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Ilham Aliyev: Helping those in need is nationwide cause



Coronavirus pandemic has become a big test for the whole world, but Azerbaijan is coping with it honourably. The situation is under control. As President Ilham Aliyev noted at a recent meeting, thanks to prompt and diligent measures, new hospitals were built, laboratories were purchased, doctors were mobilised. Along with this, a large social package was also presented. In short, the head of state briefed the meeting participants on the structure of this package, which, we can confidently say, is of considerable interest to readers.

Ilham Aliyev noted that a large social package would be adopted

Thus, a social package worth several billion manats was provided as assistance to people affected by the coronavirus, including informally employed and unemployed citizens. The country is now awaiting the vaccine, which is expected to be delivered within this month. In any case, all contracts have already been signed. After that, people will begin to be massively vaccinated, and we will soon get rid of this disease. But behind these few lines lies the enormous work of the country's government, its socio-economic bloc.

Yes, Azerbaijan, in comparison with other countries, got out of this situation with the least losses. The economy contracted by just over 4%, which can be considered a good indicator. After all, all this happened against the backdrop of tremendous pressure and required large financial investments. But at the same time, despite the fact that the government sent billions of manats to fight the coronavirus, the war was fought, there were other expenses, benefits, and a social package. On the basis of recent decisions, the size of the allowance for martyrs' families was increased from 300 to 500 manats. The average salary, like the average pension, increased by 13% -14%. That is, all this is a very large financial burden. But thanks to the stability of the state as a result of successful state policy, it was possible to achieve this.

Social benefits, pensions and salaries were increased

A lot of work has really been done in the social sphere last year. At the same time, this year the state needs to provide even more houses for the families of martyrs. In general, the state has provided apartments for more than 9 thousand families of martyrs. Last year alone, for this purpose, it was planned to allocate apartments and houses to 1,500 families of martyrs, this process will be completed by January 15. And the president clearly stressed that the families of the heroes who died in the Patriotic War will be allocated houses.

Taking into account the situation changed after the victory, the head of state made another important statement: the houses provided for the internally displaced persons will be transferred to the families of martyrs. An instruction has already been given to transfer to the balance of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population the houses that were previously on the balance of the State Refugees Committee. It should be noted that the program is very ambitious. Now these houses should house both the families of martyrs who were on the waiting list even before the Patriotic War, and the families of heroic soldiers who became martyrs in the Second Karabakh War. And this decision is fair. Placement of former displaced persons after the liberation of the occupied territories in Baku, Ganja, Sumgayit does not fit into any logic. And the transfer of the houses provided for them to the families of martyrs is a very correct and timely decision.

Thousands of martyrs' families provided with apartments

Along with this, until this end of the year, not a single program in the social sphere will be cut. On the contrary, the overall support package in connection with the coronavirus, provided in the amount of 2.5 billion manats, will increase. Recently, only 97 million manats were allocated from the President's Reserve Fund for the purchase of the necessary equipment and supplies. By the end of the year, it is planned to allocate as much as necessary, about another 150 million manats. These amounts are not included in 2.5 billion manats.

All social payments are made today. The increase in the average monthly salary by 28%, and the average pension by about 27%, indicates that positive work is being done in this direction. Now the average monthly salary is 712, the average pension is 295 manats, and the old-age pension is close to 330 manats. But last year there was a very large increase - 4.2 million people took advantage of the programs adopted by the state. Despite this, this year, the construction of all social infrastructure facilities will be carried out without reductions. At least 7 thousand families of IDPs will be relocated to new apartments, at least 1,500 families of martyrs will be provided with new apartments.

Social sphere has always been a priority for Ilham Aliyev

The social sphere has always been a priority for Ilham Aliyev, and in the current conditions it is a double priority. In recent years, important steps have been taken in the field of employment, social security, but in the current conditions this is of particular importance. The protection of vulnerable strata of the population is a critical issue today. They need to be supported and helped. And this is not only the cause of Ilham Aliyev, but of the entire people.

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