, the stable of the Karabakh khans, was later named, was relentless. They killed everyone in Baku (!!!) on ethnic and religious grounds. Not a single Azerbaijani remained in the historical capital of Azerbaijan: all fled to the vicinity of Baku and Shamakhi, until the victorious Turkish Army came to the rescue.

Abramyan and this whole hop-company also undertake to give advice and make recommendations to the head of state, under whose leadership a brilliant victory, without any exaggeration, was won. 'Having won the war, you have not become a winner,' the Moscow profiteer, an outspoken political dilettante, hisses at Ilham Aliyev.

Abramyan should read again the pages of history. And not only for the study of the military and political crimes of Armenians in Baku, but also for a deep study of the legacy of Mantashev and Gulpenkyan. They were capable and talented people.

Unconsciousness of Azerbaijanis! Mantashev continued to make millions in Baku after the Karabakh massacre

And it is unlikely that they would invest capital in Libya like Abramyan. Immediately after the fall of the regime of the people's Jamahiriya, Abramyan said with his usual 'modesty': 'Gaddafi lost the country, I lost the money.' Abramyan did not find the talent of a politician in himself. He quietly carried out his business, cheated a little, raided a little and extorted money from Russian entrepreneurs under the pretext of friendship with Vladimir Putin. In a word, he led the ordinary life of a businessman of Armenian origin. This is a small touch to the portrait of Abramyan. To get to know the author of the Armenian libel better.

But back to Abramyan's letter. What does the exponent of the mentality of the Moscow Armenianship also accuse Azerbaijan of? Well, of an attempt to rewrite history and get rid of the Armenian heritage -- temples, tombs and monuments. Does Abramyan know that during the period of the Armenian occupation, the Armenian government purposefully destroyed about 8 thousand Azerbaijani and Muslim monuments in the lowland and mountainous Karabakh? Does he know that all the mosques have been turned into pigsties? Where is the palace of the Karabakh khans? Where did the beautiful house of the khan's daughter, the great poetess Khurshud Banu Natavan disappear? Why was the mausoleum of the great Shusha vizier and poet Vagif destroyed? Where have all the graves of our ancestors gone? And who mined the remaining cemeteries that they simply did not have time to raze to the ground?! Or is it all not true?! And after all this, Abramyan dares to even speak about 'Azerbaijani vandalism'? As for the desire to rewrite history, Abramyan is again under the influence of Armenian mythology, for the Gandzasar Monastery and Khuda Veng are the historical heritage of the Azerbaijanis, our shrines and the property of the greatest Caucasian Albanian culture, erased by the Armenian falsification apparatus for several centuries. This is our patristics! But we will restore everything. And these treasures of Caucasian culture will find a second life.

Azerbaijan will return Gandzasar monastery to the treasury of Caucasian Albanian culture

Abramyan accuses Ilham Aliyev of torpedoing a new model of peace in Karabakh. But it was Ilham Aliyev, following Vladimir Putin, who announced the end of the Karabakh conflict. For us, this conflict is over. And the political initiatives that attracted the attention of the entire world community proceeded from the peacekeeping strategy of Ilham Aliyev.

What did the President of Azerbaijan propose for the final Karabakh settlement?

Azerbaijan has put forward a strategic initiative 'platform of six,' which implies a breakthrough in regional integration and cooperation, the entrance to which is open to all states of the Caucasus.

Baku is developing a large-scale state program for the reconstruction of the liberated lands, under which large contracts are concluded with foreign investors.

The construction of a new logistics scheme has begun in the South Caucasus, which will significantly increase the region's status as a geo-economic hub.

Discussions are under way to link the economic development plans of the region with the strategic initiative of the PRC 'Belt and Road.'

Hasn't Abramyan yet understood what Aliyev and Putin have done for peace in the Caucasus?

Economic relations with Iran were expanded after the de-occupation of lowland Karabakh.

What is happening in Yerevan and the Armenian Diaspora at this time? They are hounding the nationwide 'scapegoat' Pashinyan, replicating the aggressive epistolary genre, hatching revanchist plans that are voiced by Abramyan. And not only with regard to Azerbaijan, but also to Turkey, friendly to Russia. In his address Abramyan equated Turkey with a terrorist state. And this is said by a representative of the people, who stood at the origins of only terrorist parties: from Dashnaktsutyun to Hnchak, from Krunk to Sasn Tsrer, from ANA to ASALA, who fired from around the corner with revolvers at Turkish ambassadors, and who blew up the Moscow metro and Paris airport?

The summary of Abramyan's letter conceals an open threat to Azerbaijan with a new revanchist war. In which, according to one of the leaders of the world Armenianship, Azerbaijan will certainly suffer defeat. It is with this threat that Abramyan betrays his true attitude towards a peaceful future. Ilham Aliyev does not need to answer such philippics. A friend of Azerbaijan, Vladimir Putin, did it very well himself. The Russian leader openly stated: 'This will be suicide for Armenia.' Please, the right to suicide has not yet been cancelled!

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